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26 November 2021 Maisie Williams vs Saaya Irie

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Post by Lookout! Boxing on Nov 27, 2021 at 1:52am


Maisie Williams:

Saaya Irie:

Tale of the Tape:
Maisie Williams:
Age: 24
Height: 5'1
W/L: 20-16 (20KOs)
Saaya Irie:
Age: 24
Height: 4'11
W/L: 3-2 (3KOs)

(Girls Friday vs Revolution Boxing)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Battle of the petite warriors tonight, English actress Maisie Williams for once in her career is actually the taller fighter, taking on the Asian model Saaya Irie in a fight where both need to build momentum as we head towards another year.

Going into this bout Maisie posted a video on her social media for her fans, in it she is wearing a black hoodie with "Girls Friday 10th anniversary" in white letters, she says "so after beating up Ola (Jordan) to start the month, I now get a go at you Saaya, it'll be interesting being the bigger fighter for once, while we are small I know you won't go down easily like I don't but I will be the one posing over you, maybe after I beat Saaya I could do a little tour of Asia, build up momentum before getting back into the hunt for gold, can't wait to hear from you wonderful fans!" Blowing a kiss to the camera, looking relaxed at the prospect of fighting Saaya.

Who posts her own video with subtitles for non Japanese speaking fans of hers, she is standing next to a black punch bag in her gym, wearing a black sports bra and shorts, along with black gloves as she looks sweaty from training, she tells the fans "it's an honour to fight Maisie, I loved Game of Thrones but this isn't going to be a red wedding for me, things have gotten tough in the ring for me lately, still I know you guys have kept supporting me, if Maisie thinks she can bully me then she will find out I have the bite of a lioness" she hits the bag with a right hook, then gives the camera a hard look as if to say to Maisie that is what is coming.

Fighting time, out first comes Ming-Na Wen with cut woman Eva Carneiro, behind them is Maisie as she walks down the aisle with her eyes firmly ahead, she thuds her gloves together as she stands next to the ring steps, jogging up them then getting into the ring, Maisie is wearing a black sports bra with white trim and a white house of Stark badge on her right bra cup, black trunks, white gloves, hair in a braid as she goes barefoot, nodding to Ming-Na that she is ready for this clash.

Through the curtain now comes Saaya with her coach Miyada Issiki beside her, Saaya gives the crowd a blown kiss with both gloves, then gets serious after taking a deep breath, jogging down the aisle to the ring, she steps through the ropes wearing a white sports bra, matching trunks with her surname in gold letters on the waistband, gold coloured gloves, hair in a ponytail, barefoot too, she gets told to take down Maisie from Miyada.

The fighters walk to the center of the ring, coaches massaging their shoulders as the two women lock eyes, tension between them as they know a win is important, when they are told to touch gloves they fist bump with a nod to their opponent, jogging back to their corners as the crowd whistle and cheer for them, once everything is ready the bell rings to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
Both come out on their toes trading stiff jabs as they test their opponent out, as soon as they step in closer they both throw a flurry at each other, crowd cheering when they clash toe to toe at the center of the ring before moving back to range with eyes full of fire.

Coming back together Maisie lands a jab into the top of Saaya's head, landing a right cross to the cheek of the Japanese star, she misses with a follow up left cross as Saaya moves out of range, landing a straight to the chest of Maisie to stop her charging her.

While both women are landing good combos, Maisie seems to be the one landing with more power, driving back Saaya onto the back foot when she lands through the mitts of the smaller fighter, Saaya does land a good jab to the abs of Maisie then an overhand right to turn the English lasses head to finish the second minute with a flash of her quick hands.

Saaya starts to get into her groove, catching Maisie around her body more as she crouches down, Maisie missing more as her punches sail over the head of Irie, heads nearly clash as Maisie decides to close the distance, a phone booth style fight breaking out as they work each others bodied with short hooks till the bell rings, both women stepping away from each other with eyes locked, then they jog back to their corners.

