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29 October Karen Gillan vs Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence: 31 years old, 5’9”, 39-29-1 since 2011, Chimera

Karen Gillan: 33 years old, 5’11”, 20-12 FCBA + BBU combined since 2011, Fates Boxing

Results: Lookout

Words: Fates



Welterweight action sees Fates’s Karen Gillan taking on Chimera’s Jennifer Lawrence. Gillan has emerged as one of the top welters after the diamond boxing tournament, and though she lost in heartbreaking fashion in the final fight, costing her the tournament, she nevertheless emerged as a contender. Lawrence is looking for her second win of the year, and against Gillan, she has a tall task ahead of her.

“I’m not thinking about Karen’s record,” Jennifer says, “I’m just here to fight.”

Karen is similarly sparse with her words, “May the better fighter win.”

Lawrence gets to the ring first, the American wearing a black sports bra and matching bottoms and gloves, her eyes ablaze as she watching the ramp from the back. Gillan steps out seconds later, the redhead wearing an orange top and matching bottoms with blue gloves. The two actresses thump fists before the bell rings, and here comes ten rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:

Lawrence is no stranger to how Fates girls fight, and the actress charges forward to avoid Gillan’s jabs. Jennifer catches Karen with two rights in her ribs, but the taller redhead puts her long legs to use to retreat, reset her feet, and start with her jabs, catching Jennifer in her mouth with the second strike. Lawrence retreats, gloves up as Gillan steps forward, and the redheaded actress hammers Jennifer’s guard. Jennifer’s gloves protect her head from the majority of Karen’s blows, but the Scottish girl soon readjusts her focus to the American girl’s body. Karen tags Jennifer’s ribs, stepping back as soon as the younger actress counters, and works the smaller actress around the ring. Lawrence plants her feet and trades back as the final seconds dwindle, hitting Gillan’s body with a right. Karen takes the first round on points in a commanding fashion.

Round 2:

Gillan and Lawrence both charge out of their corners to start the second. Lawrence once again catches Karen with body blows to her ribs and she’s ready for Karen’s counter this time, ducking the right and hammering the redhead’s body. Karen is quick on her clinch and the referee separates the two actress. Jennifer stays back this time and Karen starts with her jabs again, but Lawrence blocks the blows with her guard. Lawrence is quick on her counters, forcing Gillan to back off as the shorter actress starts working her larger foe around the ring. Jennifer working around Karen’s guard and into her body, forcing the redhead to clinch again. After the break, the older actress keeps her distance from Lawrence, letting the time in the round run out as Lawrence comes back to take the second round on points.

Round 3:

Lawrence cautiously leaves her corner, forcing Gillan to come to her. The redhead chases the blonde around the ring, landing body blows as the American girl looks to respond, but she doesn’t have the reach. Karen keeps her distance, forcing Jennifer to dart forwards. Lawrence takes a blow to her torso but lands a blow of her own to Gillan’s head. Karen drops backwards and Jen keeps it close, hammering the redhead’s body when she can. Gillan’s been working on her short range game and it shows as she works Lawrence backwards. The blonde takes several steps backwards to get out of the redhead’s range, and Gillan surges forwards. Lawrence hammers a right into Gillan’s body followed by a left into her chin, and the redhead clinches with her foe as the bell rings. Lawrence takes the round on points, close.

Round 4:

Lawrence starts the fourth the same as the third, letting Gillan come to her. Karen chases after Jennifer again, but this time, the redhead does not string multiple blows together. Karen limits Jennifer’s counters, and the Fates girl easily works the Chimera fighter around the ring. Lawrence is getting an earful from her corner, and the younger actress changes her tactics. Lawrence darts forward, sticking Gillan with an unexpected left before following up into the taller girl’s torso. Jen building up some offense, but Karen plants her feet and drills a left into Jennifer’s jaw. Lawrence staggers briefly and that’s all Gillan needs to go back on the offensive, pounding lefts and rights into Lawrence’s body. Jennifer covers up and clinches Gillan as the bell comes and ends the round, with the Scottish fighter getting the better of the American girl this round.

Round 5:

Both girls still have plenty of energy as they head into the midway point of the fight. Gillan picks up where she left off and goes to body, driving Lawrence backwards. Jennifer quickly backs off, creating separation with Karen. The redhead steps forward and gets rocked by a right as Lawrence steps up and drills the older actress. Karen blocks the follow-up left with her guard, but the American girl works in close, robbing the Scottish girl of her reach advantage. Karen is quick to clinch again, the actress wrapping her arms around the smaller girl to force the break. Out of the break, Karen lands two jabs, forcing Jennifer to back off as the two girls circle each other. Jennifer darts in again and lands another strike to Karen’s ribs before the bell rings, and this round goes to Lawrence on points.

Round 6:

Lawrence surges out of her corner and charges Gillan, landing a right to her body to start the round. Jennifer follows up with a right haymaker, but nobody is home as Karen sidesteps the blow and crushes a right across Jennifer’s jaw, sending the younger actress spinning. Gillan chases after Lawrence, pounding her foe’s body with lefts and rights. Jennifer does her best to clinch, but Karen is too slippery and the redhead snaps Jen’s head backwards with a right. Lawrence somehow stays up but Gillan sends in two more shots to her chin and down goes Lawrence! Karen quickly to a neutral corner as the ref starts his count. Jennifer rolls herself onto her stomach as the American tries to get up, but she doesn’t have the strength to beat the ten count. Your winner by KO6, Karen Gillan!


Karen Gillan continues her surge while at Fates, only dropping one of her nine fights this year. Jennifer Lawrence is helped to her stool as she still only has one win for the entire year, the former champion struggling to win fights against elite opponents. Gillan goes over to Lawrence and briefly embraces her before heading to the press.

“Jen is a good fighter,” Karen starts, “Right now, I only want to know: who’s next?”

Lawrence declines to speak to the press after the fight, and hard questions may start floating around at Chimera about Jen’s future there with rumors swirling about Blake Lively moving to welterweight.


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