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29 October 2021 Amber Heard vs Elisabetta Canalis

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on October 29, 2021, 9:02 pm



Amber Heard vs. Elisabetta Canalis

(Results: Lookout! Words: Wiz)


Blonde/brunette tilt sees former Italian Lightweight Champion Elisabetta Canalis with a rare appearance in an FCBA ring against Amber Heard, who, once again, has shown flashes of championship form in 2021, but hasn't been able to put together the kind of run that might get her a shot at the gold.

"I understand," says Elisabetta with a smile, "That SOME folks think this fight is all about HER, the girl who can never seem to get the big win she needs. Well. If I'd have had as many opportunities in the FCBA as SHE has, I'd have been champion three or four times already. The fact is, she's just not that GOOD. And, I'm going to prove it."

"Maybe I'm NOT that good," says Amber with a shrug. "But. I'm damn well better than Elisabetta Freaking Canalis. And, I'm going to prove THAT."


Canalis showing as much respect for Heard in the ring as she did in the prefight. Zero. She's after the blonde instantly, winging away with both hands, working to bring her power to bear. Amber not having any of this nonsense. She's giving ground, making with the left hand, trying to control the Italian's aggression. And, the American is able to do that...at times. When she can, she's able to get off in combination, following those accurate jabs with hard right hands. At other times, though, Heard is firmly on the back foot as Elisabetta pressures, forces her backward, lands hard shot, especially straight right hands. Add it all up, and it's a two-way round and a close one. But, when the bell rings, it's the Italian who's taken the points and gone up 10-9.


Amber gets busy early. She's locating with the left hand, following on with nice flurries. Blonde quickly has the brunette on the defensive. Elisabetta isn't getting off, because she's spending all of her time covering up during Heard's flurries. By the time she can reset and try to get something going, Amber's firing again. It's great stuff from the blonde and yet another example of why observers continue to believe she has championship-level talent. Canalis is no tomato can, but she's being made to look like one for almost the entirety of the round, because Heard is simply that good at what she's doing. Final seconds of the stanza see Amber land a BLISTERING right that wobbles the Italian's knees, but the bell rings before she can follow up on it. It's Amber and wide in the second, and we're even at 19.


Blonde looks to follow up. All of a sudden, she's working forward behind the left, backing up the Italian, landing heavy shot. Canalis trying to fire back in counter, looking to bring her power to bear, but the American is keeping her on the back foot with consistent, accurate fire, tossing her almost completely to the defensive. BOOM! Right hand, AMBER, and Canalis is HURT! Elisabetta wobbles and HEARD DROPS HER WITH A VICIOUS FLURRY OF PUNCHES! Blonde, staring down, fiery-eyed at her rival until the ref chases her to a neutral corner. Brunette flat on her back, tries to sit up, flops back down. Tries again and manages it at six. Attempts to get to her feet and stumbles back to the canvas and it's OVER! The count passes Elisabetta by and it's OVER! And your winner by KO3 in impressive fashion is Amber Heard.


This is what the pundits see when they say Heard has the tools to accomplish much more than she has in the FCBA. She's athletic. She's got power. She knows what she's doing in there. And, she's got an edge, as she showed in the fight tonight. "She won't be talking s**t on me anymore," says a hard-eyed Amber. "At least, she won't be doing it any time soon, because I think that JAW is going to be PLENTY sore for the next few weeks at least."



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