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21 November Kate Beckinsale vs Jessica Biel III

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Post by caspian2 on Nov 22, 2021 at 1:05am


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)



4. Kate Beckinsale vs Jessica Biel III


(47, 5’7, 64:42:3 FCBA, VIXENs)

(39, 5’8, 75:52:1 FCBA, Free Agent)

A special pre-fight event for this one, as Kate Beckinsale first emerges in the same tight-fitting black cocktail dress from the start of the evening. Only, by her side is the one and only Tess Valmore, who has graciously agreed to say a few words in commemoration of two Vixens officially joining the FCBA Hall-of-fame.

“I know you’re all eager to see Kate in action, but first, allow me to officially congratulate Kate Beckinsale on her entry into the Tractorpull Hall-of-fame!” Tess later says from the middle of the ring, before pausing for the cheers and hoots to die down.

“Miss Beckinsale joins the Hall under especially remarkable circumstances: missing the mark at first with her record way below the 60% threshold, before slowly but surely pulling it up over the past three years. Not to mention, crossing the finish line on the back of a grueling Coronation Series with a certain Jenny McCarthy.”

Tess turns to Kate, who shakes her head at the mention of her hated nemesis. “You’ve proven your worth multiple times over, Kate, and I’m happy to be the one who unveils your Hall-of-fame portrait.”

With a gesture of a hand, the red curtain drops down to reveal a stunning oil painting of Kate Beckinsale in the middle of swinging a right hook towards the viewer. It’s a posed shot, of course, but one that had been commissioned to mark this very event. The VIX officials had earlier commented that the portrait would be hung in the very halls of their main training facility on Muscle Beach.

“Thank you, Tess, for your kind words, and to everyone who doubted me from the start, all I’ll say is: I hope you end up like McMuffinhead, who just got knocked out by Charlize in an epic fight of eleven rounds. My entry into the Hall simply proves that you can achieve great things if you simply keep at it, and keep fighting,” Kate says.

“And at this point, I want to give a special shoutout to my opponent for tonight, Jessica, who was invited here for the same reason: I may have lost to her in my previous two outings, but I’m determined to fix that tonight. Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Jessica Biel!”

A strange transition indeed but only because it’s unusual for a fighter to welcome her opponent to the ring in such a cordial manner. No matter, not least to Jessica Biel, who hits the airwaves like a breath of fresh air as electric pop blasts through the speakers. Miss Biel strides into the arena with a small smile on her lips, dressed in her signature black satin bra and pink briefs. She gives a short wave to the crowd before striding towards the ring in a pair of black boots and white gloves swishing by her sides.

Meanwhile, Kate is also busy dressing down in her own corner, earning hoots for someone close to fifty as she pulls the straps of her black dress off her shoulders and slides it down her waist to reveal a red sports bra and white bikini briefs.

As Biel finally enters the ring, the two women share a brief, polite pat on the back before Jessica is offered the microphone and her own opening comments.

“Happy to be here, and I’m doubly happy for Kate to join us in the Hall. I was honestly surprised when they told me this wasn’t just another press event, but an actual fight. After I knocked Kate out twice in the past, it wouldn’t sit well to KO her a third time, especially on her entry into the Hall-of-fame,” Jessica says with a sly smile, before turning to Beckinsale. “But here we are. Just because we’re both hall-of-famers doesn’t mean I’m going easy on ya.”

“I expect nothing less,” Kate says in return.

Both fighters get the greenlight and head to their respective corners to await the starting bell. Not often do we get to see Hall-of-famers throw down, and especially this pair of Hollywood actresses, who were last seen kicking the sh*t out of each other whilst on the set of the movie, Total Recall.

Referee signals for the bell to start and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Lightweight action!

