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9 October 2021 Amanda Righetti vs Gal Gadot

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Posted by Bonzo on October 9, 2021, 11:11 am



AMANDA RIGHETTI (38 y/o, 5 ft 8, W: 114, L: 32) vs GAL GADOT (35 y/o, 5 ft 9, W: 5, L: 8)

Results: Lookout!, Writing: Bonzo

Before: “There‘s just *one* Wonder Woman,“ Gal smirks, after Amanda Righetti‘s told everyone she once auditioned for Wonder Woman, questioning Gal‘s credentials as a real-life badass after failing to break through in either the BBU or the FCBA so far. “And guess what? It‘s not the wooden, third-tier actress from a long-time cancelled CBS police procedural! Righetti‘s a TV personality, her face‘s always been ho-hum, and her body just ain‘t what it used to be. To sum things up, I intend to rudely dismiss anyone who‘s out to usurp my Wonder Woman throne – and that‘s why Righetti‘s going to get *smoked*, because that‘s how Hollywood‘s law of the jungle works!“

“I‘m not jealous of Gal,“ Amanda smiles. “Of course I would have loved to play Wonder Woman, but Gal‘s great in the role, no doubt. Thing is: Gal just plays a battle princess on the big screen – I‘m a beast in the ring in real life! No one will choreograph your fights or write you a tough line of dialogue, Gal – it will just be us in the ring, woman on woman. I will make your pampered life miserable, honey, and let the Wonder Woman producers dwell on *that* afterwards!“


Fight: R1: Girls set up similarly rangy, athletic stances, get to work early, hard – long, tall jabs from Gal, spitting ‘em out, looking for rangy right hands, as she‘s negotiating Righetti‘s power. Gadot‘s stance‘s loose, showing a relaxed gait, her upper body crouched, her legs all easy n‘ breezy – this is slick, leggy ring management! Righetti‘s more flat-footed, hunting Gal‘s head with jabs/long crosses, creating power right there on the spot – then she‘s quickly looking to bob n‘ weave her way close into range via short, curt jabs/uppercuts, setting up ringin‘, blastin‘ attacks on Gal‘s bronzed flanks/ribcage. ‘Manda‘s fighting in a short, compact style – her elbows in tight, she‘s triggering short, *pulverizing* blasts on Gal‘s ribs/jugs when in range, fitting ‘em shots hard at Gal‘s soft spots!

At the minute mark, Gal‘s leggy frame‘s sliding out, taking pivots left, right to ease redhead pressure, stay well away from ropes – there‘s the aggressive, bob, weave n‘ step, Righetti – RIGHT CROSS, GAL GADOT!

Just a slick, leggy step-out, counter – it‘s a short, *crunchy* lil‘ right hand to Righetti‘s teeth! Righetti‘s stunned, her buttocks ringing out hurt, legs a little wobbly-butt, covering up, sliding out – and it‘s Gal moving in! There‘s long, rangy jabs up top Righetti‘s guard/skull, peppering her, loosening her up – once inside, there‘s the short, *spitting* little right hand to Righetti‘s skull/face, hoping to penetrate redhead‘s guard, get a good look at her jaw! Righetti‘s sturdy legs hold, stiffen at last – she‘s leaning right in against Gal shoulder-to-shoulder, taking her into *meaty*, bull-strong welterweight clinches, as Gal‘s lanky frame‘s struggling to keep her top position.

Second, third minute – Gal‘s in leggy, rangy control, dictating the ring via a long, lashing jab/right uppercut approach. Righetti‘s wide-eyed, hopping, pivoting, staying on the spot, coming up short against Gal‘s quick, tall, range-finding jabs – she‘s shut out, passive!

Down the stretch – Gal‘s extending on her jabwork, moving in on a leggy, defensive Righetti! A quick, smooth step n‘ lunge into range – a short, blunt, *stiff* right hand to Righetti‘s right breast! Righetti‘s eyes moist, shocked – a short, rising (left) hook *bites* to redhead‘s chin! Staggers, reels in Righetti‘s legs – she‘s hurt, quite flabbergasted at the bell, as Gal‘s lanky lightweight‘s power‘s seriously hurting the stronger welter gal!

R2: Righetti‘s cool, calm during break, shaking her head, adjusting, coming back strong, composed for second round, no holds barred – she‘s edging in on her Gal, pushing forward both head n‘ shoulders. Gal‘s ready, banging back hard – girls lower their heads, scrub away to opposite jugs/ribcage, dipping a shoulder, ripping ‘em shots! Girls paw out, wrestle each other‘s arms out of the way, looking for room/angles – ‘Manda‘s first to rise, swinging a hook upside Gadot‘s jawline, tossing the brunette‘s head away, loosening her strong legs! Gal groans, stumbling off in earmuff, her legs clearly hurt, sagging a bit – pounce, stalk, snarl, Righetti!

