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30 September 2021 Lili Reinhart vs Jessica Nigri

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on September 30, 2021, 9:27 pm




"Stuff can happen in a boxing match" says Jessica with a smile. "But, usually, it comes down to who the better fighter is. And, in THIS fight? That's ME.

"I guess," says Lili with a smile of her own, "That Jessica and I are just going to have to agree to disagree. Until, that is, I PROVE her WRONG."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Rising' by Jeff Williams and that can only mean that the lovely Jessica Nigri is on her way to the ring."

McCarthy: "I'm not sure who put mushrooms in Weirdo's beer, but this girl not only has wins, she's ABOVE .500!"

Tess: "BFF, YOU'RE over .500, correct?"

Cassie: "Yes, by ten fights. And, Jenny O, YOU'RE over .500, obviously, as you're in the Hall of Fame..."

O'Dell: "Yes, WELL over .500..."

Tess: "Truck, do a three-shot of our the three FCBA fighters on this panel and play 'One of These Things' from 'Sesame Street' under it..."

O'Dell (chuckling): "Nigri into the ring and helped off with the robe to reveal that bubble gum pink number we've seen before, and, that's 'What I've Done' by Linkin Park you hear behind us, and that can only mean that 'Diamond' Lili Reinhart is on her way to the ring!"

Tess: "Reinhart a girl who's gotten into the title picture but hasn't managed to get a shot to this point. And, with all the changes coming around here, let's just say a result tonight won't hurt her cause..."

O'Dell: "Lili into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve, and the crowd popping as usual for Ms. Reinhart in that white number she likes..."

McCarthy: "If I get up there, people will be falling out of their chairs..."

Cassie: "Let's hope not. Someone might break a hip..."

Tess: "And, that someone might be YOU going up there..."


O'Dell (sighing): "Ladies about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess likes Lili. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Nigri is a REAL fighter. She'll win!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Three split panels in a row, and it's Mac's girl off to the quick start in this one. Ladies set up at range to get their box on, but Nigri quickly finding the range and tossing Lili to the defensive. Jessica physical. She's a girl who can hit, but she also moves very well, and we're seeing both right now..."

Cassie: "Keep in mind, this girl gave Bennet problems. Dropped her at one point."

O'Dell: "And, that might be in Lili's mind here, as the younger blonde gives ground, plays some defense as Jessica puts the pressure on. Nigri really locked in right now, landing hard shot in every flurry. Lili having trouble getting anything going, as the older blonde takes it to her..."

McCarthy: "Weirdo's going to be cleaning house, and the way THIS girl is fighting, she's on her way OUT."

O'Dell: "Final seconds of the first and a SHARP exchange there, with both fighters landing a good right hand. Reinhart starting to get a little offense in now, but it's going to be too little, too late. There's the bell, and it's a big opening round for Jessica Nigri, who grabs it wide."

Tess: "And takes the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Second underway, and Lili stepping to now! Reinhart working forward behind the jab and now it's the younger blonde who has the older in retreat. Lili getting that jab on, following behind it with hard right hands. Nigri firing back here and there in counter, but, all of a sudden Reinhart's fighting lead..."

Tess: "After the look she got from Neve in the corner, I'm not surprised she's getting more aggressive..."

Cassie: "Not just death. Death AND dismemberment..."

O'Dell: "Reinhart the one locked on now. She's landing hard right hands with every flurry. Jessica being forced back over and over again, despite her best efforts. This is EXCELLENT stuff from Lili right now. ANOTHER good right from Reinhart forces Nigri back another step..."

McCarthy: "Kid's just trying to keep her job..."

O'Dell: "Down the stretch in the second, and Reinhart still in control. Jessica can't get out of reverse. ANOTHER good right hand from Lili. Jessica takes it well, but she's backed up again. GOOD combination from Reinhart snaps Nigri's head back and there's the bell. Lili. Wide. And, we're even at 19."


O"Dell: "Nigri changes tactics now, and she's on the move. The older blonde's shown plenty of athleticism in the past, and we're seeing it now, as she's jabbing, circling, bouncing, misbehaving, and throwing a spanner in the machinery, because she's got Lili ALL out of sorts..."

