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26 November 2021 Charlize Theron vs Rosario Dawson

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 26, 2021, 11:43 pm



Rosario Dawson vs Charlize Theron

Results Lookout: Story Tractorpull


Rosario Dawson

Age 42

Height 5’7”


Charlize Theron

Age 46

Height 5’9 /12 “

Titles held

8 Unified Lightweight titles

7 Unified Welterweight titles

1 Unified Middleweight title

3 Maxim Lightweight titles

2 Paramount Lightweight titles

1 Reebox Lightweight title

2 Reebox Welterweight titles

2 Paramount Welterweight titles

Original Member of the Hall Of Fame

Mistress of The Body Saddle 1/26/08-1/11/15


Rosario is at the podium “I always wanted to fight Charlize” I broke into the FCBA in 2005 with Kim’s Krushers. The Krushers were a large stable.. Charlize was one of my stablemates. She was already on her way to the Hall Of Fame winning title after title. I used to watch her train and spar. She was amazing. I wanted to get in the ring with her, but management was not about to let an inexperience fighter spar with her less she get hurt. After all she was their meal ticket. In 2006, I was released by the Krushers and didn’t have another fight for five years when IFFI signed me. By 2016, I had beaten some good fighters like Lima and Shay Mitchell. I tried to get a fight, but it wasn’t the same Charlize, By this time Charlize, after fourteen years of fighting, had lost a couple steps and was past her prime, but she was still a top ten very dangerous fighter. Now she is fighting a lot to reach some personal goals but she has had a bad time recently. I knew this fight was coming up so I saw the Alexander, Jovovich and Krupa fights. She took terrible beatings. Then she didn’t do much better against McCarthy, but she won.. Now here I am, ready to take on the Greatest Of All Time. I’m not going to say I am going to knock her out but I will say I am going to give her a hard bout. In fact, I am going to beat her.

Charlize who arrived late is far back from the podium but as usual does her wave thing


Rosario enters the ring wearing a yellow bikini, with black gloves and boots. Her long hair is flowing around her shoulders. Theron is in a red bikini, red glove and boots. Her hair is in a ponytail. Once Charlize changes to a hair style, it doesn’t change for a long while.

Round 1 At the bell, Theron is out quickly ready to meet and touch gloves, but Dawson is slow coming out and Charlize backs off and starts circling watching for an opening. When Rosario gets close, Theron pushes out a two right jabs to Dawson’s face. Dawson moves towards her corner with Theron following. Suddenly Dawson lunges toward the blonde with an overhand right to the forehead that stops Theron in her tracks. Rosario then catches Theron’s jaw with a left-right and a hook to the tummy. She has Theron backing under a hail of jabs until she is on the ropes. Dawson bangs the blonde with a another left-right to the face and as Charlize hands are in front of her face warding off blows, she rips punches into the blondes body. Dawson is in close pumping hooks to midsection, one after another until the bell rings. She watches as the breathless blonde is stumbles to her corner

Round 2. Theron is slow out of her corner while Dawson is rather deliberate. Charlize pushes out a jab That Rosario dodges and puts her right glove into the blondes face punching her head back. Rosario moves in and a right cross sails over Charlize’s head and she digs a right into Rosario’s midsection. Dawson starts to throw an overhand right, but Charlize beats her to the punch and an overhand right rocks Dawson sending staggering back to the ropes. Theron presses the advantage with a left hook to Dawson’s solar plexus following with a right uppercut. Dawson is hurt. Theron sets up in front of Rosario and starts with crosses sending Dawson head one way than the other. Charlize wants to end it now and she pours the punishment on her opponent. The referee is watching Dawson ready to call a halt to the bout, but Rosario keeps her guard up and tries to punch back although not successfully. She is saved by the bell which causes a halt to the round

Round 3. This time it is Dawson who is slow out of her corner. Charlize is now stalking her opponent. The blonde intends to end this fight now. Charlize closes and throws a left and right cross. Both sail over Rosario head as she crouches. Dawson then comes out of the crouch with a right hook the blondes jaw followed by a left hook to the belly button and another right to the chin. Charlize is staggered. Another right cross sends her back to the ropes. Dawson steps in and rips a pair of hooks into Theron’s bra. Charlize’s hands drop to protect her breasts and another right cross swivels the blondes head. Theron’s legs buckle and another right to the jaw drops the blonde. The GODDESS IS DOWN. The crowd roars to its feet as Theron is face down parallel to the ropes. The referee pushes Rosario back and starts the count. The crowd is chanting the count with the referee. Af four Theron stirs. She on one knee at six. At nine, she is on he feet sagging into the ropes. The referee looks at Theron’s eyes. He asks her who she is fighting. She stammers out Rosario. The referee asks the last name. Someone in Theron’s corner shouts “Dawson” Charlize with difficulty repeats “Dawson” The referee looks sternly at Theron’s corner, but waives Rosario in. Wouldn’t you know it. The bell rings before Dawson can land that final punch

