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18 December 2021 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley vs Nina Agdal

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Posted by Caspian on December 18, 2021, 4:39 pm



1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley vs Nina Agdal

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:
34 years old, 5’9”, 19-14 since 2011, Fates Boxing

Nina Agdal: 29 years old, 5’9”, 37-19 since 2015, VIXENs

Results: Lookout
Words: Fates


It is an all-European battle in the semifinals of the Tournament in Heaven as England’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley squares off against Denmark’s Nina Agdal. Both girls know what is at stake, and both have reputations. Rosie is the number two ranked lightweight but is coming off a devastating loss to her stablemate, and has played second fiddle to the other lightweights at Fates. A win tonight and a spot in the grand finals would go a long way to proving that she won’t be in anyones shadow, even her stablemates. Nina also is viewed as a backseat lightweight to her stablemates, but taking down Rosie would launch her into the discussion for the best lightweight. Huntington-Whiteley has sent both the previous winner in Miranda Kerr and the tournament favorite Kendall Jenner home. The two have fought twice before, splitting the fights and their rubber match could not come with higher stakes.

The press room bursts with camera flashes as the two stunning models step into the room. Rosie seizes her mic and starts talking trash, “Nina has not done anything. When was the last time she beat a top tier opponent? She is overhyped. When I am fighting the tournament final after stomping Nina, she won’t even be in the top three girls I faced in this tournament.”

“Shut up, Rosie,” Nina fires back. “You were nothing until you joined Fates. You are not the future of fighting models. You were a top model of the 2010’s, but that is not now. I’m going to destroy you.”

The two girls glare at each other and are pulled apart, the fighting having to wait until later.

Rosie the first girl to make her way to the ring for the fight, the blonde not wearing a robe and showing off her stunning figure, wearing a black lingerie set for the fight with matching gloves. Huntington-Whiteley poses for the crowd before pacing around the ring, waiting for the brunette.

Nina steps out and removes her robe to reveal a red bra and panties set with blue gloves, the VIXEN striding right into the ring. Agdal steps into the ring and stands right in front of RHW, and the crowd cheers. The ref asks the two to touch gloves and they thunk their gloves together before the bell rings.

Round 1:
Rosie and Nina cautiously exit their corners and start circling each other, both models probing the other girl’s defenses with jabs. Rosie bounces a right off of Nina’s guard before closing distance and sticking a left into her opponent’s flank. Nina returns fire with a right that catches Rosie in her shoulder, but the blonde snaps a right follow-up into the brunette’s mouth and knocks Nina backwards. Agdal covering up as Huntington-Whiteley pounds leather into her torso before she clinches with the older model to force a break. The fight resumes and Rosie turns up the pressure, chasing after Nina and landing body blows to her opponent, but Nina starts to counter back onto Rosie as the round progresses. Rosie changes tactics, feinting left and sticking Nina with a right as time expires. The two models return to their corners, and Rosie takes the first round on points.

Round 2:
The second round starts the same as the first as both models start the round by circling each other. Rosie again works her jab early, but Nina is ready for her. Agdal blocks Huntington-Whiteley’s blow and hits the blonde with a hard right to her body. RHW winces and Agdal follows up with a left that smashes through Huntington-Whiteley’s guard and pops the blonde in her face. Rosie retreats as Nina pursues, jabbing at the older model as Rosie covers up. Agdal lands a pair of blows to Huntington-Whiteley’s ribs, and Rosie clinches to force a break. Agdal goes right back after the older girl, but Huntington-Whiteley pops a left into the brunette’s face to stop her. Rosie follows up with a right to Nina’s chest before Nina can protect her head. The Dane model backs off and the two girls circle to the bell.

Round 3:
Rosie is quick out of her corner and she uses her speed to work Nina around the ring, working around the brunette’s guard. Agdal plants her feet and hits Huntington-Whiteley in her torso, but the blonde snaps her head back with a right. Nina retreating as on comes Rosie again, the older model landing solid blows into her younger opponent. Rosie connects with a right hook and Nina clinches and the ref steps in for the break. RHW goes for an overhand right on the restart, but Agdal blocks the blow and hits the blonde in her chest. Nina follows up with a left into Rosie’s ribs, but the blonde responds with a right into Nina’s face. Agdal is stunned and Huntington-Whiteley smashes two follow up blows into the VIXEN’s face before the bell rings and she is sent to her corner.

