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19 November 2021 Piper Perabo vs Jenny McCarthy

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Post by Tractorpull on Nov 19, 2021 at 3:32pm


Results Lookout: Story Sceej and Tractorpull


Piper Perabo
Age 45
Height 5'6"


Piper Perabo 3.jpg 

Jenny McCarthy
Age 49
Height 5'7"
1 Unified Bantamweight Title


Jenny McCarthy 08.jpg 

Two weeks prior, Jenny Mac (on a hellacious losing streak) approached Sceej Boxing about booking her own fights (never mind that the series with Beckinsale and the Theron fight were HER ideas!). After some discussion, Sceej relented and said she could choose her next three fights and if she didn’t win, the experiment would be over. She asked for Big Bad Gena Lee to be her trainer and Adrianne in her corner (still ironing out some issues with Scrubby). He agreed.  Gena Lee told Mac that she just had a great outing against the GOAT and she needed to build on that with a big opening. She would make a grand entrance, "We BOTH know these ain't sorority pillow fights, right Mac?  Do what you NEED to do - just win, baby!"


Mac’s opponent, Piper Perabo, is already in the ring. She is wearing a black bikini, black gloves and boots. The music starts and it’s Bobby Darin blasting out “Mac The Knife”  Two scantily dressed doppelgängers resembling Charlize Theron and Kate Upton come down the aisle spreading flowers ahead of Mac who has is wearing a black robe with Mac The Knife in gold on the back with golden dagger dripping red blood. Close behind are Gena Lee Nolin and Adrianne Palicki. As she passes the doppelgängers, they bow. Mac climbs in the ring, drops her robe and walks around the ring with her hands held high as her fans road in approval. She’s wearing a red bra and gold boy shorts with red gloves and boots. Perabo is watching the whole show with a look of disgust. If Jenny doesn’t win anything more, she blew the doors in the entrance.

Round 1 Gena Lee has trained her to take any advantage she could - It the ref don't see it, it didn't happen!. She should know, she made a successful career out of fouling  At the bell, the two move to the center of the ring. Piper puts out her hands to touch gloves but Mac smacks her in the face driving her back a couple steps. Piper enraged, recovers quickly and lands a right to Jenny’s face and then a couple hooks to the midsection. McCarthy then lands an uppercut to Perabo’s chin that staggers her. Mac then turns her back on Piper raising her hands and playing to her cheering fans. Jenny turns around and guess who is waiting. Perabo drives McCarthy back to the ropes. She digs a left and right to Jenny’s midsection and  an uppercut the picks up McCarthy’s jaw. Jenny comes up with a beautiful headbutt that send Piper back a  couple steps. The two start exchanging right and lefts. Piper is winning when Jenny stomps her right foot onto  Piper’s foot. Perabo breaks it off limping away as the bell rings.
The round goes to Piper

Round 2. At the bell, the encouraged Perabo is out of the attack, She closes in on Mac. Perabo misses with a right, but lands a left to Jenny’s head. Jenny returns the favor and they start punching away. Piper is going for Jenny’s head while Mac targets Perabo bra. She lands a left but misses with a right. She quickly brings the arm back jamming her elbow in the side of Perabo’s left breast. Piper gives a shout of pain and drops her gloves to protect her breasts and Jenny takes the opening and criss crosses Piper’s chin She driving Piper across the ring. Piper in desperation lets go with a round house right that luckily crashes into the side of Mac’s head sending her staggering back across the ring. Piper starts using Mac’s head as a punching bag driving her to the ropes.  Mac sags down the ropes and manages to turn and let her body hangout over the middle rope. The referee steps in, pushes Piper back and lets Mac get her upper torso back into the ring. The two are in the center of the ring punching away when the bell rings. Jenny sees the ref turn away and clobbers Perabo with right to the head staggering her. Perabo’s corner is screaming at the ref, but he can’t do anything. He didn’t see it.

Round 3 That last punch hurt Perabo. She’s slow coming out of her corner. Nolin is smelling blood and tells Mac to go all out and finish her opponent.  Mac meets Perabo on Piper’s side of the ring. Piper starts to throw a right, but Mac beats her to the punch driving her back into the ropes, Piper guard is high so Jenny starts working on her body driving rights and left into her midsection. Piper somehow manages an uppercut to the Mac’s chin that send her back a few steps. Piper starts to move off the ropes when a Mac uppercut send her back into the ropes. Nolin screams “stop the fight” The referee turns to see who is making the noise and Jenny rams a right into Piper below the bikini line. Piper is hurt. Jenny takes over and start using Piper as a body bag. She has Piper ready to go when the bell rings.

Round 4  Nolin tells Jenny to keep it legal  Perabo is finished. Take her out. Piper moves a few steps from her corner and slowly moves to her left. She going to try and ride out the round and recover. Mac’s been around long enough to know what she is doing. She immediately goes on the attack. Catching Perabo along the ropes, A right-left to the body, right to the chin, left cross, right cross. Left hook and a booming right uppercut. Perabo is out before she hits the floor. The referee simply waives the fight off and raises Jenny’s hand as the victor. One of the doppelgängers climbs in the ring, kneels and bows to Jenny. On the back of her bikini bottoms is written “Theron”. Gena Lee is now in the center of the ring. She pulls the doppelgänger to her feet and throws a fake right and the doppelgänger drops to her back and Gena Lee shouts. “That’s the way I handled her”

Jenny is before the press including her sometimes friend, the blonde Queen of the FCBA press.  “Didn’t you foul her in the third?” Mac replies “oh they let you out of Front Street tonight. Well the punch targeted her navel it wasn’t my fault that she suddenly raised up” “Next question”


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