Round 2:
Saaya coming out more quickly, landing more combinations as she is outworking Maisie in the opening moments, landing a short uppercut to the chin of Maisie after dipping under a right cross, she dances back when Maisie swings in another hook that finds air.

Slowly Saaya is pressing back Maisie to the outside of the ring, getting caught with some good clean hits but mostly slipping punches to land her own, drilling a left/right/left straight combo into the lips of Williams to snap her head back, keeping Maisie on the outside.

Half way through the round, Maisie catches Saaya with a straight on her nose, then a short left cross turns Saaya's head, allowing Maisie to begin backing up Saaya across the ring onto the ropes, Saaya grabbing onto Maisie in a clinch, both women grinding bodies together as the referee needs to break them apart.

Final forty seconds sees Maisie missing again as she looks to smash Saaya back, not setting up her punches as she should be, instead letting Saaya counter punch her, Miyada looking happy when the bell rings, a good solid round for the Revolution fighter, Maisie tapping her gloves together as she returns to her own corner.

Round 3:
Again Saaya starts off the quicker, landing several punches around the body of Maisie, who is predominantly going for the head of the Japanese model, who is knocking back Maisie to the outside part of the ring again, Ming-Na shaking her head not happy with her fighter.

Maybe Saaya is getting too comfortable though as she dips down and is met with a right hook across her cheek, Maisie following up with a double jab as she works her way back to the middle, both opening up more as their cheeks are getting marked up, with coaches banging on the ring apron to spur their girls on.

Again Maisie misses with a straight, Saaya slipping it before landing a digging left hook to the ribs, a right cross then slams onto the jaw of Williams, who finds herself being knocked back into a neutral corner, Saaya letting her fists do the talking as Maisie covers up.

Pulling Saaya into a clinch as there's less then thirty seconds to go, both women needing to be pried apart, Maisie not giving up the ghost yet as she comes back at Saaya, both landing hard shots as they plant their feet to trade, at the end of the round both women pass each other without incident, but it's certainly not sunshine and rainbows in the Girls Friday corner, Ming-Na telling Maisie to use her jab, showing Maisie where to aim it as she is sick of seeing her miss her target so often.

Round 4:
Back out they come with Maisie doing as she was told, switching up her target with her jab, both fighters landing stiff shots through guards, Saaya though looks a little stunned when a jab smacks onto her nose as an uppercut follows behind it to snap her head back.

It isn't long that Saaya finds herself on the back foot, a left cross lands around her temple causing Saaya to stumble backwards, Miyada yelling for their fighter to hang onto Maisie, INSTEAD ANOTHER LEFT CROSS SMACKS IRIE ON HER JAW, FOLLOWED BY AN UPPERCUT TO SEND THE JAPANESE STAR ONTO HER BACK!

Maisie doesn't showboat, just getting to the neutral corner as the referee begins the count 1...2...3.. With Saaya moving slowly to her right side, 4...5...6.. Reaching for the ropes with her left glove, 7.....8... Saaya doesn't notice that the ropes are out of reach, 9...10 too badly dazed as she is counted out!

Winner Maisie Williams KO Round 4

Maisie smiles as she looks to her corner with be met with a smirking look on Ming-Na's face, Eva more animated as she raises her arms in the air with a beaming smile, so happy for the young fighter, with Maisie walking back over to her corner after blowing her fans a kiss from the corner she was in.

Saaya on the other hand needs to be helped onto her stool, she is coming around blinking to clear the fog from her head, asking Miyada "how did I lose that?" The coach just telling her they have a few things to work on, not wanting to pile on the young woman right now.

Once both fighters gloves are off, Maisie jogs over to Saaya's corner; putting out her right hand, which Saaya accepts in a respectful handshake between the two petite warriors, with Miyada nodding to Maisie in their own sign of respect.

