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29 October 2021 Chiara Nasti vs Sasha Pieterse

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on October 29, 2021, 9:23 pm




Results Lookout Writing: Archer

Chiara: 23 YO, 5’4 (1.63 m), 8-5-0, 8 KO since 2021, Italians Boxing Better (IBB)

Sasha: 25 YO, 5’6 (1.67 m), 15-16-0, 15 KO since 2014, Pretty Little Punchers (PLP)

Before: It has been a busy debut year for IBB’s Chiara Nasti. The Italian model taking on the slightly bigger PLP veteran Sasha Pieterse has been having a mixed 1-2 year, but her one win was over IBB’s Elodie Di Patrizi. It appears IBB is sending Chiara to see what she can do against Sasha.

“I have no problem with IBB. I’ll fight just about anyone willing to fight me,” says Sasha, “If they want me to fight Chiara, I’m perfectly happy to do it. She has piled up a lot of rounds in just one year, so I wouldn’t call her a rookie at this point, but at 8-5 she clearly has some things to learn. I’m always ready to teach a lesson at the “Sasha School of Hard Knocks.’”

Chiara says: “I see this as the opportunity to see how I do against a somewhat bigger, opponent, but her experience level does not intimidate me. I have beaten veterans like Samia Ghadie, Mchelle Keegan and Kristin Kreuk. I believe I can handle Sasha as well as I did them,”

Fight Night finds Sasha entering ring in a light pink one piece swimsuit with tiny emrboidered seashells scattered over, dark pink gloves and boots with light pink laces. Sasha’s blonde hair in simple ponytail. Chiara entered the ring in dark red bikini with matching boots andgloves (black laces). Blonde hair in a long battle braid down her back.

The ring instructions are covered and gloves a are tapped. Fighters to their corners and then the bell rings….

R1: Sasha goes right at Chiara soon as the bell rings. Sasha slapping a right across Chiara’s mouth and testing her chin with a quick left uppercut. Chiara trying to hit back, but Sasha slipping away and then coming back with a flurry of hooks to the Ciara’s rib cage and stomach. Chiara doe manage to get in some jabs to drive Sasha back, but the blonde is soon back, feinting to the body as she strikes to the jaw. Chiara’s braid getting whipped around by Chiara’s head swivels from Sasha’s head shots. Chiara falling back to regroup, but Sasha hangs in close while working Chiara’s midsection with a steady barrage of hooks. Chiara hunched up and looking pained at the bell. Sasha Pieterse takes first round wide.

R2: Chiara comes out warily in this round and is ready as Sasha charges her again. Sasha going to the body with her opening punches, but gets hit hard to the jaw by Chiara counter right. Chiara quick to follow up with a left to the jaw, then a right to the side of the head and a left to the cheekbone. Sasha covering up as she makes a hasty withdrawal, but Chiara is soon on her again. This time Chiara is sinking her gloves deep into Sasha’s plush midsection. Sasha backing up, though trying to avoid ropes, but punches are doubling her over and Chiara is working over Sasha’s hanging breasts as the bell ring. Chiara Nasti has won this one wide.

R3: Sasha not willing to let Chiara control this fight, she is out and swinging at Chiara’s head. First punches land, but Chiata able to cut away and come right at Sasha’s head. Sasha hit hard to the side of the head and jaw. She tries to counter, but again Chiara slips away. Chiara not out of range for long, she comes forward again with a fresh wave of body punches. Sasha trying to push her back, but then Chiara clips her on the jaw and Sasha is stuffed into the ropes. Chiara gives Sasha’s trembling body a washboarding from breasts to belly and back again. Sasha hanging on face-in-gloves, seated on the ropes and just surviving to the bell. Chiara Nasti has scored another wide win and now Sasha’s looking stiff and sore.

R4: Sasha banged up, but far from out. After the ministrations of the PLP corner crew she comes out fighting for the new round. Chiara looks resume her attack on Sasha to the body, but Sasha strikes first with a cracking right uppercut to the chin. Chiara sent reeling back as Sasha fires away at Chiara’s chin and jaw with repeated blows, Chiara trying to cover up and regroup, but Sasha goes to the body with vengeful torso tormenting punches. Chiara trying stay off the ropes, but then Sasha lands another cracking right off Chiara’s. Chiara’s legs suddenly entangled and DOWN GOES CHIARA! Chiara sprawled out of the canvas, head and shoulders against the bottom rope. Sasha moves to the neutral corner. Referee starts counting. Chiara trying to rise, but keeps falling back when her strength fails.

“EIGHT!...NINE!...TEN!...YOU’RE OUT!” cries the referee.


After: Sasha congratulated by stablemates Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Danielle Campbell. Good win for Sasha who finds her overall record now at .500 (16-16). Chiara Nasti certainly showed her power at times, but couldn’t stand up to Sasha Pieterse’s heavy hitting. Still, Chiara is now 8-6 for 2021 and that is a record many FCA rookies would envy.



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