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29 October 2021 Iskra Lawrence vs Antje Utgaard

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Iskra Lawrence vs Antje Utgaard


Results: Lookout! / Story: Celebff

Iskra Lawrence

(31 / 5’9” / 0-0 / Free Punchers)


Antje Utgaard

(27 / 5’10” / 26-11 / Fighting Academy)



“I’m actually quite jealous of Antje,” says Iskra. “She gets to be the first loss to the future Welterweight Champion of the FCBA. Her name will forever be associated with this night. The night I made my debut. The night I took my first step to that Welterweight belt. The night I use Antje “stepping stone” Utgaard to begin my journey.”

“What a cocky little b*tch…” says Antje. “She’s a nobody. She’s going to stay a nobody after tonight. There’s a million girls just like her who talk their talk, but once they get punched in the nose they fold. She’s a folder, I can tell by the look in her eyes. She isn’t mentally tough enough for this league.”


Iskra rolls her shoulders, clad in a bright pink top and matching yoga pants. Her blonde hair tugged back into a long ponytail. Antje has gone with a bright yellow and contrasting black top along with striped shorts of the same colors. Pink gloves on Iskra’s hands, black ones on Antje.

The two tap gloves as the round begins. The two tall blondes not doing much dancing as they each want to get into it early. Antje firing off a few jabs that Iskra dodges. Good head movement by the newbie. Enough that she’s able to dodge a right from Utgaard and follow up with a right cross to the jaw. Antje getting a first taste of Iskra’s power and from the look on her face Lawrence has plenty of pop.

Antje on her heels a bit as the round moves along. Iskra controlling the tempo and pace. And doing a great job of cutting off the rest of the ring to Antje. Working her opponent back towards the ropes. Utgaard gets some combinations off and finally slips away. But Iskra comes plodding forward. Big, wide base where she draws tons of power from and enough quick head movement to make Antje regret a whiffing right hook. Iskra fires off two uppercut lefts to the ribs and Antje grimaces in pain.

Iskra moves forward, getting a partially blocked right hook off before the bell rings. It’s early, but Iskra just went out with a very impressive opening round to her career.

10-9 Lawrence.


Iskra comes out with some more of the same. Pressing the tempo. Controlling the ring. She’s a big body and a pretty commanding presence. Not many women can stand in front of Antje Utgaard and not be afraid of her size. Iskra can.

She lands an impressive right-left cross combo that she then follows up with a couple of jabs. Antje puts her guard up, but instead of going low Iskra hangs around up high. She bangs Utgaard around the ring, slamming her gloves into the forearms and biceps of the reeling Antje. Iskra is simply knocking Antje around the ring without landing any clean punches.

Lawrence gets a little too cocky though as she taunts her opponent. Iskra brings her left hand out and puts it on the top of Antje’s head. Lawrence smiles ear to ear, mocking her opponent. The smile drops though when Antje fires off a right that lands square on the nose. A dazed Iskra’s head snaps back. She stumbles a bit, but stays on her feet. Still, it’s Antje’s turn to gain some ground. And gain it she does.

It’s a brutal final minute for Iskra Lawrence, who eats a brutal right hook that nearly spins her around. Only to be met with a left that does manage to spin her the other way. She stumbles all the way to the ropes, back turned to Antje the entire time. Utgaard slips in a left hand to the face while Iskra’s back is turned that almost drops her. Luckily for Lawrence the bell rings and she’s able to grab hold of the top rope.

Utgaard flips the script in round 2 and evens up the score. 19-19.


Iskra Lawrence cares not for how the tables turned last round. She’s coming for Antje. The only problem? Antje is also coming for her. And Iskra is still a newbie who telegraphs a right hook that her opponent easily ducks under and follows with a seamless transition right uppercut to the chin.

Lawrence forced to cover up, and now it’s Antje who gets to batter her opponent around the ring. Iskra can’t find an opening. She tries to punch her way out and faces the quick fists of Antje Utgaard, who lands smothering combos. Lawrence finds her back against the ropes and the gloves of Antje peppering her body up and down.

Utgaard begins to work the body. Lefts and rights alternating to the ribs and abdomens. Then she fires off three straight right uppercuts to Iskra’s ribs and the big blonde shows visible agony on her face. Her guard slips and BAM. Right cross to the jaw. Left hook to the cheek. Right uppercut to the chin. Antje really laying into Iskra now.

As the round winds down however, Iskra finds a brutal uppercut to get off of the ropes. Then she charges forward with a few nice jabs and a hook to the ribs as the bell rings.

Iskra gets in Antje’s face and tapping her own chin saying, “Doesn’t even hurt! Doesn’t even hurt!!!!” as she presses her forehead against her opponent’s.

Antje doesn’t take too kindly and pushes Iskra. The ref comes between them and their respective corners flood the ring to break the fighters apart.

Lawrence continues to mock-punch her own chin and shout out to Antje, “Doesn’t even hurt! You can’t hurt me!!! Doesn’t hurt! Doesn’t hurt!!!”

Utgaard takes the round wide, but Iskra with some psychological warfare at the end there. 29-28 Utgaard.


Antje now on a mission to show she can hurt Iskra as she comes out with a blitz! Throwing furiously fast combos that Iskra has to keep her guard up for. Lawrence weathers the storm though and counters with a left hook that rocks Utgaard on the chin.

Antje stumbling. Iskra on the hunt. She buries a right into her gut. Then snaps off a few impressive jabs. She’s got Antje on the corner now. Working combos to the body until the guard drops, then she comes over the top with a really nasty right hook that catches the eye.

Utgaard just in full defense mode now. She’s taking a wallopping and Iskra is not letting up. The bell rings and saves Antje from her beating, but Iskra made up plenty of ground.

Lawrence points to Antje as she’s going back to her corner, “Next round, down!” as she moves her glove down to the canvas.

Lawrence wins the round and ties it, 38-38.


Both girls starting to feel the pressure now as they each come out to the middle of the ring swinging. Antje gets the best of Iskra early, brushing her back with a nice one-two combo to the chin. But Lawrence doesn’t stay on the defense for long, finding an uppercut to brush Antje back.

Here comes Lawrence. Antje trying to punch her way out, but eventually she has to admit she can’t do that. She needs to guard up and hope Iskra punches herself out before she can put Antje on the canvas.

It doesn’t happen.

Right hook. Left hook. Haymakers fly and break down Antje’s defense bit by bit with every swing. She gets knocked into a corner and Lawrence goes to work. Two right uppercuts to the body bend Antje over. An over-the-top left hook puts her down.

Antje tries to get to the ropes, but her head is spinning. Her arms ache. Her body aches. She gets to the second rope before stumbling back down again. The ref counts to ten.



“Like I said,” begins Iskra. “History. She’s my first win and that’s all she’ll be remembered for in this league. I can’t be hurt by anyone in this division. Just watch, I’m gonna dominate!!!”

“It’s been a disappointing stretch for me,” says Antje. “Clearly I need to get some things right. But I’ll be back. And once I get things worked out that cocky sh*t is number one on my list.”

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