Round 4:
RHW charges out of her corner as she looks to keep up her momentum and keeps up the pressure to start the round, working Nina backwards with fast rights and lefts. Agdal plants her feet and starts trading back, forcing Huntington-Whiteley to give up ground. Nina clips Rosie in her chin and the blonde stumbles slightly! Agdal pounces hammering rights and lefts into the older girl’s midriff and body, forcing Huntington-Whiteley to clinch to force a break. Nina lands a pair of blows out of the break, but Rosie comes back with a straight to the brunette’s face, knocking her backwards. Rosie working around Nina’s guard, but the brunette plants her feet again and hits Rosie back, forcing the blonde to give up ground. The bell rings and Nina takes the fourth round.

Round 5:
The two girls settle into their rhythms and start circling early and dipping right and left to get around the other girl’s guard. Nina slips a right into Rosie’s ribs and the blonde backs off as Nina steps forward. Agdal powers a follow-up left into Huntington-Whiteley’s body and the older model clinches to force a break. Rosie lands a left out of the break and follows up with a right to Nina’s chest, drawing a groan out of the younger girl. Huntington-Whiteley closes distance and goes back to Agdal’s body, working over the younger girl’s ribs. Nina wincing as Rosie works her back into the ropes, and now it is the brunette model who clinches to force a break. Nina keeps her distance after the ref waves the two back in, but Rosie works two strikes into Nina’s face. The bell rings and Rosie takes the fifth round on points.

Round 6:
Rosie is quickly out of her corner and strikes Nina in her mouth to start the round. Agdal come back with a right of her own into Rosie’s face. The two girls start circling each other, jabbing at the other girl. Huntington-Whiteley feints left and baits Agdal before drilling her with another right into her face that knocks the brunette backward. RHW follows up with a left that bounces off of Nina’s gloves, and the younger model returns fire with a right to Rosie’s face, knocking Rosie backwards. Agdal pounces, hammering Huntington-Whiteley’s body and knocking the blonde into the ropes. RHW is quick on her clinch, but the blonde is breathing heavily and keeps her distance on the restart. The bell rings and the two girls go back to their corners. Nina takes the sixth on points.

Round 7:
RHW showing signs of fatigue as she steps out of her corner and Agdal takes notice, charging after the older model. Rosie lands a jab as she tries to keep Nina at bay, but the brunette comes back with a right that catches the blonde in her jaw and sends Rosie stumbling backwards! Huntington-Whiteley gets her gloves up as on comes Agdal. Nina with two precise shots to Rosie’s liver and the blonde is hurting, going for a clinch but Nina stops her with a right to her lips, drawing blood. Huntington-Whiteley retreats and has her gloves up as Agdal goes body, beating a tattoo into the older girl’s ribs. Rosie tries an overhand right, but she misses and Nina crushes a hook into Rosie’s jaw! Huntington-Whiteley is staggered and Agdal drives one, two, three blows into her chin and down goes Rosie! Agdal to a neutral corner as Huntington-Whiteley sucks in air on the canvas, the blonde crawling to the ropes. The ref is at the count of six by the time the blonde grabs a hold of the bottom rope, and that’s as far as she gets! Your winner by KO7, Nina Agdal!

Nina Agdal with the biggest win of the tournament so far, as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes home after eliminating the previous winner Miranda Kerr and lightweight powerhouse Kendall Jenner. Agdal is running around the ring, jumping for joy and hugging her trainers as she celebrates going to the finals. Rosie has her head in her hands as she sits on her stool, the blonde devastated by losing after having a good string of wins.

Agdal goes over to the blonde and taunts her, “The last time I beat a top lightweight was you. Tonight.” The brunette walks off, leaving Rosie on her stool.

“That is the rubber match between me and Rosie, and I showed why I am the better fighter,” Nina declares, “I am tired of being overlooked in the league. I beat one of the top girls in the division and I will win this tournament. I sent home the favorite, and I will not stop.”

Agdal setting herself up beautifully to win the tournament as she gets a win over the fighter regarded as the favorite.



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