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7 December 2021 Chiara Nasti vs Noah Cyrus

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Posted by December 7, 2021, 4:03 pm



Chiara Nasti 23yo 5'4 (9w-7L 9Ko's) vs Noah Cyrus 21yo 5'4 (0W-4L) Flyweight match

Chiara comes from a negative period, so far her performance in the FCBA has been fluctuating, and she has not yet found her dimension, today she will go to challenge the little sister of Miley Cyrus, who for the moment has been reported for being abused by all her opponents.

The Fight Night
The first to enter the hall is Noah, she is wearing a bikini with flames, and red gloves and boots, her hair is in a ponytail, so it is Chiara who enters the hall, wearing a black microbikini with black gloves and boots, the my hair is in a ponytail, so referee calls them for final instructions before 10 rounds of flyweight action.

The Fight
Round 1
The match begins, and it is immediately a massacre, with Noah, who is hit with two hands in the face, Noh is completely unable to defend himself, and for Chiara it is all too easy to hit her hook after hook, deforming and bruising hers. face, from minute two Noah has swollen eyes, and Chiara begins to demolish her liver and spleen with dozens of uppercuts, with Noah spitting blood completely destroyed, she is trapped in her corner where Chiara adds some mischievous low blow, reducing in the crime poor Noah, who ends the round under a bombardment of uppercuts to the chin, which leaves her completely stunned at the bell.

Round 2
Noah is immediately locked up in her corner and under the eyes of her sister, she is subjected to a very hard lesson, with Chiara mercilessly hitting her, alternating very powerful uppercuts in the navel with ferocious hooks on the cheeks that are always more swollen and full of bruises, but Chiara wants more and she starts tormenting Noah's small tits too, with precise and violent jabs that literally drill them, Noah is in tears with her face and body full of bruises, she is saved only by the bell.

Round 3
Chiara in this round gives Noah a bit of a breather, and she starts circling the young Cyrus hitting her nose repeatedly, causing it to bleed, Noah desperately goes to the clinch, where he still suffers a hard dose of punching in the kidneys, Chiara a every blow fills her opponent with insults, then in minute three Noah is nailed in her corner, where Chiara with great malice alternates an infinite series of blows to the face, closing both eyes, in the middle of the navel destroying the stomach, and also a series of low blows, allowed by a condescending referee, only the bell stops the carnage.

Round 4
Miley begs her little sister to surrender, but Noah stubbornly at the bell comes back, being promptly reduced to mush by Chiara, who has no mercy, and she takes Noah for a walk around the ring, bombarding her with goni kind of blow, now the face of Noah is unrecognizable, swollen and bruised, nose bloody, Nah's bikini full of blood and her poor purple and bruised body, but Chiara literally starts drilling Noah's guts, making her scream in pain, while Chiara inflicts dozens and dozens of jabs to juggs, and to the nose, which literally bursts in a cloud of blood, with the helpless face that ends up between Chiara's boobs, which suffocates her to the bell.

Round 5
At the bell Noah practically does not stand up and Chiara with a ferocious right hook makes her turn 360 degrees, knocking her down, the referee starts the count, but incredibly Noah gets up, so Chiara brings her to the ropes near the corner of Noah and looking at Miley with an evil grin, he starts disintegrating Noah's body with dozens and dozens of uppercuts, until the powerless body of her opponent ends up outside the ring completely massacred, the referee immediately interrupts the match, decreeing the victory by TKO at 1:17 of the fifth round in beatdown fashion for Chiara Nasti.

Noah is taken to the hospital, while Chiara is interviewed and says she is very satisfied with her match, and that she hopes to be able to challenge Miley in a match one day.



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