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9 October 2021 Kate Beckinsale vs Victoria Beckham

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Posted by Caspian on October 9, 2021, 5:06 pm



(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

5. Kate Beckinsale vs Victoria Beckham

(47, 5’7, 63:42:3 FCBA, VIXENs)

(47, 5’4, 1:7 FCBA, Free Agent)

“Honestly, I’ve stopped counting,” Kate laughs to reporters earlier on at the press conference. “After beating McMuffinhead, I’ve realised that all my dreams and ambitions in life have already been fulfilled. Turns out, I never cared about joining the Hall-of-Fame - what I really cared about was putting that blonde bimbo in her place.”

“As for Vicky tonight, yeah, we’ve crossed paths before. I wouldn’t say we’re good friends or anything, so she easily came to mind as my next opponent,” Kate says with a final nod.

Victoria Beckham is seen nodding along in agreement, before replying: “Kate’s KO of McCarthy was a thing of beauty to watch. I didn’t fancy squaring off with someone like that so soon, but here we are. I don’t have anything against Beckinsale, personally, so this is gonna be one fine exhibition match in which we can both give it our all.”

These two British contemporaries stand just three inches apart, with Kate having the advantage of being slightly bulkier as well. They meet in the center of the ring hours later with more cordial handshakes and smiles, both showing off toned bodies for almost pushing a century between their number of years alive.

Beckinsale is dressed in a simple white sports bra and long blue tights, her brown hair pulled back and bundled tightly overhead. The VIX Head Honcho is wearing black gloves for this contest. Beckham has gone for a sporty red sports bra, black boxing trunks and white gloves. It’s another familial clash between familiar namesakes, and the referee waves for this last bout of the night to begin, with Beckinsale vs Beckham kicking off ten rounds of Bantamweight action! HERE WE GO!

Kate’s riding high off her recent Hall-of-Fame induction, striding forward confidently and instantly rippling punches into Victoria’s arms. Beckham’s moving spritely for someone who’s barely fought in the past five years, taking jabs to her guard but also showing off agility of her own when she whacks Kate on the face late in the first minute. Beckinsale ain’t deterred, keeps her aggressive stance by plugging more leather to the body, before the referee signals for the end of the opening dance. Not the massacre Beckinsale wanted, with Beckham proving an elusive target, but at least she takes the round by a close margin.

Victoria's definitely spent some time in the gym recently, no doubt gearing up for this fight. She lands crisp jabs all over Kate's frame in the very first minute, punishing the newest Hall-of-Fame inductee for pushing too early for the kill. It’s not the coronation fight Kate would have wanted, with the Brit taking another crisp jab to the cheek, then another one-two combo smacked off her forehead to keep her at bay for now. Victoria’s seen smirking, looking sure of herself - she keeps moving backwards and sideways to avoid more commotion, until Kate herself grows wiser and keeps her distance in the final minute of the round. Beckinsale learns not to underestimate her fellow Brit, with the two ladies exchanging crunching shots to the arms and chin to close off the second round. It’s a big comeback from Beckham, whose recent training has paid off!

Victoria keeps up her fast pace, surprisingly outboxing Beckinsale in the opening minute when she narrowly dodges a sudden swing towards her head, Kate's hook thrown outwards suddenly but not enough to catch Vicky on the chin. Beckham must have been taking some agility drills from her husband, both her long legs darting this way and that, before planting more combos into Kate's chin and chest. Somewhere out there, McCarthy must be laughing her ass off at this debacle, but we wonder if it says more about someone who got herself beat by Kate in a most recent best-of-five. Kate does her best to regain her momentum, driving fists into Beckham's guard whenever possible, but only succeeds in pushing her back a couple of steps each time. It’s not nearly enough to win the round outright, as Victoria's damage also adds up over the course of three minutes to win herself another round wide.

AND KATE BATTLES HER WAY BACK into contention! To hell with the British pleasantries, she says, as she RUSHES in to bend Beckham backwards! Victoria's stamina can only take her so far, and what more if she's surprised by a sudden blitz attack from the VIX head honcho? Victoria yelps as multiple punches are slammed into her frame left, right and center, Kate alternating combos with blasts to the side of her head or body, literally bending Beckham over with a rough tummy shot to punctuate the action. Victoria falls back again on her lengthy legs, but is having trouble keeping her foe off this time - the two ladies are left grunting in each other's arms, batting at the sides before the referee has to force them apart. This might be the way to go indeed if Kate is the one walking away with a wide comeback round for herself, and none too soon!