Out the ring steps Saaya afterwards with help from Miyada, she still has a little work to do but she has shown glimpses of brilliance in the past, so definitely no point writing off this young fighter yet, Saaya waving to her fans who are applauding her effort tonight.

Meanwhile in the ring Maisie heads to the center of the ring, blowing a kiss to the camera before getting her left hand raised in victory, Maisie getting a pat on the back from Ming-Na, who tells her "I am proud of you, I know I must get on your nerves being so strict but I want you to fulfil your potential" Maisie nods with a warm smile in reply.

As Maisie steps out the ring she must still be a little worried seeing the likes of other young flyweights like Katherine McNamara and Dove Cameron pass her by in the rankings, it feels like 2022 will be a massive year for Williams, to either make a big step up or find out her level isn't elite
Jenna Louise Coleman 35yo 5'2 (26W-13L 26Ko's) vs Chiara Nasti 23yo 5'4 (9W-6L 9Ko's) Jmd fight


The two Fighters have already clashed in the month of August with a brutal victory from Jenna, so Chiara asked for and obtained a rematch, Jenna has not played any more matches since then, while Chiara has played 5 with 3 wins and two defeats , both appear calm during the interviews, and ready to challenge each other.

The Fight Night

The first one to enter the hall is Jenna, she goes all the way, and she arrives in the ring wearing a red bikini with red gloves and boots, and her hair is in a ponytail, so it's Chiara who enters the hall, she goes all the way and she steps into the ring wearing a pink bikini, with pink gloves and boots, and her hair is in a ponytail, so the referee calls the two fighters in the center of the ring for the final instructions before 10 rounds of JMD action.

The Match

Round 1

The match immediately begins in a brutal way, with the two fighters, who have only one goal, to demolish their respective Juggs, so both Chiara and especially Jenna start the attack, with their splendid Juggs, which are hit and deformed into every possible way, with Jenna that from minute two, taking over, starting to storm Chiara's boobs in every possible way, who is closed on the ropes, and savagely demolished by dozens and dozens of hooks and uppercuts, which sweep away the top, leaving Chiara topless and destroyed at the bell of the round.

Round 2

Chiara is looking for revenge, and she invests Jenna like a runaway train, who is immediately put on the ropes, and bombarded by furious combinations of Juggs and navel, which make her grin with pain, But Chiara has no mercy, and pushes her in the corner, where she administers a cure with hooks that literally milk the English fighter, who is reduced to tears, the last seconds are terrible for Jenna, who reduced topless, sees her boobs deformed under the hail of blows Chiara, who is stopped only by the bell.

Round 3

Chiara thinks she has reduced Jenna to her mercy, but Jenna is of another opinion, and she responds to Chiara's every blow with at least two blows, and mercilessly, she puts the Italian fighter on the ropes, taking whatever she wants, first hitting a I repeat Chiara's face, inflating it, then literally starting to drill her abdominals, and finally, unloading all her anger and power, Chiara's umprotected Juggs, which are used as two speedbags, on which Jenna unloads dozens and dozens of uppercuts hooks and jabs, making them purple and bruised, Chiara is saved by the bell. Round 4

Chiara comes out slowly, and Jenna has no mercy on her, accomplishing her, with furious and quick one-two uppercuts to the chin, which make Chiara wobble and retreat into her corner, where under the eyes of her coaches, she is given a hard and merciless lesson, with the former champ, who destroys every inch of the Italian fighter, who is tormented at will by Jenna, who bruises Chiara's body and Juggs, and who in the last seconds transforms her face, puffing it up and closing both eyes, with only the bell coming to stop the slaughter.

Round 5

Chiara is over, but she still comes out for the new round, so Jenna can't help but beat her like a bagpipe, swelling and bruising her face, her body, and especially her Juggs, with Chiara collapsing due to the accumulation of blows. to the mat, the referee immediately interrupts the match, decreeing the victory by KO at 1:00 of the fifth round for Jenna Louise Coleman

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