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26 November 2021 Tahnee Atkinson vs Camille Kostek

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 26, 2021, 11:32 pm



Results by Lookout/ Writeup by OddManOut

Before: Important tilt for both fighters coming off layoffs after tough losses. Camille the favorite after breezing through the Diamond Boxing Tournament, even if she did fall to Hannah Ferguson again. “I couldn’t handle Tahnee in JMD back then, but I’ve surpassed her since then. I’m looking forward to starting next year as #1 contender.”

Tahnee in danger of dropping out of the top 10 for the first time in 3 years, but all is not that grim. “Let’s face it, whoever holds the title after tonight, they’re going to be looking for me. Especially after I hand blondie her head in a few minutes!”

Camille in a patterned bikini and white gloves, hair back in a high battle pony. Tahnee in mismatched white top, yellow bottoms, black gloves, hair wetted and slicked down her back.

R1: Chopping combinations from brow-high guard - brisk right hands and hooks to the head and shoulders of both fighters, then stepping to the side behind a solid jab to the body. Big girls not shying away, getting cuffed and buffeted, but walking through it, finding each other with close in hooks and uppies to the body. Midway through: girls trade smoking rights on the chin - TAHNEE STAGGERS AWAY HURT! Camille regrouping quickly, hops in to carry a swinging right underhand to vulnerable tummy - Atkinson butt back, groaning forward - clinching desperately for a break. Kostek moving in strong, fluttering the jab at Tahnee's face, then driving down into midsection a straight right, mopping up a hook, Aussie wounded, covering up, stooping forward. Camille batting at the flanks and arms, then palming to steady Atkinson for more - brunette tucked away behind her guard riding it out. Down the stretch Kostek ROMPS TO RACK! using uppercuts to slice between Tahnee's barn-door defense - brunette slumping forward, grimacing as Camille crams away right/lefts to the moneymakers.

R2: Girls measuring with pawing jabs, shuffling counterclockwise while loading up right hands, weight on back feet. Early trade in overhand rights: Camille's slamming into shoulder, Tahnee's jamming in under left ear - KOSTEK STAGGERS AWAY WOBBLY BUTT! Atkinson stepping-with, clubbing another crude right hand upside the head to scatter Camille sideways to the ropes - Yankee girl lifting her mitts groggily as Tahnee piles in, cramming a beefy right hand square amidships. Kostek groaning, pitching forward - Atkinson wraps up the left across her shoulders, slumping the blonde forward, pumping up with the free right hand - juicy holding and hitting sees tummy and jug RANSACKED! Tahnee at her slogging best, lips tight as she stays on top of Camille, fitting in thick right hands, occasionally using the right to palm left shoulder to keep her blonde open and vulnerable. Kostek gritting her teeth, trying to reach around Atkinson's waist or wriggle in close to smother but it's a bruising Aussie bell to bell round. Tahnee with the hint of a smile as she glances meaningfully at Camille's throbbing rack: Kostek returning the gaze with a wounded, vengeful glare.

R3: If they forgot what they can do to each other, the opening rounds reminded them of it. Stalking, plodding action - both girls relying on sandbagging right hands, measuring and probing with the left to set it up. Not a lot of flush contact - big rights often grazing, shooting over the shoulder and wrapping around the heads. Tahnee adjusting to roll with Camille's right and answer back with a swinging right to the breadbasket. Single shots only, but Atkinson landing square and loud, bodying up thereafter and walking Kostek onto the ropes - girls are fighting like they weigh 200 pounds each - very slow, methodical, heavy handed labor.

R4: Continuation of the third - hamfisted, back and forth trade ends when Camille doubles up on the jab, drops a right hand in over Tahnee's left and stuns the Australian beauty once again. Atkinson hopping away hurt, hands at her temples, Kostek wades in with a swinging right uppercut that sends brunette ramshackle to the ropes. Camille squares away, Tahnee still earmuffed up - it's blonde on brunette hard to the bell. Kostek working it like it's a gym session, starting each session with gloves at her eyebrows, dipping side to side to bat Atkinson's body like she's a pinata, then propping her back with a brawny left forearm. Camille looking for right uppercuts whenever Tahnee leans forward, but nothing back from Aussie as she rides it out gutty.

R5: Fighters meet midring fall into an easy clockwise rotation, slamming and slugging each other for a full minute of ho-hum fare when CAMILLE DETONATES A RIGHT HAND OFF TAHNEE'S CHIN! Short shot, Kostek just turning her shoulder into it and ATKINSON GOES DOWN! Camille walking casually to the neutral corner - Tahnee writhing and twitching on her back to shake off the KO. Atkinson up for a queasy 8, eyes moist as she digs in to accept Kostek's charge. Beatdown: Camille palming up big-girl, bracing Tahnee, batting at her flanks, rifling short right hands to the chin, curling tidy left uppercuts as Aussie droops forward. Kostek taking rack whenever it pleases her - just shrugging her shoulders and digging up jug - Atkinson blubbery, reaching around blonde's back to smother. Bell to bell blonde - Camille beats Tahnee's legs into groggy stupor this round.

R6: Tahnee forms up at the ropes, left across her gut, right at her cheek - she slaps out backhand jabs, slides back, luring Camille in and walking her into slick potshotting counters. Kostek telegraphing the right - Atkinson able to roll with, then answer back a short right hand clout on the chin - THERE GO THE BLONDE'S LEGS! Camille stamping in hurt, Tahnee stepping to the right, hooking from an oblique angle, bashing blonde's face back and staggering her to the ropes, Atkinson oozes on in. Tahnee’s left hand stabilizing swooning Camille, right hand drifting to chin, pancaking those breasts, fitting in snug above the heart - real precision pounding. Both fighters shabby, reaching for the other's neck or round her back - clinching desperately to slow the pain: pounding away to hips over extended arms before ref's break. Girls get sweaty, reaching under each other's arms, tying up behind the elbows, tugging and twisting each other to ropes - Kostek able to brawl her way back into the round late as woozy beauties get sloppy.

R7: Tahnee back on the offensive, stepping into Camille, then turning on the right hand and either clinching with the left behind the head or pushing blonde off - brawny, heady stuff from the underdog. Kostek being bossed around, not coming forward consistently, but she's able to walk Atkinson in at times, chewing ribcage and jug with scrubbing combos before Aussie can head-tug and tie up. Ref barking warnings to Tahnee about throwing the uppercut while pulling Camille's head down - brunette reaping a thick harvest of jug from the posture, not to mention routinely checking chin on the cheap. Middle of the round, ref's break spreads 'em out, Kostek jogging a little to liven up her legs, trading jabs, then both girls lean into BLISTERING right hands. CAMILLE'S CLIPPED CLEAN! Tahnee leaning down and in, kissing her right hand perfectly off Kostek's chin: blonde's right hand sails over top, gorgeous tanned legs corkscrewing and CAMILLE SPRAWLS AT TAHNEE'S FEET! It's SO over – KO7 Tahnee Atkinson in Thunder Goddess fashion!

After: And just like that Tahnee finds herself poised for a shot against whoever emerges victorious in the welterweight title fight tonight! Tahnee jumping for joy as cameras zoom in to catch the jiggle (get that man a Pulitzer) - pure heartbreak for Camille as she's all numb and helpless on tanned haunches. Atkinson pulling Kostek up to her feet, wraps her up into a warm, jug-squishing hug in the aftermath - both beauties well worn from thudding give and take - girls chatting in a friendly embrace as ring fills with media and entourages. Tahnee really showing championship pedigree, knows this won’t be the last time she’s in the ring with Camille, but tonight she’s feeling generous.



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