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26 November 2021 Naomi Scott vs Shay Mitchell

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 26, 2021, 11:30 pm





Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Shay: 34 YO, 5’7 ½ (1.71 m), 34-32-0, 34 KO since 2011 Pretty Little Punchers

Naomi: 28 YO, 5’6 (1.67 m), 21-5-0, 21 KO since 2017 Hawkeye international

Before: It’s been 9 years since the 2012 Stable War between the newly formed PLP and the veteran. As HISC flacks like remind everyone Eliza Dushku, Kristin Kreuk, Claire Danes and Michelle Williams teamed up to sweep Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell 4-0. Then came March 2021 once again HISC won: 3-1. Now in November, the Punchers are hoping THIS time they beat the legendary HISC organization

“Yes we;’ve lost twice to HISC, but this time we are more determined than ever to FINALLY prove we can beat them.,” declares PLP’s Shay Mitchell, “Unfortunately, Troian, Lucy , and Ashley won’t be fighting with us this time, but we’ve got good bench strength: Dani Campbell, Sasha Pieterse, Melissa Benoist, and Brec Bassinger who has already taken out Natalie Portman and Mish Williams. Naturally, I will be there, and I am looking to prove I can beat HISC. I see only Mish Williams if left of that old HISC squad. This will be two mostly new teams fighting. I like our chances. Naomi Scott won the Bantamweight Title and successfully defended it 5 times before Demi Rose beat her. I want to prove I can beat her, too!”

Naomi Scott smiles confidently: “You look at Shay Mitchell’s record, after 10 years she’s barely above .500 while I am 21-5. I am not saying she is a ‘bad’ fighter. I am just saying she’s not good enough to beat me. In January she couldn’t beat Priyanka Chopra, What makes her think she can beat me? I am not surprised Troian Bellisario isn’t here. After all I have beaten her twice, odds are she wasn’t going to be able to win on a third try, For that matter., I have beaten Ashley Benson too. None of these PLP girls scare me. Shay just one more for me to beat.”

Shay listens with smoldering silence and then says simply: “I am saving my rebuttal to all that for the ring. Get prepared Naomi—you’ll need to be.” With that Shay marches away from the stage.

“Was it something I said?” Naomi asks with a smirk. “I had no idea she was so sensitive. I guess that’s how it is when you’re mediocre and someone reminds you of it.”

That press event certainly has things stirred up as the first fight of this Stable War begins with the fighters coming to the ring. Naomi wearing a black robe with gold lettering NAOMI SCOTT HISC across the back. She removes it to reveal a white strapless one piece with silver patterning, silver gloves and boots with white laces. Hair pulled back in battle braid. Shay Mitchell enters he ring with a white robe with black letter: SHAY and beneath it PLP. She removes the robe as she enters the ring. She is wearing a black one piece with black boots and gloves (white laces). She and Naomi eye each other as the referee gives the instructions. Then they tape gloves and go to their corners. The bell rings and this Stable War Is ON!...

R1: Shay strikes first as she drives series of digging hooks into Naomi’s midsection. Then switches to banging away at Naomi to the head before returning to pound Naomi’s breasts. Naomi seems slow to react at her first, but then finally gets going with a burst of jabs that tear into Shay’s face and clip her chin. Shay now back on her heels as Naomi rolls forward, but the counterattack falters as Shay wades back in. Now the two are pounding it out to the body at close range and Shay is slowly pushing Naomi back at the bell. This proves good enough to get Shay Mitchell a close win of the round.

R2: Naomi not about to let Shay Mitchell get in the first shot this round. She is out quickly and brings a clouting right off Shay’s jaw. Shay’s legs shudder from the impact and she lurches to one side., Naomi moving with the stunned Shay and pumping in more shots to the head until Shay can get to guard up to block them. Naomi then goes after Shay to the abs and pounds away with jolting hooks. Shay trying to jab Naomi back, but Naomi not backing down and Shay finally has to scoot back in an effort to stay out of range, Naomi hanging with her and keeping up the pressure to the bell. Judges have no trouble giving round to Naomi Scott wide.

