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24 September 2021 Title Ch Megan Fox vs Avril Lavigne

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 24, 2021, 11:18 pm



Megan Fox vs Avril Lavigne (Flyweight Title)

(35, 5’4, 114, 68:31:1 FCBA, VIXENs)

(37, 5’1, 52:21 FCBA, The Dollhouse)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian

There’s a noticeable buzz in the air at the pre-fight press conference, especially when Dollhouse Queen Avril Lavigne first makes her appearance dressed in a punk-rock t-shirt, dark shredded jeans and a pair of darker shades still covering some leftover bruises on her face.

Suffering a setback against Cicchino barely two weeks ago did some serious damage to the Canadian singer’s ego and spirit, and Avril can’t help but shrug and wave off most of the reporters’ early questions, before responding in a firm voice by the end of the tirade:

"I'm not going to talk about last week today. That stupid b*tch is f*cking dead and that's all I'm gonna say about it, so don't even ask! I'd like to thank Megan and the VIXENs organization for finally giving me a shot at the title, because I totally deserved it and all the other bitches were too afraid to give it to me. People probably think Megan is the favorite because I lost last week, but they're stupid. It's not the same when I actually take someone seriously. I'm gonna kick some ass tonight and if Megan DOESN'T take me seriously enough she's gonna be in deep sh*t. Trust me. I'm ready to win my first championship bitches and no one's gonna stop me tonight!"

Meanwhile, across the table, Megan Fox is smirking at this sh*t-show unfurling before her eyes, especially when the assembled press seems more interested in soliciting the challenger’s opinion tonight, rather than her own. Fox of course is riding an all-time high, recently taking the Flyweight straps from Camila Mendes and simultaneously propelling herself into the Hall-of-Fame. There’s nothing much left to prove for the two-time champ who has come a long way since her days languishing in lingerie photoshoots and robot movies.

“All I have to say is shame on all you naysayers and crybabies who think Avril doesn’t deserve this title shot, because she absolutely does. I think it’s LONG overdue that we deserve our accolades. I’ve watched Avril slog hard these past few years, and that reminded me a lot about my own climb to the very top. Somehow, our paths did not cross along the way… until tonight. I promise you one thing: we’re both going all out for this fight, win or lose!” Megan says with a nod.

Avril later makes her entrance into the arena with a bang and pop, her signature rock music blasting in the background. It’s a momentous occasion for the Doll indeed - her first title opportunity in god knows how many years. Whilst her fellow compatriots Emma Roberts and Bella Thorne have had their share of glory over the years, tonight, it’s all about Avril Lavigne, and she wants the world to know it: The Doll struts down the ramp with silver streamers fluttering down overhead, dressed in her usual black and pink sports bra and short tights, similar-coloured gloves. Once in the ring, she mounts the second turnbuckle and beats her chest in rhythm to the roar of the fans.

Up next is the champion, and if those recent appearances on the VMA red carpet are any indication, Megan Fox also knows how to make an entrance. She struts onto the stage in nothing but a golden bikini and black leather jacket draped over her shoulders. She pauses for the fireworks to go off on either side of the stage before making her way down the ramp, the Flyweight title belt neatly wrapped around her waist.

Once in the ring, both ladies turn serious, meeting face-to-face in the center and simply pursing their lips whilst the referee spouts off the rules. No verbal barbs here, with both fighters actually sharing a semblance of grudging respect for each other - there’s even a small tap of gloves in the center before they head back to their corners to await the bell.

Referee gets the nod from both girls and WAVES for the bell! HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Flyweight action! This here’s for the Unified Flyweight Championship!

Ladies are about the same age but that three-inch height advantage is going to be a problem for Lavigne going forward: Megan kicks things off by playing to that exact strength, tagging the Doll on the face with her long jab and more than comfortable with keeping the challenger at bay. Not that Avril is moving very aggressively either in the very first round, perhaps all that pressure of a title fight still weighing heavily on her shoulders. The Doll is moving sluggishly backwards, focusing on her defences as she tries to fend off Megan’s jab combos being sent towards her head. The problem is Avril’s return attacks (whenever we find them) are bouncing harmlessly off Megan’s arms in turn, occasionally snagging the Vixen’s tummy but otherwise doing little to dissuade the champion’s momentum. Being cautious and steady will only get you so far, and Fox takes the first round wide as a result of her constant stream of punishment.