Round 4. Theron’s “Nascar” corner have her standing ready to come out with the bell. She doesn’t want to engage, but would rather stay away as long as she can to recover from the last round as much as she can. She moves parallel to the ropes changing directions and moving in and out as Rosario patiently moves with her forcing her into one direction then another. The crowd is getting impatient. Suddenly Rosario moves in and Theron realizes that she has been trapped in a corner. Dawson lands a right, then a left to Theron’s face. Rosario then goes to the body. She’s in close and pounds hooks into Charlize’s midsection. Theron’s leaning back against the ropes protecting her head and face and giving up the that Oscar winning torso and it is taking its toll The crowd knows the Goddess can’t take much more when she lunges forward, her head butting into Dawson’s chest driving Rosario back a couple steps, Just enough for Charlize to escape being cornered. The two are now in the middle of the ring. Theron is moving better, but she still doesn’t want to get into an exchange. She pushes out a jab that catches Rosario in the side of her head. Dawson responds with a hook to the stomach that has Charlize gasping for breath. The bell rings. Charlize has lasted another round by doing nothing and Rosario books all the points.

Round 5 As the bell rings, Charlize moves out to meet her opponent. She is moving much better which can be bad news for the brunette. Charlize lands a pair of jabs to Dawson’s face. Dawson is rips a couple hooks into the blondes bruised body. Theron lands a right cross to Dawson’s head and then a left. Dawson fakes a right to the head and rips a pair of hooks to the blondes bra drawing a shout of pain from Theron. Dawson goes to repeat, but a Theron over hand right lands on her mouth and a left cross swivels her head as she staggers back. Theron moves in intending to go for Dawson’s head. but Rosario buries a right into Charlize’s body and Charlize is hurt again. The punch sends Charlize back a couple steps and an uppercut drives Theron into the ropes. Another uppercut sends Therons head back over the top rope. Charlize looks like she is out on her feet. The veteran of more than 400 fights knows all the tricks. She lets her mouthpiece dribble down her body to the canvas. The referee steps in to check on the blonde who assures him she is OK. He picks up the mouthpiece.rinses it off and puts it back in the Goddess’s mouth and lets the fight go on. Theron has gained precious seconds and the round ends before her brunette opponent can do any further damage

Round 6. Theron’s “Nascar” corner looked like a ballet as they got Theron ready for the sixth. Each knowing their job and performing with precision. Theron is up and ready for the sixth round which begins when the two meet in the center of the ring and start swapping left and right crosses. They are toe to toe bring the crowd to their feet. Theron is backing Rosario toward the ropes when a uppercut to Theron’s chin almost sends her to the canvas. Charlize retains her balance and catches Dawson with an overhand right to the face. Dawson then pulverizes the blondes breasts and Theron is hurt again. Dawson presses her advantage only to be caught with a left uppercut to her chin and then a right cross, left cross and a right to the body. Before Dawson can respond another right cross lands on her face. Now it’s Dawson who is hurt. She desperately lands a hard hook to Theron’s tummy stopping the blonde in her tracks and a left cross to the chin has Charlize swaying as the round end

Round 7. In Theron’s corner, she was made aware that she is losing the fight and the only way she can win now is by a knockout. At the bell both move out. Theron’s eyes have that cold stare that signals danger. They meet again in the center of the ring, both determined to end it now. Theron picks up Rosario’ chin with an uppercut and is caught with a left-right to her breasts. Rosario knows she has hurt the blonde.A uppercut staggers Theron. Dawson moves into finish but she is stopped cold by an uppercut. Dawson is still in attack mode and steps in and bends to throw a roundhouse right to end the fight when once again her head is knocked back by another uppercut. The brunette is stunned She leans forward for a clinch with Theron who buries her right into the solar plexus. The brunettes legs buckle and The Goddess pushes her back and uppercut that comes off Theron’s hip drops her to the canvas. A battered and bruised Charlize reaches the ropes for support as the referee starts the count. Rosario has gotten to her knees but can’t get any further. At ten the referee lifts Theron’s right hand as the winner and her Nascar team supports her back to her corner and then to the dressing room. She hurts too much to give her opponent a friendly hug.


The two are in the press room Dawson is the first to speak. “I said in preflight that I wanted to give Charlize a hard time and I really think I did. It just too bad the end didn’t work out for me. I really hadn’t seen Charlize fight that much but I always heard how she could take a lot of punishment and survive. I don’t know how she lasted the third and fourth and fifth rounds. Against most any other fighter, I would have won by a knockout. Instead I was the one who lost by a knockout. Those of you who think that Charlize is finished better think again. I suspect she about to go on another rampage leaving fighters counted out on the canvas

Charlize: You certainly gave me a hard night. Many times more than I wanted. You want to know how I lasted those rounds? It was my corner. I have said time and time again that I have the best corner in boxing, male or female. They are simply amazing. Each knows their job and they do it expertly without getting into each others way. I don’t know how many fights they have won for me by taking care of me between rounds. Rosario it was an honor to fight you and who knows, maybe we will meet again

Rosario smiling: I hope so with a different result



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