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16 December 2021 Tia Carrere vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Tractorpull on December 16, 2021, 8:38 pm



Tia Carrere vs Charlize Theron

Results, Lookout. Story Tractorpull

Tia Carrere
Age 53
Height 5’ 8”
1 Reebox Welterweight Title
1Maxim Lightweight Title

Charlize Theron
Age 46
Height 5’ 9 1/2”
Titles held
8 Unified Lightweight titles
7 Unified Welterweight titles
1 Unified Middleweight title
3 Maxim Lightweight titles
2 Paramount Lightweight titles
1 Reebox Lightweight title
2 Reebox Welterweight titles
2 Paramount Welterweight titles
Original Member of the Hall Of Fame
Mistress of The Body Saddle 1/26/08-1/11/15

Tia Carrere is at the podium, As usual, there is no sign of Charlize, who prefers to stay in the background and say nothing. Tina looking around and comments “I see the Golden Goddess is not to be seen. Today she is going to lose to a women seven years older. We have had four fights and she has one three of them. The other I TKOed her in less than four. Why am I back for another bout? I want to even the score. Charlize has lost more than a step. She is lucky to have survived her last six fights, I want to beat her while it still good for my record. Now don’t get the impression I don’t like Charlize. I do but after more than 400 fights the damage to her body is finally telling. I asked her for the fight and she agreed. I appreciate it. No appearance from the GOAT.


Tia enters the ring wearing a black Bikini with black boots and gloves. Her hair is shoulder length. Charlize is wearing the red bikini that she has been wearing for a while. Her gloves and boots are red. Her hair is in a pony tail.

Round 1. The two meet in the center of the ring and touch gloves and back off. Charlize is circling waiting for Tia to make the first move. Tia is fine with that as she is going to take the fight to the blonde. Tia swiftly moves in and land two jabs to Theron’s face. She fakes a third and as Charlize raises her gloves to protect her face, she drills a fight into the blondes tummy and follows with a right cross to the chin. A Theron jab just barely sails by Tia’s chin. She steps in and digs a right and left into the blonde’s midsection. Charlize lands a right to Tia’s forehead and takes a left and right to her bra. Charlize’s timing is bad and she misses a right cross and suffers a left and right cross to her face in return. Tia can tell Theron can’t get her timing right and is vulnerable, She concentrates on the blondes head. Left and fight land upside Theron’s head. Overhand punches crash into her face. Theron’s guard is still hight, but preventing nothing. Theron is leaning back in the ropes trying to survive. Carrere wants a first round knockout. She drives a right into the blondes solar plexus and follows with a right uppercut Theron is hurt. Glassy eyed and sagging in the ropes. The bell sounds. Carrere did not get her first round KO, but it looks good for the second round. In Theron’s corner her now famous Nascar corner team goes to work. Lawrence tells Charlize if she don’t start fighting she will call in Cat Bell and Jenny McCarthy to teach he how to do it. Charlize’s face turns red with anger.

Round 2. Tia moves out to go on the attack. She notices Charlize has face has changed to a cruel look,. Her eyes are narrowed, her lips are tight. That stare has unnerved a lot of fighters. Not Tia, she’s been there before. She meets the blonde in the center of the ring and start punching away at Theron’s head, Left and rights are landing, then a Theron right cross catches the side of her head, Tia raises her glove in protection only to feel rights and lefts pounding into her midsection. She’s trying to back away, but Charlize is moving with her, Her punches landing in her head and now her bra. Tia tries to go on the offense only to take a crushing right uppercut to her chin. Carrere staggers back, Another Theron right cross drives her into the ropes Tia bounces off the ropes and right into a Theron left hook Tia’s is down on her back. The referee starts the count Tia rolls over to her stomach and she struggles to her hands and knees. That’s as far as she is going to get as the count reaches ten She looks up and sees Theron standing over her. Charlize helps her to her feet and gives her a hug. No words said.

Tia “I really thought Charlize was way on the downside and now is the time for revenge. I made the same mistake a lot of fighters have done
I grossly underestimated her. She’s not done, by no way. I think this is her third straight win after a rough patch. She’s going on another long winning streak. Charlize I congratulate you . You still have it and at your age it’s remarkable.

Charlize; “That’s very kind. I will never forget the night you TKOed me. What you brought, I couldn’t match that night. It’s always a pleasure to fight you. If you want another go just call.

Tina: Thank you, but this night I learned I’m too old for this activity. I think I will take up knitting, but thanks for the opportunity.



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