McCarthy: "Typical Dancing Hooker. Can't adjust."

O'Dell: "Nigri getting that jab on, following with right hands, then slipping away before Lili can respond. Reinhart game, but she's getting her pretty face powdered at the moment, as Jessica's in quite the rhythm. Nigri a good combination, slips a right hand, goes back to circling."

Cassie: "Little too much aggression from Reinhart. Just dial it back a touch, and she'll be fine."

O'Dell: "Down to fifteen seconds in the third. Good combination, Jessica and Lili lands a good right hand in counter, Reinhart's best punch of the round. Nigri circles away and will let out the final seconds. There's the bell. Not close again. And, it's Jessica who takes the points."

Tess: "And goes into the 29-28 lead."


O'Dell: "Adjustment from Reinhart amounts to exactly what Cassie just said. She's stalking now, not chasing. Nigri still working that jab, still moving, scoring well from the outside, but Lili managing to get to spots and get off now, and the result is a two-way round, the first we've had in the bout..."

Tess: "Good stuff from both fighters, Jenny."

O'Dell: "Sure is. Both blondes getting work done and both landing some solid shot. Nobody's hurt, but that's some sharp leather being exchanged in there. No surprise, because both of these girls have power. BIG trade right there, with Nigri landing a nice combination and Reinhart firing right back..."

Cassie: "Fans getting into this..."

O'Dell: "Sure are. We've got thirty seconds to go in a fast-paced round. ANOTHER big exchange there sends sweat flying. Nigri circles. Reinhart stepping in behind the jab, hooks some body. Jessica slips away, circles behind that jab and there's the bell. Close. Nigri."

McCarthy: "And, Jessica's lead is now 39-37."


O'Dell: "Pattern set now. Jessica on the outside, Lili looking to angle, find spots to get off and SHE FINDS ONE! Reinhart ROCKS Nigri with a three-punch combination and Jessica is in trouble! Lili letting the hands go, driving the older woman back into the ropes, looking to finish here..."

McCarthy: "Nigri's fine. High guard and ride it out."

O'Dell: "That's what she's looking to do. Lili digging some body now with her rival's guard up high. She's looking to bring it down, but Jessica not biting. Instead she's playing defense, jabbing back in spots, while Reinhart gets off lusty to both head and body again and again."

Tess: "Nigri doing a good job, though."

O'Dell: "Is, indeed. She's picking off punches, slipping others. Reinhart's definitely piling up points and hurt, but Nigri countering effectively, seems to be shaking the worst of the damage. Five seconds left. Good right from Lili and there's the bell. Reinhart's round, wide, but Jessica survives it."

Cassie: "And still leads 48-47 at the half."


O'Dell: "Lili forward aggressively now. Nigri giving some ground, jabbing, looks to have the legs at least most of the way back under her. That's not slowing the younger blonde, however. Reinhart working forward behind that jab, letting hard right hands go, taking canvas from the older woman..."

Cassie: "Getting those hands out and back..."

O'Dell: "Sure is. Well aware of how dangerous Jessica's power is. GOOD right from Reinhart forces the older woman to cover up and Lili goes body in a BIG way and then STAGGERS NIGRI WITH A RIGHT HOOK! Jessica stumbling and DROPPED WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND!"

Tess: "Set up with those body blows..."

O'Dell: "Definitely was. Lili to a neutral corner. Nigri down on her back. Count at three. Four. Five. Jessica rolling to her belly. Six. Seven. Pushing to all fours at eight. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! Nigri can't make it off her hands and knees and it's OVER! And your winner by KO6 is 'Diamond' Lili Reinhart!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Lili Reinhart, and, Lili, that was a good fighter and a good fight..."

Lili: "She definitely is. She's got a lot of tools and she dug pretty deep in the box. But, in the end, I had MORE tools, and that's why I got my hand raised."

Tess: "Lots of uncertainty about what's going to be happening here at the end of the year..."

Lili (nodding): "I let my performance speak for itself. I'm one of the top ten bantams in the FCBA. If management is smart, and it IS, I'M not going anywhere."



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