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30 September 2021 Taylor Hill vs Elsa Hosk

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on September 30, 2021, 9:25 pm




"It was hard after I lost management," says Elsa with a shake of the head. "But, I worked hard and got another chance. And, after I beat Taylor tonight, Death By Glamor will KNOW they made the right decision!"

"Elsa absolutely deserves to be managed," says a hard-eyed Taylor, "But, I'M the one getting my hand raised tonight!"


O'Dell: "Back and ringside and that's..."

McCarthy: "Awful! An assault on my olfaction!"

Cassie: "And, yet, ELSA has never been LEGALLY ENJOINED FROM SINGING..."


O'Dell (sighing): "The SONG is 'On The Floor' by the lovely young lady coming to the ring, blonde beauty Elsa Hosk. And, she's wasting no time getting down the aisle and into the ring. Elsa helped off with the robe and the crowd showing appreciation for the model in her scarlet bikini..."

McCarthy: "A little SKINNY for my tastes..."

O'Dell: "Aaaaannnddd, that's 'Natural' by Imagine Dragons you hear behind us, and here comes 'The Face', Taylor Hill!"

McCarthy: "Overrated TOOTHPICK!"

Tess: "Taylor a girl who's done very well since coming to Front Street, of course, including winning the lightweight belts..."

Cassie: "She's definitely turned some heads..."

O'Dell: "Taylor into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve and she's turning MORE heads now in that azure number she likes. Ladies about ready. Time for some picks. Tess likes Taylor. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Another girl with actual WINS and not just one or two! Hosk!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Here we go. Ladies setting up at range to get their respective boxes on, and that's no surprise, considering both have plenty of length and have shown a lot of ability on these terms. Lots of movement of foot, head, and hands as the ladies do some recon from gunnery range..."

McCarthy: "I'd go RIGHT after this toothpick. Get physical like Palicki did!"

O'Dell: "Might happen at some point, but that's not Elsa's plan at the moment. Instead, the blonde's working the left hand, following on with solid rights. Taylor doing the same thing. Both ladies playing solid defense, too, blocking, slipping. Good stuff all around at the moment..."

Cassie: "Not surprised Hosk got signed. She's a girl with ability and you're seeing it."

O'Dell: "Down to twenty-five seconds remaining in the first. Ladies exchange and then exchange again. Not a lot in it at the moment, as both fighters have gotten some work done and no one's been able to take control. One more nice flurry from Hosk and there's the bell. Close. Elsa."

Tess: "And, Hosk takes the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Hill upping the aggression now, tossing the blonde onto the defensive with some sharp combinations. Taylor working everything off that heavy 'Front Street Jab.' Following on with hard right hands, backing the blonde up now, then stepping forward to grab canvas..."

McCarthy: "There IS. NO. SUCH. THING. AS. A. FRONT. STREET. JAB. It's a JAB! Every fighter has one!"

O'Dell: "HILL certainly has one, and she's using it to excellent effect right now. She's taken over the fight with volume, keeping the blonde on the back foot, limiting her to countering in spots, while Taylor fights lead. Hosk trying to hold canvas, but not having much success..."

Tess: "When Hill gets on a roll like this, she's tough to deal with..."

O'Dell: "As Elsa is finding out. We're down to fifteen seconds in the second, and Hill's been in control throughout. GOOD right hand from Taylor right there, backs the blonde up again. And ANOTHER sharp combination from Taylor takes us to the bell. No doubt about the result. Hill. Wide."

Cassie: "And, we're even at 19."


O'Dell: "Hill pressing the issue, but being sound in doing so. She's again coming forward behind that heavy jab. Hosk giving ground grudgingly, firing back in the counter, but, she's mostly on the back foot and coming out on the short end of most of the exchanges. GOOD right from Hill..."

Cassie: "Taylor really getting in rhythm..."

O'Dell: "Another good combination from Hill and HOSK ROCKS HER WITH A RIGHT HAND! A keyhole counter from Elsa and DOWN GOES TAYLOR AFTER A SHARP FLURRY FROM THE BLONDE! Hill dropped to her back as Hosk lands a couple of BOMBS in there..."

McCarthy: "YES! I TOLD you! She's a talentless TOOTHPICK!"

O'Dell: "Elsa to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Taylor to hands and knees at six. Seven. Eight. Hill pushes to her feet at nine. Ref thinks about it during the mandatory but WAVES ON ELSA! Hosk driving all before her, traps Taylor on the ropes and lets her have it. Ref looking in. Ten seconds to go. GOOD right from Hosk, but there's the bell. Hill survives, but Elsa thrives with a 10-8 round."

