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26 November 2021 Jenna Louise Coleman vs Chiara Nasti

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Jenna-Louise Coleman 22.jpgChiara Nasti 01.jpg

Jenna Louise Coleman 35yo 5'2 (26W-13L 26Ko's) vs Chiara Nasti 23yo 5'4 (9W-6L 9Ko's) Jmd fight


The two Fighters have already clashed in the month of August with a brutal victory from Jenna, so Chiara asked for and obtained a rematch, Jenna has not played any more matches since then, while Chiara has played 5 with 3 wins and two defeats , both appear calm during the interviews, and ready to challenge each other.

The Fight Night

The first one to enter the hall is Jenna, she goes all the way, and she arrives in the ring wearing a red bikini with red gloves and boots, and her hair is in a ponytail, so it's Chiara who enters the hall, she goes all the way and she steps into the ring wearing a pink bikini, with pink gloves and boots, and her hair is in a ponytail, so the referee calls the two fighters in the center of the ring for the final instructions before 10 rounds of JMD action.

The Match

Round 1

The match immediately begins in a brutal way, with the two fighters, who have only one goal, to demolish their respective Juggs, so both Chiara and especially Jenna start the attack, with their splendid Juggs, which are hit and deformed into every possible way, with Jenna that from minute two, taking over, starting to storm Chiara's boobs in every possible way, who is closed on the ropes, and savagely demolished by dozens and dozens of hooks and uppercuts, which sweep away the top, leaving Chiara topless and destroyed at the bell of the round.

Round 2

Chiara is looking for revenge, and she invests Jenna like a runaway train, who is immediately put on the ropes, and bombarded by furious combinations of Juggs and navel, which make her grin with pain, But Chiara has no mercy, and pushes her in the corner, where she administers a cure with hooks that literally milk the English fighter, who is reduced to tears, the last seconds are terrible for Jenna, who reduced topless, sees her boobs deformed under the hail of blows Chiara, who is stopped only by the bell.

Round 3

Chiara thinks she has reduced Jenna to her mercy, but Jenna is of another opinion, and she responds to Chiara's every blow with at least two blows, and mercilessly, she puts the Italian fighter on the ropes, taking whatever she wants, first hitting a I repeat Chiara's face, inflating it, then literally starting to drill her abdominals, and finally, unloading all her anger and power, Chiara's umprotected Juggs, which are used as two speedbags, on which Jenna unloads dozens and dozens of uppercuts hooks and jabs, making them purple and bruised, Chiara is saved by the bell. Round 4

Chiara comes out slowly, and Jenna has no mercy on her, accomplishing her, with furious and quick one-two uppercuts to the chin, which make Chiara wobble and retreat into her corner, where under the eyes of her coaches, she is given a hard and merciless lesson, with the former champ, who destroys every inch of the Italian fighter, who is tormented at will by Jenna, who bruises Chiara's body and Juggs, and who in the last seconds transforms her face, puffing it up and closing both eyes, with only the bell coming to stop the slaughter.

Round 5

Chiara is over, but she still comes out for the new round, so Jenna can't help but beat her like a bagpipe, swelling and bruising her face, her body, and especially her Juggs, with Chiara collapsing due to the accumulation of blows. to the mat, the referee immediately interrupts the match, decreeing the victory by KO at 1:00 of the fifth round for Jenna Louise Coleman


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