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15 November 2021 Cree Cicchino vs Camila Mendes

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  Posted  at Nov 15, 2021 at 9:25am




Cree Cichinno 



Camila Mendes

Results by Lookout/Writeup by OddManOut

Before: Cichinno the hottest flyweight in the world up till a few minutes ago, and she's determined to act like it! “I’m going to beat down this hanger-on, and then I’m coming for you, Megan! I’m the breakout flyweight this year, not Dove! I’ll bury this b!tc# in the snow, then I’m headed for the belts!”

Camila’s 1 for 4 summer has her falling to a .500 average on the year, the flyweight title win notwithstanding, and she needs a win badly. “It’s just another fight. She’s not going to fight her fight, she’s going to fight the fight I want her to fight!”

Cree entering in a white fur bikini, matching gloves, shoulder-length hair loose and wild. Camila in a black leather bikini top and loincloth combo, matching gloves, hair back in a battle pony.

R1 : Girls fence jabs while circling clockwise; Camila steps out, looking things over from outside. It's Mendes initiating mini-pounces - jabbing at Cichinno's eyeline, then trying for her tummy with a quick left or right, scooting out of range of receipts. Cree composed, organized, keeping hands up, ignoring the pesky touches to gradually walk Camila down. Cichinno getting the jab on Mendes late; crowding close to palm shoulders/walk her into ropes, gets big late, but round ends before she can make the most of it.

R2: Cree jabbing at midring, scoring to mouth and cheekbones, she coaxes Camila onto her back leg, Mendes closing stance/tucking chin behind left shoulder/keeping right close to mouth. Cichinno going to work: wide, swinging right hand roundhouses spank flank and lower back as 'Mila's presenting her left side; drifting right crosses make glancing contact only as Mendes shoulder-rolls to slip. Fight drifts to ropes with Camila setting up a Britney-esque rolling pocket: she's cute and keeping her chin safe, but Cree whacking the waistline with thumping authority, hammering a sullen, grumpy look onto 'Mila's face by the bell.

R3: Camila back on the attack, Cree hunkering down in tight earmuff, trying to block body blows on her elbows, then answer-back hot: midway through, she gets the timing right, turning 'Mila's chin via clean counter-left hook. MENDES IS HURT! Camila staring in astonishment as feet do a little hurtin' pony-step: Cree pounces-in with sidearm right whacked loud to belly; brace of hooks to jug, beating Mendes ropeside. ‘Mila rallying well in the pocket: shows slick, supple form off the ropes - bobbing at the waist; twisting torso side to side as she rolls-with shots; chopping back cutey-pie rights or lefts with compact, elbows-down hacking delivery. Cree stymied by Camila's fierce pocket-defence, but takes the round regardless.

R4: Girls close in mouth-on-shoulder, getting after one another beefy. Patient stepping; shoulders nudging breasts; girls rotate counter-clockwise in a phone booth, touching each other up to body. Cuffing, swatting, chopping shots in close - girls dosing one another's breasts, clouting paunch, flashing the odd clipping right uppercut in tight to test offending chins. Camila comfortable in tight confines - outworking Cree - nudging her around with bossy left shoulder. Still, it's close enough at the bell that vixens exchange smouldering glares, suggesting both feel confident they've pocketed the points.

R5: More mouth on shoulder, Camila kneading her mitts into Cree's paunch, teen absorbing, bumping her shoulder, looking for swatting hooks cheek, tits, or waistline. Midway through the final minute, Mendes hacks a right into Cichinno's left hip; Italian teen counters a viciously tight right uppercut - punch finishing up at left ear after clipping chin and CAMILA GOES DOWN! Delayed action: Mendes spellbound for a moment out over her feet, then dropping to all fours...Cichinno BEAMING with delight, stands right in front of downed ‘Mila and executes a little latin-salsa step on the spot! Mendes outraged - right hand pushing Cichinno's thigh in protest - ref ushers taunting vixen away so ‘Mila can take her 8 count in peace. Mendes woozy, humiliated, but relatively sound: she forms buns-on-ropes pocket, giving slick little rolls, dips and angles as Cichinno closes to work. Cree beating Camila some healthy right hands in left-side lats; hooking jug with authority, but Mendes keeping her chin off the target-list as she absorbs body-thump to bell.

R6: Cree with a rolling start catches Camila in her corner, fighters jamming away straight, jolting, palm-down left/rights in ratatat bursts. Cichinno bends her knees, stamping her palm-down fists against jugs, then tummy in creeping-barrage down-torso. Cree finishes up a pair of fat, whacking left hooks to paunch - shouting "HAH! HAH!" upon delivery - perky little Italian girl feeling her oats, really giving it to ‘Mila here. Mendes collects herself, fighting out of the corner, left uppercuts and short right hands. Cichinno giving ground, bending at the waist, Camila storming forward and BEATING HER TO THE RIGHT HAND! GORGEOUS timing, Mendes getting her back and buns into it as she bends in and down...fist clips off Cichinno's chin as she's throwing her own right, switching off the lights. Camila’s forward momentum carrying her past Cree's right shoulder, teen sprawling tummy-down on canvas, right arm trapped beneath her...she's 100% knocked out cold before she even noses in! KO6 Camila Mendes in exquisite fashion.

After: Cree a shriveled, battered shadow of the haughty vixen who began the fight - she's lost, alone as the crowd celebrates the triumphant Camila. Strutting to blubbering teen, Mendes roughly pulls the girl by her left arm and shoves her through the ropes: Cicchino exits at the stagger. All through the foyer, Camila pushes a sobbing Cree, winner’s pale belly, full breasts, flashing thighs just peaking through her open coat as she struts.

Cree is ejected out into the frigid afternoon - sun low in an arctic sky, reflecting brightly off clean white snow. Formal-dress crowd spills out of the hotel in pursuit of the action, champagne glasses in hand. Cicchino hugs at herself against the cold, pleading now, but Mendes won't hear it. Cree begging to be allowed to collect her things, breath puffing out in white clouds - Camila steps into that smooth gut with a merciless right hand, doubling teen up with a shout. Mendes takes Cicchino by the back of the head, turns her, throws her belly-down into a nearby snow drift. Straddling the quaking beauty, Camila sits heavily on the nubile back, grabbing Cree by the hair and pulling her weeping face up. Once, twice, thrice, Mendes slams Cicchino's face into the snow, pounding out a concave imprint. Then, with a firm purchase on Cree's damp brown locks, Camila yanks back, exposing teen's long throat, and the goosepimpled flesh of her breasts. With her left hand, Mendes scoops snow, rubs it all over the breasts and face of her foe, drawing fresh tears and quivers from her broken 'opponent'. Satisfied at last, Camila pushes up off her girl and sashays back into the hotel without one backward glance, coat billowing out behind her as she struts. 

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