A blasting SHOT to the face in the opening seconds, however, changes the dynamics of this fight quickly, with Megan trying to rush Avril down early but instead, takes a nasty cross-hand to the middle of her face! Lavigne’s patience pays off, it appears, as the Doll doesn’t rush in immediately to try and finish her off, continuing to stalk the champion backwards and harass her with nasty blows all over. Fox’s head might be too far up in the clouds as the champ eats another one-two to the body to lower her guard, before Avril squeezes in another three punches cleanly into the cheek and chin. It’s crystal clear that Lavigne’s taking this title fight seriously, knows that she might have to go the distance here, hence the slow build-up to the bell. Megan barely got anything in this round due to that earlier shock to her system, and Avril capitalises to lead with the points.

Fox looks a little unsteady with the unpredictableness of the Doll, Avril weaving and bobbing left to the right each time the champ tries to streak inwards with a combo. Megan scores some hits off the tummy but instantly regrets it, her head getting smacked to one side as Lavigne steps in and throws a hook across her face. Fox may be taller but she’s equally susceptible to damage, with Avril taking her time, walking the Vixen down, banging more hooks across her arms before taking a BIG chance and LEAPING forwards with a cross-hand -- BLAM!! CONNECTS square with Megan’s jaw!! OUCH!! FOX IN TROUBLE, floundering backwards on unsteady feet! AND HERE COMES LAVIGNE, the ROAR of the crowd at her back as the Doll gets to work EARLY!! Fox gets her head trounced left and right, her own body ravaged by more lunging shots before a final hook sends her SPINNING about on her feet!! AND DOWN THE CHAMP GOES!! Avril with that BEAUTIFUL display of power and poise as she sends Megan Fox DOWN to the canvas!! What a KNOCKDOWN from Avril Lavigne!

Victory in sight as Lavigne immediately throws up both hands, granting a big grin to the rest of the arena! Everything she’s accomplished over the years has led to this moment! Fox, however, refuses to concede the match easily. The champ is slowly prying her side off the ground, pushing up to her knees, one foot at a time, before recovering her balance by the count of 8. A scare indeed for the VIXENs corner, who might have found their latest Flyweight title run ended like a flash in the pan, some would say deservedly so, given how Fox did the same thing to the previous champion. For now, the fight resumes!

Avril is STILL fighting cautious out of her corner, which is surprising given her entire history of past fights in the ring being the opposite in terms of pacing. The Doll is taking this title fight seriously - perhaps too seriously - allowing Megan the whole first minute to recover and re-establish her bearings. The two ladies mostly circle and tap, Megan viewing most of her enemy’s movements as an attempt to end her life whereas Avril not wanting to risk the crown, especially now when it matters most. Fox picks up the slack in the second half of the round, returning with clean and crisp jabs that land on Avril’s face and body. What began as a clear lead for the Doll slowly begins to evaporate as she’s having trouble closing the distance and landing her own punches on Fox like last time. It’s only towards the end of the third do we see the same fire in Avril’s eyes, suddenly exploding outwards and trying to catch Megan on her face for another knockdown. But it’s too little, too late, with Fox keeping herself always one step behind and as a result, slipping out of the challenger’s grasp to end the round by a close margin.

Avril’s learnt her lesson, and only now is moving in for the kill. Fox more than ready for her, however, parrying some loose combos from the Doll before blasting her back with tummy and chest shots, on occasion driving her fist straight into the middle of Avril’s arms to try and dissuade her advance. Lavigne ain’t too bothered by those combos, instead seeing the end of the tunnel within sight. The Doll makes multiple leaps forward, closing the distance fast before banging away at Megan’s torso underneath her arms, and the two Flyweights end up clinched up on more than one occasion in the middle of the ring, with Avril pressing her forehead into the Megan’s neck whilst wailing away at the Vixen’s taut midsection. Fox, however, exerts her height and built eventually though, returning the favour with a snap uppercut to the bottom of Avril’s chin, followed by a kissing one-two combo to Avril’s lips to end off the round still standing. It might be too late for Avril to capitalise on her initial momentum, with the Doll seen panting hard by the ropes and looking to survive another five rounds.