Beckham looks hurt but far from about to go down. She digs deep in the first minute to fend off an overeager Beckinsale, who's trying to tie her up in close quarters and then swing for the fences to end this fight. But Vicky stays light on her feet, jamming a right hand into the lips or cuffed off the forehead, occasionally throwing the Vixen's head back with a mighty grunt. Kate has underestimated her foe's resolve throughout this entire fight, and she’s paying dearly for it now, getting caught by another errant hook to the chin, which she entirely was NOT expecting. Beckham, though packing less bulk, lands it on the side of the chin, staggering Beckinsale to the side with a grunt! AND HERE VICKY COMES, pouncing on the opportunity to score an upset as she continues her headhunting foray - KATE’S IN TROUBLE as she stumbles backwards, trying to get away from the action, only to fall over her own legs and end up crashing down onto her buttocks! It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Beckham! Kate shakes her head, looking hella embarrassed, but already steadily making her way back up to her feet by the count of 8. Meanwhile, at the other corner of the ring, it’s Victoria’s turn to look smug as hell, both arms draped over the top corners of the turnbuckle, and already looking ready to go another five rounds!

Kate starts to take her opponent a little more seriously here - if she managed to beat Mcfuffin McCarthy in a best-of-five series, SURELY she can put little Posh Spice away in record time? The two Brits exchange fire from a comfortable distance, but this time, Beckham is finding most of her shots getting blocked by a firmer, more steadfast guard from Beckinsale, and what’s worse is the fact that Beckinsale is banging back with a steady stream of her own combos, rocking the songstress’ head back with a damaging cross hand delivered straight to the nose, then another hook scored off the tummy, as Victoria suffers abuse from afar. Beckham appears to be fighting a whole different fighter throughout the sixth, with Kate mixing some of her own power behind each of her attacks, and together with her greater experience, is able to outwork Beckham all the way to the bell!

Victoria attempts to rally, but there’s no budging Kate from her advantageous position and growing momentum. Not this time, at least! The former Spice Girl attempts to rock Kate with a barrage and sudden jab combo to the face, but Beckinsale’s better able to predict her pattern by this point in the fight, blocking a combo one moment, and the next, torquing a shoulder forward to drive one of her fists into the center of Vicky’s lips. Beckham slowly gets pushed back and bullied across the ring, wincing and groaning as the damage begins to add up: Kate pounding on her arms and body with steady left-right-left combos, another cross hand sunk into the body to STUN Beckham in place with her mouth hanging open in shock! That follow-up HOOK to the chin and DOWN SHE SPIRALS, Victoria Beckham suffering a textbook KNOCKDOWN of her own as she collapses down to the canvas!! This time, one of these Brits ain’t getting back up, with Victoria left KO’ed and out cold throughout the entire 10-count! It’s OVER!

Official Decision: Kate Beckinsale defeats Victoria Beckham via KO7!

Kate is still gracious in victory, and crossing over into the Hall of immortals hasn’t changed that, immediately kneeling down to check on Beckham once the bell rings and her hand is raised high.

Victoria of course has seen better days, but once the smelling salts are applied to her nostrils and she regains consciousness, she sees Kate smiling down at her, and the two tea-loving celebrities share a brief embrace on the ground and near the ropes.

“She’s tough, that one. Not too bad for someone who hasn’t fought since 2015,” Kate says later with a smile. “Almost took me down, as well. Wasn’t gonna have it though. Not right after getting inducted.”

Victoria is seen later also smiling politely, having a moment with reporters backstage: “I did my best tonight. Managed to knock Kate down once - what more can you ask for? Imagine what I could do to the other girls in the Cougar division. Regardless, my sincere congratulations to Kate. I hope we fight again in the future.”

And that’s a wrap for VIX: Hard Knocks @ the Hard Rock Live! As usual, we'd like to thank Emilia's Empresses and Hot and Dangerous for allowing their girls to participate, and also to Lookout! Boxing for assisting with the planning and logistics of the event.

See you next time for more VIX exhibition action!



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