Past the minute mark, Gal‘s finally set up on the apron, digging her heels in, trying to roll the shots with the ropes, holding her stance – Righetti‘s prodding the left jab almost gently to Gal‘s right shoulder/jug, setting her girl up, prepping her. Pushin‘, shovin‘, nibblin‘ jabs set up Gal for more – right cross (to the ear), Righetti! Short, flat-knuckle right hand (to Gal‘s biceps), Righetti! Gal‘s a-hunchin‘, taking these shots a hard, sullen, grim way – she‘s outworked, outpunched for long, grueling stretches of the round, as Righetti‘s pounding away in methodical fashion!

Final minute – Gal‘s *still* giving ground, inch on inch.

Righetti‘s wide-eyed, satisfied, making her power felt here – her head‘s low, her shoulders dipped, as short, *clubbing* left, right hands torture Gal‘s sternum/breadbasket, jolting her lanky, athletic foe into grimaces, grunts of hurt, driving her across the ring to ropes, corners!

Break – Righetti‘s nodding at Gal‘s pretty, wincing, grimacing face, sitting down with a pleased, satisfied smile.

R3: Girls step back into the fray, trading shots in bruisin‘ give n‘ take fashion, still leaning in head/shoulders, as powerful vixens look to hurt, dominate! Righetti‘s pushing on top early, setting up her position atop Gal‘s tummy, frame – using shoulder bumps, leaning into her rough n‘ tumble! Gadot‘s hurt, busted up in spots – eyes get a little tired in spots, as grim determination‘s keeping her upright, trying to jostle back against her greedy redhead foe. By the minute mark, ‘Manda‘s got Gal sliding alongside the ropes, left/right, left/right, ducking, stepping away, her legs showing lil‘ tilts, trembles, as redhead‘s power‘s dishing out the cruel body hurt – time and again, Righetti‘s jostlin‘, bumpin‘ on top, driving short, detonating right hands to Gadot‘s beltline, putting a shudder into strong Wonder Woman‘s legs!

Second, third minute – Righetti‘s brusin‘, jostlin‘ her girl around.

Down the stretch: just another one of thise short, *nasty* right hands to Gal‘s trunkline – a healthy sigh of hurt on the connect, Gadot! Gal steps out queasy, eyes grey, her legs weak, as she‘s just stooping forward behind her mitts, trying to find her feet – Righetti muscles up, stroking a series of two, three hard thwacks upside Gal‘s left ear, tap!, tap!, tap! Gal‘s slumped to ropes, soaking it up shaky, hurt, as legs bend, won‘t break yet under relentless Righetti pressure!

R4: Gal‘s mouth‘s pinched, her face a sour, disgruntled vision of disappointment – but she‘s still trying to rip away the momentum from Righetti at last! Gadot‘s scowling, pursing her lips, stepping into long, *doubled* up jabs, hunting ‘em spears to Righetti‘s tummy/mid-section, as strong, determined right hands rise up over the top! Righetti‘s surprised, thrown off her stance at times, giving up some canvas, her eyes startled, back-pedalling a bit – shrug left uppercuts won‘t back off Gal this time! Gadot‘s spirited, her eyes lighting up, as Righetti‘s at last ceding some ground, sliding off to the ropes – Gal‘s springy, squaring up muscularily, finally able to fight off Amanda‘s broad chest! Righetti‘s settled into the ropes, trying to defend herself – she‘s showing some grimaces, trying to pull down Gal‘s head into meaty clinches, wrestle her wrists away, set up squirming tummy to tummy – but it‘s Gal who‘s getting the better, more dangerous uppercut looks right now, clobbering away nicely to redhead‘s flanks or biceps, clubbing hard strokes to Righetti‘s left ear, when girls fall in hard against each other!

Mid-round action – more of the same, as Gal‘s leggy athleticism‘s keeping Righetti‘s butt trapped at ropeside positions!

Redhead‘s slumped, her head lowered, her mitts placed gently in front of her own jugs/tummy – her head‘s teetering left/right, left/right, from Gal‘s thwacks n‘ whacks, stumbling around in confusion! Gadot‘s tracking her head well – short, direct palms-down righty hook to the chops n‘ chin! Righetti groans, seeing stars, as legs go into a buzz of hurt – ALMIGHTY RIGHT HAND, GAL GADOT! Short, stubby right hand stomp‘s got the redhead munching it up – *bingo*! A pretty head-swivel from all-powerful Righetti – immediately bouncing her off the ropes in loose ragdoll fashion, sloshing her onto all fours, as Gal‘s screaming out a loud, lustful yell, pumping her glove in the air!

