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7 October 2021 Roxanne Pallett vs Abigail Breslin

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Posted by Vassago on October 7, 2021, 8:38 pm



Jugs of Mass Destruction from Las Vegas, NV
Roxanne Pallett vs Abigail Breslin
(Kear's Kats vs Free Punchers)
(11-12, 11 KO vs 6-3, 6 KO)
JMDD Value: 32C (Natural) vs 34D (Natural)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: One might argue Abigail Breslin's 5'1" frame scares potential managers off from signing her long-term and the petite New Yorker decided she's gonna follow her own destiny which means entering jug muggin' competition! Scratch that! It turns out the blonde did earn that managerial support courtesy of a new Free Punchers stable so it's truly go time tonight! Abigail split a couple of JMD fights earlier this year already and vows to completely destroy BBU veteran Roxanne Pallett. The dark-haired Brit matches her in size with her own 5'1" frame but brings plenty of experience which might prove crucial in the relentless grind of JMD rules.

Over to Roxanne: "I've seen those big-breasted blonde bimbos before. They think they always do it better. Blow me! I'm gonna punch her so hard she will beg me for mercy and then I'll just hit her even harder. She's got no future here, maybe in jello wrestling if the Vegas Strip wants her!" (giggles)

Roxanne Pallett wears a black bikini top, red panties & red gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a half-up ponytail. Abigail Breslin wears a light blue bikini set & black gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division. JMD rules apply.

Round 1:
The signing boost seems to have done wonders for Abigail who tears it up from the opening bell like she's a genuine contender! She drills the brunette's rack from the inside and enforces a ruthless point-blank range stance where she can punish Pallett at will. The British tourist didn't expect such a slugging approach so quickly and gets beaten for each punch; she struggles to match the blonde's intensity and slumps into early spasms when Breslin delivers another uppercut bounce and splits the mounds with terrific precision. Uh-oh! Roxy wobbles to her heels and barely escapes another uppercut heat before she's forced into a hectic retreat come the final minute. Abigail doesn't let her off the hook though and gashes more jug shots on target before busting Pallett on the exposed navel just to let everyone know who's in charge here. She yells out in delight at the bell and winks back at some hollow stares from the Kear's Kats entourage.

Round 2:
Roxanne jumps into immediate recovery effort but Abigail squares up to her feeling confident after that opening round showing. This triggers a vintage slugging war of attrition that lifts both bumper sets and raises the noise inside the arena while the crowd anticipates another supreme display from Abigail... except it's Roxy who lands the better series and cripples the blonde with a vicious combo on the solar plexus before looping a right cross on the nose. Ugh! Breslin slumps to her heels and gets overrun by a proper jug muggin' pounce as she's unable to stand her ground and wilts under the brunette's high-octane barrage. Pallett gets vocal and drives the younger foe back to the ropes where she adds another belting double and leaves her slumped amid loud spasms come the bell. Huh! Bang in another one on the jugs and Roxy is lucky to get away with a warning as the Vegas crowd actually likes that cheap spot!

Round 3:
Abigail got really upset about that late shot after the bell and vows to bring the British tourist down which triggers another hectic stand-off in the center of the ring. Both women dish out the spirited charge from both flanks and send the bumpers into motion and it all comes down to who blinks first. Roxanne gets vocal but intends to keep going until she breaks the blonde's resilience however Breslin catches her off guard with a wild right hook on the nose and drills immediate harpoon on the liver area moments later. Pallett gets caught off guard in hi-lo fashion and bends to the side while Abigail drives the leather up her chimney and connects with both jug & chin to drop the brunette into a desperate cover. However another belting shot cripples Roxanne into loud spasms and she gets pinned in the corner where Breslin ravages her midriff to run away with the action wholesale.

Round 4:
Abigail gets the better of Roxanne early in the fourth again and flicks several clean shots around the liver area to keep the older woman honest. Pallett tries to work from the east/west side but bounces off the blonde's forearms too often to claim success and gets chopped from the inside when Abigail also digs a couple of elbows to further enhance her slugging ideas. She backs the British babe onto the ropes where she beats her in heads up dispute as Pallett gets desperate to swing through the jabbing haze. Abigail stays on top of her game and blows it right up the middle until Roxy slams a left hook on the liver and manages to steal the highlights when she hauls in another series on the solar plexus to dump the blonde into spasms. Uh-oh! A wild hook almost spills Breslin's breast into the open and she gets caught by another nasty hook on the mounds before Roxanne whacks her from the other side... AND DOWN GOES BRESLIN totally against the run of play!!! Vegas crowd goes wild as hardly anyone saw this coming! Abigail tries to hold back mist setting into her eyes and she's up at six but cuts a rattled figure and is lucky the clock expires on her as Roxy was ready to bring the house down! Big momentum swing for the Kats' entourage!

Round 5:
Roxanne tries to blow the blonde up with another uppercut series and thinks she's got her beat any which way; Abigail manages to avoid immediate disaster and hangs in the phone booth maze as she clobbers the brunette's rack while soaking up similar heat until she dekes to the side and blows one into the liver area that bends Pallett upon impact. Ugh! The British babe refuses to check out and connects with another double but then gets blasted up the middle as Breslin secures the better revenue and piles on cruel leather to lift the jugs into the slumped chin. Ugh! Roxy starts to feel the heat right when she wanted to put the American away and gets clobbered onto the ropes where Breslin yells out all her frustration and smashes the brunette's rack into a saggy pulp during the second minute. Huh! Roxanne gets shut down wholesale and drops her mitts by her hips which allows Abigail to blast her with a chin-checking double before tearing the bikini top right down!!! Uh-oh!!! Roxy is rendered topless at the same time she bursts into tears and SLIDES DOWN ON HER KNEES amid a loud ovation from the Vegas audience! She quickly slumps onto all fours and just can't stop crying her heart out as she's unable to recover from the humiliating experience while the merciless count duly passes her by!!! KO5 Abigail Breslin in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: That's a huge win for the petite blonde on her Free Punchers debut but there's a lot of work to be done considering the knockdown in the fourth round that almost spoiled Abigail's night. She refuses to dwell on the unfortunate experience and plants her foor on Roxanne's back before shoving her into horizonal position and mounting her torso to conduct the crowd-pleasing breast smother. Not so fast... She lifts Roxanne's legs and tries to pull them as far forward putting all the pressure on the Brit's spine in the process. Uh-oh!!! Roxy quickly begs the New Yorker to stop and admits she's a "lousy tramp whose boobs got stopped" which meets a giggling response from the joyful winner. Abigail eventually releases her opponent's legs and slides down to bury Pallett's face underneath the 34D set. There's no way back from this one and the British tourist is rendered unconscious within the next fifteen seconds much to the crowd's delight. Abigail gets up with a big smile on her face and picks up Roxanne's bikini top she punched off her seconds before the knockout finish. She truly earned her reward tonight!

Official Result: Abigail Breslin def. Roxanne Pallett KO5.



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