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15 June 2022 Elsa Benitez vs Raffaella Modugno

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Posted by Vassago on June 15, 2022, 11:48 pm



BBU International Boxing on the Beach
Elsa Benitez vs Raffaella Modugno
(Mexico vs Italy)
(0-3 vs 5-4, 5 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Beach boxing action returns in the Formentera island south of Ibiza where Elsa Benitez is set to double down on her Italian path as she faces the somewhat out-of-luck Raffaella Modugno tonight. Elsa believes she can still beat women outside of the cougar division but she fell to Elisabetta Canalis back in March so it's a bold challenge to target one of the welterweight contenders. However Raffaella nurses a three-fight losing streak and quickly accepted the opportunity to battle the former Sports Illustrated model: "This was a no-brainer! These Latinas think they can really dominate all the combat sports but Elsa is too cocky for her own good. I'm gonna smash her up so bad she will BEG me to stop! I'm going no mercy on this old ####!"

Elsa Benitez wears an orange bikini set & black gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Raffaella Modugno wears a lime green bikini set & silver gloves. Long dark brown hair in loose waves. Both women are barefoot. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
Elsa rushes with her jabbing approach and sticks several good shots into the fellow model's face before Raffaella finds her response but it's scattered around the area and doesn't throw the older brunette off her stance. More hard liners smack Modugno's head back and she gets visibly amimated as the Mexican cougar clearly outboxes her during the opening minute. Benitez lands a rare jug shot as well and shoves Modugno onto the ropes where she rips more leather and splits the Italian guard that makes the tourist & fans in bleachers cheer her efforts. Raffaella has to clinch the veteran but still eats more body shots as Elsa digs a nasty elbow into her breasts and lands a crippling uppercut on the jaw at the bell to underline her unexpected dominance.

Round 2:
Raffaella is truly upset after that poor opening round and blitzes the Mexican foe with a proper slugging drive early in the second. Elsa accepts the challenge but loses her precision and has to soak up several hard shots crashing into her face before Modugno lines up a quick uppercut double and smacks a right hook on the ear that wobbles the older model onto her heels. Elsa gets stuck in the loose surface and fails to raise her mitts in time as Raffaella NAILS her with another right hook on the nose... DOWN GOES BENITEZ onto her backside as the Italian model yells out in delight and blows a kiss to the bleachers. Elsa is visibly upset over that knockdown; she gets up at six and vows to restore the Mexican pride but she slices thin air in chaotic recovery and has Modugno picking her off over the top instead. She grinds the older brunette to a halt and knocks her head back with another head-hunting delivery which forces Elsa out of the zone as she spends the final few seconds in hectic retreat.

Round 3:
Elsa rolls out with a stready jabbing assault but Raffaella moves much quicker across the sand now and avoids the initial burst before looping a crisp response over the top that catches the Mexican cougar clear on the mouth. The Italian model is able to dissect the wilting high-guard and she carves lumps into Elsa's face driving her onto the ropes where she pounds her in the stomach for a good measure. Benitez tries to shake her off... to no avail... and then eats a stray elbow on the chest which wobbles her into another quick hook on the ear moments later. DOWN SHE GOES AGAIN!!! This time the Mexican cougar crashes onto her knees and doesn't look so comfortable anymore. She barely beats the count at eight but cuts an aching figure and Raffaella charges to demolish her along the post. Several hard shots cut Benitez up and leave her leaking blood from the nostrils but the referee doesn't stop the contest and the clock runs out before Modugno can knock the cougar out! Woof! The writing is on the wall though.

Round 4:
Elsa gets up for the fourth only to find Raffaella thumping more leather into her face and the Mexican high-guard goes nowhere here as Benitez gets battered into a standstill and cries out in pain when her nostrils leak more red fluid. She wobbles forward with a whimper and meets a merciless uppercut that nails her on the jaw and puts away for keeps. SHE GOES DOWN ON HER BACK with eyes closed and the ref doesn't even bother with the count! KO4 Raffaella Modugno!!!

AFTER: The victorious Italian kicks sand over the fallen woman's torso and indicates Elsa is basically out cold here which forces the medical crew into action. She then catches Sara Carbonero on guest BBU TV duty and tells her she's ready to headline an Italian beach boxing card in the upcoming weeks: "I heard the two Elisabettas (Canalis & Gregoraci) want to beat each other to a pulp so I'll be there to watch them do it! However I want my place in the sun too and I'd love to beat Manuela Arcuri up! I know she's not a coward so she will accept my challege and it's basically official now! We're gonna spill some blood on the sand or what?" (laughs).

Official Result: Raffaella Modugno def. Elsa Benitez KO4.



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