Righetti‘s eyes blink, firm, then harden into a steely glance of defiance, as knees shake rickety, legs tremble, her sweaty hair coming apart in tousles – she‘s off the deck fast, but her legs still buzz, tremble, stagger from the hurt! Down the stretch – Gal‘s on top, pushin‘ in, grabbin‘ under the redhead‘s arms, *bulling* her to the ropes, choppin‘ away at her foe, choppin‘, choppin‘ at her! Righetti‘s cramped, sullen, hurt – Gal‘s shocked her big time this round!

R5: Girls trade powerful, *bombing* jabs in early free for all, as momentum‘s all up for grabs! Punches fly, rip, hiss – right hook chop, Gal! Girls trade ‘em for glory – Gadot‘s able to slip Righetti‘s left, catching redhead jaw, as her foe‘s mighty left hand‘s sailing away over the top of Gal‘s hairline! There‘s the buzz in Righetti‘s legs again, and Gal‘s pancaking her to the ropes *immediately* – her left hand wedges in under Amanda‘s right, pressing her against the ropes, laying in beefy against her, resting her mouth on strong opposite shoulder, as Manda‘s squirming, panting in hurt.

Girls stack each other up, twist, pull, turn each other around – meaty backsides shiver/strain, as legs stomp, hold, resist! Slowly, Gal‘s upping the aggression, jabbing Righetti into a corner in leggy fashion – short-chop right hand to redhead‘s left ear, whack! Righetti‘s eyes close in shock, her face all pinched, lips parted a little – she‘s loose, hurt on the spot! Gadot‘s workin‘ her girl over: short, twitching left hands, right hands through the middle, palms-down shots – this is brawny stuff belted to Righetti‘s ribcage/heart/torso!

Second, third minute – Gal‘s being smooth, leggy, commanding.

Righetti‘s pretty face‘s concerned, her mood sullen – Gal‘s walking her down! Gadot‘s positioned atop a slumping, hunching Amanda at the ropes – short lefty hook behind Righetti‘s right elbow, oomph! Redhead‘s legs buzz, her buttocks ashudder – right hand (ear)!, right hand (ear)!, right hand (ear)! Grinding, brutal shots against Righetti‘s left ear/skull – but redhead‘s bull-strong stamina holds! Gal‘s stacking up more on Righetti‘s body down the stretch – there‘s a smooth lil‘ tap right between Manda‘s jugline, and a shirt, risin‘, righty uppercut! Righetti‘s soakin‘ it up on the jaw, stumbling around hurt, woozy on the spot – Gal‘s coming for her big time!

R6: Gal‘s growing confidence‘s a sight to behold right now, as long, tall, leggy, pretty brunette‘s starting to believe in the upset, setting a murderous pace, keeping Righetti busy, hurt, *helpless* at the end of her jab stick!

‘Manda‘s all tight, hunching, covering up her staggered torso – she‘s pretty much tilting left n‘ right from Gadot‘s relentless, driving power! Once she‘s set up, comfortably on top, Gal‘s simply drillin‘ Righetti‘s gut/ribs/tits like a workin‘ woman – Gal‘s head‘s lowered, swingin‘ them lusty, heavy shots at her foe‘s mid-section, wading into her, backing her girl up! Righetti‘s sulky, glum, if still wide-eyed, alert, banging back some – she‘s trying to jab her way back into the fight, hoping to find her competitive left hand again, side-stepping Gal‘s left flank. Gadot‘s left hand‘s a-pumpin‘, a-pumpin‘, pretty much fighting Righetti‘s trademark fight – and she‘s trying to end Righetti‘s night early with a series of wide, *looping* overhand right hands, getting Big Red spooked, wary!

Second minute – Righetti‘s leggy, back-pedalling, simply falling off Gal‘s pace.

Gadot‘s sliding forward in pursuit, tossing the next overhand shot, missing it a little wide – right hand to the ribs, Righetti! Short, tickin‘ blast off Amanda‘s right, slingin‘ it low, bringin‘ *plenty* of power, thighs, hips behind it with a slick, expert turn of her torso – the sumptious shot‘s got Gal‘s advance momentarily stalled! Girls wade back forward after a pivot, pushin‘, shovin‘ at each other‘s arms, bumpin‘ heads, rotatin‘ shoulders – girls trade hooks on the freakin‘ mouth! Both lasses swing hard for each other‘s mouth/jaw – redhead‘s shot‘s biting her girl early! A cracking shot to Gal‘s teeth – the buzz‘s sending trembles down sturdy Israeli legs, grimacing her into hurt for first time in a while!

