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29 October 2021 Samara Weaving vs Sophia Bush

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on October 29, 2021, 9:31 pm



Results by Lookout!/Writing by OddManOut

Before: Two fighters who’ve spent the year on opposite trajectories. Sophia has come in from the cold and battered her way to a JMD title shot in July. Samara, on the other hand was within striking distance of a bantamweight title shot at the beginning of the year, but now finds herself only mentioned in the title discussion in terms of how the Mila Kunis Clause in her contract may be invoked.

Sophia wearing a black string bikini with matching gloves, her hair is in a ponytail as she heads down the aisle smiling to the fans. Samara in a red bikini with white trim, matching gloves, hair back in a battle bun

R1: Girls lean in with their foreheads, all four gloves up around both faces and Samara goes immediately body&breasts, hurling hooks up underneath. Sophia hurt seconds in, scowling in pain, nearly taking a knee and crumbling back into the ropes where Weaving can really go to work. Battering bell to bell beat down for Samara as she clubs Sophia senseless with nonstop punishment,

R2: They bang heads mid ring, gloves up high, and Sophia bends her knees to sink in a hook, hook, HOOK to Samara’s right side, blonde groaning, backs away with a sick expression as Bush walks her down. Sophia bodying Samara into the ropes--girls wrapping up with one arm to work with the other--it’s hardhearted combat in the trenches. Weaving fighting hurt, won’t be worked over--she grinds it out, slugging, mauling, pushing and struggling with Bush as the fight spills past the bell.

R3: Collision midring as both girls hurtle off their stools, slam together like it's a rugby scrum instead of a boxing match and a dazzling display of energetic punching, straining legs, and iron wills develops. Girls take turns: Samara will stuff half a dozen cramming lefts and rights into Sophia's tummy&tits, budging the former champ back a couple steps; Bush will take over, bashing away at the flanks and waist, rolling her shoulders inside, taking back the lost ground. Down the stretch, Sophia just won't be denied - getting strong on Samara, shouldering and bodypunching her backward, but also fitting in a chopping right hand on the cheek and pumping lefts into those gorgeous melons to leave blonde hurting on the ropes at the bell.

R4: Samara walks into a whalloping wide right hand on the jaw - blonde staggers, then holds her ground, dipping side to side to pull haymakers into her foe's arms and flanks as Sophia grits her teeth. Toe to toe mayhem, Bush's best work being done with short right uppercuts timed inside Weaving's wide rights, both fighters pounding the body with berserker rage, hips and trunks fair game as JMD mindless fury takes over. Pitching and catching and SOPHIA'S HURT! Bush cramping up, face pinched - she's not throwing - Weaving swarming her, belting her flanks and ears with cudgelling blows and SOPHIA GOES DOWN! Bush on all fours, spits out her mouthpiece and it's OVER! Sophia Bush all used up - KO4 for Samara Weaving!

After: Samara exulting as she dons the JMD tiara, strutting the ring, taped hands held high as Sophia is led to her stool, doesn’t take the blonde long to demand tribute. Pushing her way past officials to help Bush to her feet by her shoulders, stacking her upright in the corner, then driving a brutal shoulder block deep to brunette’s abdomen, bunching her up with a sob, leaving her breathless. Wonderfully efficient maneuver, gets Sophia in by the sides of her head, Samara with gloating, bully’s grin as she cinches up the smother: left arm snaked strong behind her prey’s head; left hand cupping the right bicep; right hand gripping damp brunette locks to hold her snug.

Some side to side jerking and shaking, Samara wanting to cinch those jugs in tight--poor Sophia stumbling around in the grasp, hands pushing at thighs or tummy, or encircling waist in a light loop. On and on and on, Weaving backing herself into convenient turnbuckle for balance as she gives Bush more jug than she can handle. Finally, Samara releases with a flourish and a lascivious grin: Sophia melts away to canvas, sprawling on her back in deep slumber, face all clammy and moist from the soft press of Aussie’s norks. Weaving steps across the pile of brunette, struts away every inch the JMD victrix.



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