Despite her tough talk, the odds are against Kate Beckinsale tonight. She’s already fallen twice to Jessica Biel, once in 2003 in her second ever fight of her career, and then another time in 2012 at the premier of the movie reboot Total Recall. Take no notice that Beckinsale kicked Biel’s ass in that high adrenaline elevator fight within the movie itself, here, she tries to replicate the scene, bounding inwards and immediately firing punches towards Biel’s head and forcing her to cover and scram. Biel’s moving a little sluggishly after only fighting one fight in January this year, now having to fend off the latest Hall-of-Famer. Losing to Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was one thing, Biel does her best to fend off Kate’s swings by staying away, but even she can’t run forever. Kate expends loads of energy in this first round, ending it with a left-right combo that catches Biel on the body before another hard cross slams into the middle of her arms.

Biel finds her footing and begins to punch back, quite literally landing crisp shots to Kate’s face even as the hefty Brit tries to repeat her success of the first round. Repeated run-ins from Beckinsale not doing her any favours, with Jessica able to swerve out of the way of a hook or slip to the side to avoid a cross-hand before tagging Kate back on the face or a hook slammed into her side. This is how Biel won the last two times, and Kate’s overexcitedness needs to be tempered if she wants the result to be different this time. She gets the memo from her own corner, mid-round heeding Steve Boyd’s advice to keep her cool and jab back, and the last minute sees both women circling slow and trading jabs to the face, without much success. Biel takes the 2nd wide and evens out the scoreboards at the bell!

Kate recuperates her breath and stays steady for now. Biel’s turn to stalk inwards, prodding the Brit’s defenses. Kate lets out a grunt as more and more combos come slamming into her arms, a couple more bashed to her toned tummy, further pushing her back. Kate slowly deteriorating, losing her cool and swinging back at Biel’s head, trying to flash KO her rival. But Biel ain’t biting, keeps focused and swerves her head around her attacks, landing another hook to the chin, which SWIVELS Kate to the side with a HOOOUFFF! BECKINSALE’S IN TROUBLE, stumbling off towards the ropes with that one power swing landing!! AND HERE COMES BIEL, looking for a dominant victory as she chases Kate with more lefts and rights, shoving a fist into her lips and her head backwards with a snap and grunt, before Kate bounces off the ropes and COLLAPSES DOWN to her side!! It’s an early KNOCKDOWN for Jessica Biel!!

Biel with a confident nod and raise of the arm, circling back to her corner looking like a million dollars. As we said, all the advantages are in her corner tonight, and Kate’s potential loss tonight on her inauguration into the Hall-of-Fame might be the only driving factor to fight back and not embarrass her legacy with an early loss. Kate nods and tells the referee that she’s fine, steadying herself on her feet by the count of 7. For now, this third fight continues!

AND HERE COMES BIEL, hoping to end things with a bang! Biel storming forward at the opening bell, begins swinging from the get-go! But Kate stays calm, having anticipated this blitz when she’s most vulnerable. She quickly gets her frame out of the corner, grunting as she takes a hard cross to her arms and a couple more lashes to her tummy before getting clear out of the way. Meanwhile, Jess keeps rushing her down, hoping to pin her on the ropes and wail on her rival. But Kate scores a lucky shot across the face in the interim, which stops Biel’s attack in its tracks. The third minute sees a reversal of fortunes, with Biel heaving tiredly and suddenly finding herself trying to block and parry incoming fire. Kate takes her time this round and it pays off, snapping punches into Biel’s face before Biel can raise her arms up in time. Even when she does, Kate leaps in with a lunging uppercut to the body, earning several grunts from the Hollywood actress’ lips. Close round overall but Kate might have put a stop to Jessica’s advance on her territory!