Final minute – girls get physical, close, fighting for top position on each other‘s jugs/chest.

Action‘s slow, intense – girls stagger, fall in, grab around each other‘s arms/torso, grindin‘, bullin‘ for control, strength. Righetti‘s back in the fight at last, proving her strong, leggy mettle in these tests of pure power, stamina – Gal‘s no longer able to shut out, jab Righetti under control! Pep talk, as girls break at last, stagger to ropes tired, hurt at the bell – “You gotta prove it, Gal, this can‘t go to ten – you gotta switch off her lights, girl, before she does it to you!“

R7: Girls so gritty, tired, intense – no leggy sprints/pivots, just *heavy*, numbin‘ fire at each others‘s jaw, bod! Gal‘s still a little leggier, faster, mobile, trying to jab into Righetti‘s ribs/tits, drive her into a freeze, attempting the odd overhand right hand loop shot – ‘Manda‘s sidesteppin‘ the jab, slidin‘, steppin‘ left, digging short, *muscular* counter left hooks into Gal‘s toned, fit stomach/flank! Slowly Righetti‘s trading back, grabbing the initiative, setting up combo shots – crisp, crispy left/right delivery to Gadot‘s body, lickin‘ palms-down shots into Gal‘s ribs/stomach, freezing up the tuff brunette into a standstill, hurting her, slowing her down bit by bit.

Past the minute mark – Gal‘s starting to groan, grimace, blink in confusion!

Righetti‘s immediately upping her rhythm, intensity – her long, rangy jab‘s back penetrating Gadot‘s guard/mitts, hammering at her pretty face, pokin‘ it rudely! ‘Manda‘s right hand *cuts* through Gal‘s mitts, splitting ‘em up again – redhead slides close, cramping up Gadot‘s body with a series of short, strappin‘ left uppercuts, followed by a heavy, rugged shove in the shoulders! Gal‘s hurt, bending thru, trippin‘ her feet, slide-staggering back to the ropes – Righetti bulls in on top of her girl, keeping her pinned, loose, raggedy! Steady, drivin‘, beltin‘ shots right at Gal‘s shoulders, pecs, biceps – the sturdy Israeli‘s riding things out, her eyes sleepy, lips parted, almost out on her feet!

Final minute – Gal‘s trying to match Righetti‘s beef, wedging her left arm under Amanda‘s right, trying to sqeeze in, reverse Righetti‘s top position at the ropes! Girls stumble n‘ stagger, as meaty backsides shiver, jostle under all the freaking effort – Gal can‘t unseat Righetti, falling in hard n‘ heavy, restin‘ her head on those sturdy redhead shoulders, trying to bull her back to no avail!

Down the stretch – action‘s slowly ground to a halt, as girls fall in, break, fall in, break, fall in, break.

Girls up close, pawing away with their mitts for leverage, room – short right hand, Righetti! A shrewd, twisty lil‘ right hand uppercut chops to Gal‘s jaw, stiffening her girl‘s legs – Righetti slides to the right, *whacking* Gadot‘s left ear with another short chop! Gal‘s mitts loosen, lolling about weakly – Righetti‘s taking the jackhammer to Gal‘s face! Brawny left uppercut! Short, heavy body hook to Gal‘s jugs! Left hook! Left hook! Gal‘s eyes just a distant, blank stare, as mitts sink, her torso sagging into the ropes – *finally* she‘s bludgeoned off the ropes, jack-knifing forward onto the canvas, landing with a rude, hard *thud*, hands trapped under her belly, lips pooling wet against the canvas, eyes rolled back, completely flabbergasted and out of it – Gal‘s just a still, prostrate beauty, and the count‘s a formality, as redhead extracts a brutal, frightening lights-out knockout – KO7 Amanda Righetti!

After: What a fiery, intense battle between these two beauties – Righetti staggers back in triumph, as Gal‘s finally blasted out to sleep! Once Gal‘s back up, things get frosty, formal – just a cool handshake, no hug, no words. “I want Gal to acknowledge my superiority in the ring,“ Amanda coos in her post-fight interview. “She might play one on the screen, but there‘s only one Wonder Woman in the ring, and that‘s me! If she can‘t accept that, I‘ve got no qualms to blast her back to La-La-Land again!“



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