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26 November 2021 Malu Trevejo vs Caylee Cowan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 26, 2021, 7:26 pm



Malu Trevejo vs. Caylee Cowan

(Results: Lookout! Words: Wiz)


Battle of aggressive, hard-hitting bantams sees blonde Cowan, who got off to a fast start in the FCBA only to get a comeuppance of sorts via a three-fight losing streak, and Trevejo, who's moving up to bantam after starting with a pair of impressive performances at flyweight. Cowan, as always, exuding confidence in the pre-fight. "This girl is no bantam," says Caylee dismissively. "She's just moving up here because she doesn't want to cut weight. And, she's about to find out that THIS division is full of WOMEN, not little girls."

"Bantam is my natural weight class," says Malu with a smile. "This is where I belong. And, I am GOING to win here. As Caylee is about to find out."


No surprise, Cowan aggressive early. The blonde is stepping to the brunette and letting her have it with both hands. Malu tries to hold canvas, bang back, but, before long, Caylee's backing her up and touching her up with hard shot to both head and body. Trevejo in full retreat by the time the blonde goes RACK in a major way, hup-hupping the brunette's jugs, bringing a cheer from the crowd and a look of death from Malu. But, there's little the brunette can do about any of it in the first stanza. Instead, she's being forced to the defensive repeatedly as the blonde bangs away to both head and body. Maul finds herself on the ropes late, taking heavy shot with the ref looking in closely. At the bell, the brunette SHOVES the blonde off and stomps back to her corner, ignoring the referee's warning. As for Cowan, she's taken the round wide and leads 10-9.


Cowan keeps coming, but Malu now determined to hold canvas and HERE WE GO! Hammer and Tongs in the middle of the ring as blonde and brunette bang away to head and body. Cowan lands a short right hook that backs up Trevejo, but Malu responds by GOING RACK on CAYLEE, WHACKING a short left hook into her right jug and following with a nice right hook to the chin. Cowan responds to the body and Trevejo answers to the head. It's nasty, brutal stuff in there, as both women sit down on punches, hammering away almost instinctively. There's little to no defense being played as blonde and brunette simply PUNISH one another for the entirety of the three minutes. When the round finally ends, the ref leaps between the fighters to stop the action and orders both to their corners. As for the cards, it's close. But, it's Malu. And, we're even at 19.


Back at it in the middle of the ring. Nothing artistic going on here. Just blonde and brunette banging away, looking to impose will...while neither was willing to be imposed UPON. BOOM! Short right hook, CAYLEE and Malu is HURT! Cowan lets the hands go with Trevejo all wobbly butt, driving the brunette back into the ropes and letting her have it with both hands. It's the late first round all over again for Malu, except worse. Now, she's not just getting touched up, she's hurt and in deep trouble as the ref looks in and Caylee gets off lusty. To her credit, though, the brunette hangs on in her tight guard. Her body's on sale and Caylee spends some time hammering away at belly, ribs, and even some jug, but she's mostly concentrating upstairs trying to get to the finish. But, she can't do it. Malu does enough to keep the ref at bay and rides it out. At the bell, it's Caylee, wide, though, and Cowan leads 29-28.


Caylee pressing her advantage early, stepping to behind her jab, backing up Malu and TAKING A VICIOUS RIGHT HAND COUNTER! Out of NOWHERE, Trevejo sets the feet and keyholes a perfect right and COWAN IS HURT! Caylee reeling backward as the brunette goes over to the offensive. At first, Trevejo just WINGING away, missing more than hitting, but, with shouts from her corner ringing in her ears, Malu settles down, begins setting up her punches, and punishing the blonde to both head and body. Soon enough, Cowan's trapped on the cables. And, Trevejo GOES RACK! Oh, it's JMD stuff now, as Malu hooks jug again and again. Caylee screaming into her gloves as she keeps the guard high. She's tightening elbows trying to protect her rack, but Malu just keeps hammering away until the bell rings and the referee physically pulls her off Cowan. Caylee a wreck as she wobbles back to her stool. Trevejo, meanwhile, STOMPS back to her corner, clearly on a mission, after having taken the round wide and evened things at 38.


Trevejo right back to work. Cowan's legs still iffy, so, she's being backed up, and, while she's firing back in spots, it's all off the back foot and none of it troubles the brunette. Instead, Malu's in command. She's PUNISHING Caylee to both head and body, stepping in to dig jug at every opportunity. Cowan mouth-breathing, clinching, doing anything she can to slow down Trevejo, but nothing works and BOOM! DOWN. GOES. COWAN! A right hook sends Caylee crashing to her left side and Malu steps OVER her rival on the way to a neutral corner. Count looks academic, but it's not. Somehow the blonde beats the count. Ref thinks about it hard during the mandatory, but waves on Malu. Brunette CHARGES, winging away with both hands, battering Caylee into the ropes and POUNDING jug! Cowan's legs quivering and, after a short right hook to the chin THE REF HAS SEEN ENOUGH! He leaps in and bundles Caylee to safety and it's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is Malu Trevejo!


Malu looking worse for the wear, but has a lovely smile for the PPV audience in the post-fight interview. "She couldn't do it!" the brunette says. "She tried to get in and bully me, but she couldn't do it. Because I'm stronger, and I hit harder, and I have a better rack, and I pounded hers out and stopped her! She couldn't do it! And, she's just the first of MANY bantams to find that out!"



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