Kate might be aiming to just survive after that knockdown scare in the third, but she needs to do much more if she hopes to win this fight. Biel bursting out of her corner at the bell - a last huzzah to put the Brit down before the second half of this fight begins. The blonde runs in and slams a right hand into the arms, driving Kate back, before returning the body punishment with a follow-up left hand buried into Kate’s belly. Kate’s body lurches forward with a loud grunt, the air driven from her lungs as Biel fires at any targets she sees, spending a good thirty seconds reaching under and to the side of her arms to bash more punches into her body. It has the desired shock value, with Kate barely fighting back here and seems more content with the tummy punishment. At one or two moments, Biel pins Kate down on the ropes, both women wrestling in each other’s arms but Biel still the one forcing her arms off to the side and out of the way before drilling gloves up into her paunch and arms, hoping to break Kate’s resolve down once and for all. But no dice, with Kate slumping into her opponent’s arms when the bell rings to save her from hell. Jessica looks equally frustrated and tired as she stumbles back to her corner this time - she definitely dominated the fifth, but at what cost?

Jessica’s spent, for now, moving slowly out of her corner, her arms barely up and floating mid-air. Kate ain’t much better, of course, one hand still covering her upper tummy as she tries to cover all bases. Jessica with an early show of defiance as she sends jab-cross combos towards Kate’s head, but they’re lacking in venom due to her exhaustion. Kate gives her some space in the first minute, absorbing damage to her forearms before delivering a counter-combo straight to Jessica’s face. Kate’s punches are landing in quick succession, bunching up the cheek and pushing Biel backwards with several grunts growing louder and louder. Kate has a real shot of turning the tables here if she keeps focused, but one or two return swings from Biel scare her off in the final minute. Jessica’s a wounded animal being backed into a corner, and for now, Kate’s too cautious to pounce in for the kill. Round ends with both women continuing to paw at each other from afar.

Biel’s STILL catching her breath, looking for an opening as her head stays loose, dipping low and weaving around a couple of early feints from Kate. Kate, however, is picking her shots well, landing a lightning jab to the nose, then another straight hand driven down the middle of the arms and smacking into the lips to daze Biel further. Biel clearly isn’t as spritely as before, having more trouble blocking incoming attacks as Kate targets her pretty face. A stiff shot down low to the body has Biel gasping for air, before a follow-up swing catches her clean on the face, and DOWN JESSICA GOES, having been SPUN on her heels and sent DOWN to the side by the ropes!! It’s a return KNOCKDOWN for Kate Beckinsale at the end of the first minute! Biel’s left gasping and choking on all fours, one glove cradling her damaged chin and looking for damage. Meanwhile, Beckinsale takes her time moving back to her corner, her fists barely waving in the air to celebrate as she gets a pat-down and water from her corner. Referee begins the count and the rest of the arena eagerly watches and cheers as Biel recovers to shaky feet by the count of 8! This fight ain’t over!

Ladies are looking equally spent now as they crash repeatedly into each other in the center of the ring, a lack of grace and purposeful movements as they fall in with their fists suddenly coming to life! Kate ducks under one of Biel’s hooks sent high before pounding away on the American’s torso. But Biel also holds her ground, bending low and then whipping her own fists into Kate’s mouth and nostrils, knocking her head about silly. Neither woman wants to give ground, and the result is they’re taking turns pushing the other backwards, a flurry of punches sent to the body or chest before the other regroups and whaps a hard fist to the side of the face. Biel though has enough power in reserve, her own youthful vitality means she’s landing harder and more frequently here, swiveling Kate to the side when another of her hooks catches the Head Vixen on her face with a growling groan. Kate’s floundering, looking shocked, tries to retaliate with a hook of her own but it’s easily avoided. BIEL SMELLS BLOOD, crowding in close and planting more fists all over her body and arms, before a nasty uppercut CUTS through the middle of the arms and DINGS Kate on the chin! AND DOWN THE VIXEN GOES one more time!! Kate got absolutely blasted upwards and back, losing her balance again as she CRASHES onto her buttocks, looking stunned! THIS MUST SURELY BE IT?!?