R3: Naomi back at Shay as the new round begins, but Shay crowding in against her. Two going at it very close now, toe to toe and sweaty forehead to sweaty forehead. Elbows move in and out as rights and lefts are delivered against heaving breasts and already tender abs. Punches very even most of the way, but then Shay seems to find way to dig in and make her hooks strike harder and deeper. Naomi knocked back on her heel again and again, slowly, but clearly gives ground as the bell sounds. Hard fought round, but Shay Mitchell edges out a narrow win.

R4: Naomi striking at Shay from the middle distance as she circles around the Puncher. Quicj stabbing shots off Shay’s jaw and then into her side ribs, Shay trying to get back in close, but runs into a storm of leather from Naomi. Shay now alternately hit in the belly and jaw. Shay struggling to counter, but Naomi using some nice footwork to blunt these efforts. Shay keeps to get in closer but paying the price as she absorbs more and more Scott leather. Shay finally has to retreat to regroup, but Naomi giving her much rest as she ges after those side ribs again with bruising power. Round ends and Naomi Scott wins round by a wide margin.

R5: Shay again trying to storm Naomi Scott’s defenses and once again she is encountering a leather defensive storm. Shay managing to get some shots into Naomi’s head and jaw, but then gets swacked hard in her own jaw. Shay freezes as these impacts slam into her brain. Then Naomi brings a blasting right uppercut into Shay’s wide open chin AND DOWN GOES SHAY. Shay crashing to all fours as a smiling Naomi heads for the neutral corner. Shay shaking her head trying to pull herself together as the referee counts. Shay takes a deep breath and rises to beat the count at “EIGHT!” Action soon resumes but Shay maintains a tight head protective defense for the remainder of the round. The knockdown assures Naomi will win the round easily.

R6: PLP corner works hard and gets Shay Mitchell out for the new round in reasonably good order, Shay looking more cautious now as a confident Naomi Scott closes in on her. Naomi makes a few tentative swipes at Shay’s belly and breasts, but then surge forward to bring her gloved fists against Shay’s jaw with a right/left coming in over Shay’s mitts. However Shay turns her shoulder to block the right and gets a mitt up to block that left. Then she swings back with her own right. BAM! Big hit on Naomi Scott’s jaw. Naomi legs suddenly turn to jelly as she tries to stagger away. Shay pounding away on the follow up scoring against the side of Naomi’s head and then swinging in front of her to pop in a surprise uppercut behind Naomi’s weakened high guard. Naomi in a rubbery legged retreat, gloves up guard around her head and Shay blasting away at Naomi’s wide open torso. Big comeback round for Shay Mitchell who wins the round wide.

R7: Now it is the HISC corner’s turn to get a shaken fighter ready for the next round. Naomi out at the bell, but she is moving slowly and in a tight defensive mode around the head. Shay moves in with a methodical attack on Naomi to the body. First hooks deep to Naomi’s belly, then she pounds away at the ribcage and finally nasty rising hooks into Naomi’s bust line. Shay skillfully backing Naomi towards the ropes. Then Naomi makes an effort to slip passed Shay and get back to the center of the ring. Shay sees an opening and blasts a right in over Naomi’s slightly lowered mitts and into her cheekbones. Naomi shudders and mitts drop further. Fast right to the jaw now and Naomi is suddenly all confused. This leads to Naomi’s high guard faltering and two rams left/right uppercuts into Naomi’s chin. Naomi’s legs suddenly go out from under AND NAOMI SCOTT CRASHES TO HER BACK! Shay departs for the neutral corner as Naomi lies stunned on her back, chest heaving and arms and legs moving uselessly, Referee count moves up relentless. Naomi trying to rise, but she can’t quite do it. She slumps back as referee is calling:



After: “That sure felt good!” an exultant Shay Mitchell says in a brief conversation with the press. “I admit Scott was tough and she nearly had me the 5th, but we Punchers are tough and I got off that canvas and took her out 2 rounds later. OK, sisters, I got this thing going for us—keep up the good work!”

A HISC spokesperson says simply: “That was one fight. There are four more to go. Let’s move on to the next one.”




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