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19 December 2021 Levy Tran vs Harumi Nemoto

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Posted by BenLegend443 on December 19, 2021, 8:26 am



Results by Lookout, Story by BenLegend443

R1: After getting stomped by Scott in January, Levy became wary of further fighting, but her showing in round 1 shows that it was not the same for training. Harumi, despite being more experienced, is pushed back by Tran. Levy focuses her attacks on Harumi’s chest - twins that have expanded but softened with age, which has also reduced her ability to defend them. Levy might be getting her first win here.

R2: Never mind. Harumi figures it out, and shows Levy just why she still has a positive win rate at 41. Levy’s spitting blood by the end of round two, both a testament to Harumi’s power and the precariousness of her situation.

R3: The sound of simultaneous shots just strike different - the girls give the audience a sensuous show of visuals and audio. They hit each other simultaneously, neither girl wanting to be the first one to back down into a defense. Somehow, there are no knockdowns and the round ends where it began. The round is a draw.

R4: The girls seem to be settling into an even exchange again when Levy finds Harumi’s chin with a knockout blow… or at least one that should’ve been. Harumi merely stumbles. Tran sinks another, and this time Harumi falls back onto the ropes, where she stays dazed and at Tran’s mercy. She’s basically out, but since she’s not down, the ref doesn’t count. He also doesn’t stop the match. The round is not a shutout by virtue of the exchange at the beginning, but it comes quite close. Miraculously, there are no knockdowns either.

R5: Levy struts into round five thinking that victory is near, that Harumi’s all but done for, that it is only a matter of time. She takes it slow, almost waltzing, taking Harumi for a ride. Doing so makes her let her guard down, and in the third minute Harumi sees an opening through her swelling eyes and slams a shot into Levy’s chin, snapping her head back and succeeding where Levy did not. Levy goes down!

The ten count passes her by in a blur of semi-consciousness. She was right. Victory was indeed near, but it was not her victory.

Winner: Harumi Nemoto via KO5!



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