Megan, however, is almost exclusively targeting the Doll’s body in the sixth, helping herself to large servings of tummy as Avril tries to desperately protect her face from further punishment. Doesn’t help that Lavigne is getting more and more tired and at a loss of what to do here: each time she ventures forward hoping to surprise Megan with an overhand hook to the head, Megan simply leaps backwards and continues the abuse to her opponent’s face. When Avril tries to hold down the fort and cover up, the Vixen goes after her body with faster combos that thud into her midsection and breasts. Last minute and Avril’s again left breathing hard, panting by the ropes, trying to scare Fox off with a sudden lunge at her head, swinging wildly. Fox pares herself away as usual, content for now with taking the round wide, and of course, at the sight of the Doll’s torso turning a bright shade of pink.

Avril is still bravely stalking forward, hoping to have lightning strike twice in one place. She shocks Megan to the arms with an early combo that ends with a blatant hook, but Fox simply reforms her guard and moves out of the way to one side, before tagging the Doll back with an extended glove to the cheek. Avril opts to stay back this time, locking her arms over her face for better protection - BIG mistake, cos’ HERE COMES FOX, suddenly rushing in with all the ammunition left in her arsenal, first burying a left-right combo into Avril’s bruised abs before taking mighty swings across the Doll’s arms to throw her off balance left and right! Lavigne lets out another grunt as she goes careening into the ropes, turns around just in time to get slapped across the face with another dull hook! The Canadian’s in trouble, groaning as she gets pinned down on the ropes, belly taking more pasting shots as Fox nails her to the body once, twice, three times with leather packed into trembling tummy, before a final uppercut LIFTS her head sky-high!! DOWN AVRIL GOES, collapsing down to the very spot at the champion’s feet, in a return KNOCKDOWN for Megan Fox!! Could this be it?!?

Avril’s panting hard but still very much alive, struggling to get off her back for a moment. Fox’s already shaking a fist high in the air, calmly strutting back to neutral corner, where she watches the challenger slowly roll over to all fours with her own pursed lips. Referee’s doing his best to give Avril enough space to recover, but it seems like there’s trouble in paradise for the Doll, who keeps falling back down to all fours whenever she attempts to steady herself back on her feet. FINAL PUSH upwards has Avril’s face grimacing in pain and utter disappointment, before the Dollhouse Queen COLLAPSES back down after the very last count of 10!! And just like that, Avril’s first title opportunity in over ten years is undone! There’s the rapid sound of the bell and the referee’s arms waving over her head and future!

Official Decision: Megan Fox defeats Avril Lavigne via KO7! Megan Fox is STILL the Flyweight Champion!

Elation from the VIX corner, which erupts in cheers as their first Hall-of-Famer makes her very first defense of the Flyweight title! Not many would have predicted Fox to win, given her age and already astounding accomplishments in the ring, but here she stands, her head held high and waving excitedly to those who have been with her from the very start of her career.

Avril, however, looks absolutely crestfallen, having collapsed back down all fours and just hanging her head in the center of the ring, in shame and disappointment. She had her shot tonight and missed, unfortunately, with all those years of building herself up to this moment of redemption for naught.

But that’s not how Megan sees it - the champion takes a moment to walk over to Avril’s side, kneeling down and offering her some words of encouragement in the immediate aftermath of the fight. Lavigne hasn’t been shown this much kindness in one of her post-fights since… well, forever, gratefully accepting the offered hand and getting pulled back to her feet.

Megan praises her toughness with a mutual raise of her hand high to the crowd, and both women earn themselves a mutual, standing ovation for the sheer amount of sh*t they’ve had to endure over the years to get to this point of their careers.

“At least we both beat that punk b*tch, Nessa,” Megan heard scoffing in Avril’s ear, which draws a nod and smirk from the Doll, before both women are finally claimed by their respective corners.

Avril is seen being led away by Carmen Electra, who’s draped a towel over her head and shoulders, and is already leading her gently out of the ring with an arm around her waist, promising the Doll plenty of riches to come. Megan, meanwhile, relaxes in the ring, enjoying the hoots and cheers of the crowd, and already considering who might be next to try and end her title run.



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