Tess: "And, Hosk pulls into a 29-27 lead."


O'Dell: "Hosk out hot to start the fourth. She's got Taylor on wobbly legs and she's taking full advantage, backing up Hill with flurry after flurry. And, now it's the brunette who's on the back foot, trying to effect a fighting retreat. Hill landing some in the counter, but it's not nearly enough to offset the work Hosk is doing."

Tess: "Staying off the ropes, though."

O'Dell: "She IS managing that much, but, there's no doubt who's in control of the round. Hosk has cleaned up nicely, but, so far, Hill has denied her the finish. Blonde still looking for it, though. Still effectively aggressive, not giving Hill any big openings, but keeping her on the defensive..."

Cassie: "Again, you can see why this girl got signed. Plenty of talent here."

O'Dell: "We're down under thirty seconds in the fourth. It's been Hosk in control the whole way and that's not changing. Taylor looking steadier on her feet now, giving closer to as good as she's getting, but that's not going to matter in this frame. There's the bell. And, it's Elsa. Wide."

McCarthy: "And, Hosk is up 39-36."


O'Dell: "Ladies start this one at range. Blonde knows the brunette's got the legs back, so she's not going to keep pressing the offensive. Instead, Elsa getting back to the boxing that won her the opening stanza. She's got a nice lead at the moment. Win a couple of more rounds here, and it's going to be hard for Hill to make up the stagger..."

McCarthy: "That's because she's a talentless TOOTHPICK. Palicki would have already WON this fight."

O'Dell: "Good, tactical stuff from both fighters right now. Both getting the hands out and back quickly, moving well, fighting soundly and staying busy. Good exchange there and both fighters landed a solid right hand in it. Hill pumping that solid left jab in Elsa's face again and again..."

Tess: "Good stuff from both fighters..."

O'Dell: "No doubt about it. Just ten seconds remaining in the round and not a lot in it. Sharp exchange there as heads snap back and there's another! Some solid leather landing and there's the bell. Very, very close in the fifth, but Hill's going to take the points by the narrowest of margins."

Cassie: "But, Elsa still has the 48-46 lead."


O'Dell: "Ladies back to boxing in the sixth. Both getting work done, jabbing and building quick combinations off those left hands. Blonde and brunette very comfortable on these terms, and they appear content to stay there at the moment. SHARP exchange there with sweat sent flying and HOSK MAY BE HURT..."

Tess: "Definitely! Legs wobbled just a bit!"

O'Dell: "Taylor noticed and the brunette is ALL IN. She's letting the hands fly, backing up the blonde, pinning her to the cables. Elsa in a high guard taking fire from everywhere as the referee looks in closely. Hosk playing defense, blocking, rolling with, but she's taking a HAMMERING..."

Cassie: "Needs to get busier, because the ref isn't going to watch much more of this..."

O'Dell: "Hill continuing to pour on the fire. She's looking to stop this thing one way or another. Hosk jabbing back in spots, clinching when she can, doing anything possible to slow this down. Good right from Taylor right there got the ref's attention, but there's the bell. Elsa survives..."

McCarthy: "And, she's still up 57-56."


O'Dell: "Hill all about the finish now. She's walking Hosk down behind that heavy left jab, sitting down on her punches, tossing a ton of heavy fire at the blonde. Elsa giving ground, trying to manage this thing, firing back here and there, but keeping the guard high..."

McCarthy: "Just keep playing for time and she'll be fine..."

O'Dell: "Hill a solid combination. That backed up Elsa. Blonde jabbing, trying to slow down the offensive, but with little success so far. GOOD right hand, Hill and that HURT HOSK! Elsa all wobbly butt and DOWN SHE GOES AFTER A BOOMING STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND FROM TAYLOR!"

Cassie: "What a SHOT!"

O'Dell: "Elsa down on her back with her head just underneath the bottom rope. Hill to a neutral corner. Referee's count at three, four, five. Hosk trying to sit up. Rope getting in the way. Six. Seven. She slides forward at eight. Gets to a sitting position at nine. TEN! It's OVER! Hosk can't beat the count and it's OVER! And your winner by KO7 is 'The Face' Taylor Hill!"

Tess: "That was a heck of a fight."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Taylor Hill, and, Taylor, that wasn't easy in there..."

Taylor (nodding): "Knew it wouldn't be. This girl can fight and everyone knows it. The difference is, I'm a champion. The once and future queen of the lightweight division."

Tess: "Speaking of the future, big changes coming around here. Are you confident you'll be here in 2022?"

Taylor (smiling): "I had the TITLE this year. Management here is smart. I'm not going anywhere."



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