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6 December 2021 Elettra Lamborghini vs Kendra Wilkinson

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Posted by IBB on December 6, 2021, 7:38 pm



Elettra Lamborghini 5'5 27yo (17W-4L 17Ko's) vs Kendra Wilkinson 5'4 36yo (18W-31L 16Ko's) JMD Fight

Elettra continues her path towards the Jmd title, facing another specialist like Kendra Wilkinson, I'm training hard, and in today's match I will demonstrate it, sweeping this b*tch away, says Elettra, shut up Italian whore, I will make you eat your fists all says Kendra.

The Fight Night
First to enter the lobby is Kendra she is wearing a zebra bikini with white gloves and boots, and her blonde hair is in a ponytail, so it's Electra's turn to walk across the hall wearing a sexy yellow bikini with gold gloves and boots, and his brown hair is in a ponytail, so the referee calls them to the center of the ring for the last instructions, during which the two fighters spit poison, once the instructions are finished the two fighters return to their corner, ready for 10 wild rounds by JMD action.

The Fight
Round 1
At the bell the match is immediately carnage, with Kendra being slaughtered in her corner, by terrible two-handed combinations, lightning-fast and very powerful criss-cross hooks, warp and flatten Kendra's Juggs, which is reduced to a moaning b*tch, while Electra, sweeps away Kendra's top, giving a very hard dose of demolishing uppercuts, which repeatedly lift Kendra's Juggs under the chin, Elettra continues in the carnage, unloading dozens and dozens of Jabs that flatten Kendra's umprotecte boobs, which can only screaming in pain, completely helpless and unable to stop the slaughter, only the bell saves her.

Round 2
Elettra is convinced that she has Kendra at her mercy. instead Kendra attacks her with, violent and precise hooks to the face, which surprise Electra, allowing Kendra, to work hard on the body the Italian, who tries to defend herself, but is promptly punished, by a terrible one-two to her left tit, that makes her wobble, while Kendra double triples quadruples the combinations to the boobs, which milk, deform and flatten them, for Elettra it is a hard lesson that is stopped only by the bell.

Round 3
In this round, the two fighters do not hold back, with both launching ground-to-air missiles, at their respective Juggs, who are savagely punished, putting their respective tops to the test, ferocious criss-cross hooks mercilessly deform their respective boobs, repeatedly doing the two fighters scream in pain, when there are 30 seconds left Kendra finds a precise right uppercut to the chin that stuns Elettra, so Kendra fires a series of ferocious hooks in the face that leave Electra stunned at the bell.

Round 4
Electra at the bell assaults Kendra, with quick one-two hooks to the jaw that stun her, causing Kendra to end up on the ropes, where Elettra administers an endless dose of merciless criss-cross hooks, which sweep off the top, leaving Kendra's boobs naked in the public eye, and above all the massacre of fists that Electra hails on them, until Kendra collapses to the carpet in tears, then the referee starts the count, 8-9-10 you are out, shouts the referee decreeing the victory by knockout at minute 1:24 of the fourth round for Elettra Lamborghini.



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