Biel with barely any breath left to celebrate, a half-hearted wring of the fist before she collapses back in the neutral corner, trying to catch her breath. Referee’s already hovering over Beckinsale, looking slightly worried that she won’t be able to continue here. But the valiant Vixen is slowly moving her battered body onto her knees, then testing them gingerly, one by one, as she pushes herself upwards with the help of the ropes. It’s not a good sign, but good lord does the Brit have a strong fighting spirit - not many women have the will to get back after two knockdowns. But the rest of us are wondering what’s going to happen when Biel scores a third?

But that’s it - Jessica may be the one running ahead with points but she looks far away from the victor, her chest heaving hard and belly beating rapidly from the exertion. Kate’s moving sluggishly as well, her arms wavering over her face and head bent low as though the rest of her body is pleading with her to quit. First minute sees a mutual slow dance as both women trade jabs and slow combos to the face and body. Biel’s landing shots to her guard but is falling behind in terms of quantity, with Kate still slightly faster as she fires back with two punches for every one Biel hits. This way, Kate manages to herd her rival backwards and close to the ropes. Biel’s back touching the nylon makes her come even more alive, growling as she lunges forward with her last, remaining strength. But Kate absorbs one of the hooks with a raised arm, avoids the second one entirely before whipping a hook of her own across the face. Biel sent crashing into the ropes, finally, eventually, but there’s little time left on the clock, even as Beckinsale RUSHES in to hammer more punches into her tummy, then rocking the arms all over the place with her own power. The bell rings soon after, and the referee has to separate both women, who stumble back to their corners.

This fight is as epic as they get, and fitting for our fifth Birthday Bash! Round 10 and both women want to end this cleanly! They meet in the center and immediately begin SWINGING away, Biel looking for the third nail in the coffin and Kate hoping to surge ahead in points to pull off an upset. Biel flashes her arms in and out, to the side, going for the big guns as she thrashes Kate to the arms and rocks her repeatedly about. But each time, Kate resets and regroups, hiding her head behind her guard before landing her own punches in tandem, surprising Jess with a whippin’ right hand across her face before drilling another to her paunch to wind her further. Kate RUNNING the blonde down, continues plugging leather into Jessica’s arms and body, once again driving her into the ropes with the American’s hot breaths heaving into the top of her shoulder and side of the face. Beckinsale SURGING in with a final burst of energy, elbows chugging in and out, in and out, with Biel just holding on to her with arms wrapped around the neck and chest, trying to survive this onslaught! But a right upwards swing cuts through the guard, SLAMS into the base of Jessica’s chin, and THAT SEEMS TO HAVE DONE IT! Biel’s head snapping upwards and back, her eyes rolling upwards and the rest of her body swaying with shock. She teeters for a few seconds before a final blasting overhand to the temple SENDS HER DOWN for good!! Kate gasping for air overhead, has to be herded to the neutral corner before the referee begins the count. But this fight ain’t moving into overtime - Biel’s knocked out cold by the ropes, her head moving side to side and making NO move to get back up! It’s OVER!!

Official Decision: Kate Beckinsale defeats Jessica Biel via KO10!


A spectacular comeback for Kate Beckinsale, who immediately earns herself a standing ovation from the packed auditorium. She didn’t have to take such a dangerous opponent for her inauguration fight, but she’s bested Biel after a grueling ten rounds that’s worthy of a championship bout.

In the immediate aftermath, all Kate can settle her mind on is falling down onto her stool back in her corner, her body heaving as she’s drenched with cool, refreshing water from her fight team. Then, there’s a smile creeping back onto her face at the realisation of her achievement finally sinking in.

Later on, however, the two former opponents meet in the center of the ring, still trying to steady their feet as they share a long embrace, with Biel promising to do this again on her own turf in the future. Kate nodding with agreement, gets her hand raised high by Biel to the cheers of the fans.

We have no doubt that Beckinsale will continue fighting in the ring, hitting 50 soon or not, or crossing the threshold of the Hall-of-fame later rather than sooner. She clearly belongs in the ring, waving excitedly to the crowds before signaling for the next event on tonight’s card to start winding up.


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