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10 December 2021 Joanna Krupa vs Stana Katic

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Posted by Girls Friday on December 10, 2021, 8:43 am



Tale of the Tape:
Joanna Krupa:
Age: 42
Height: 5'7
W/L: 18-21 (18KOs)
Stana Katic:
Age: 43
Height: 5'9
3-0 (3KOs)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Cougar action now as Joanna Krupa looks to keep on her impressive run after beating the "GOAT" Charlize Theron for a second time, across the ring from her will be the undefeated Stana Katic, who will be hoping to move closer to a big money fight herself with Theron someday soon, stepping into the legendary Madison Square Garden for this bout.

Joanna has become a hot commodity in celebrity boxing fight now, not many can say they have beaten Charlize Theron twice in a year, she was asked about Charlize when interviewed by FCBA interviewer Layla Anna-Lee in her locker room as she was getting her hands wrapped by her coach, Joanna says "I don't want to say too much as we both know me and Charlize will meet again in the ring, beyond that she is one of the rare fighters I respect" Joanna nods to her coach that her hand wraps feel good.

Before Layla can ask, Joanna tells her "since you bring up Charlize though, I know Stana wants to fight her and is jealous that she isn't in my position, all I say to her is she shouldn't have been hiding on sets playing tough girls, I have earned where I am not, something she will learn first hand" Joanna looking all business tonight, Layla thanking her for her time before she leaves the locker room.

Heading into Stana's locker room, Stana is stretching to prepare, the coach of the actress allows Layla a few moments, with Stana telling her "I can't wait to step into that ring, Madison freaking Square Garden is a dream venue for me, fact is it should be Charlize across from me but Joanna will do for now" Stana turns to grab her black gloves, then turns back to Layla.

"I know Joanna doesn't like me because she sees herself as Charlize's new friend or whatever bullsh*t she tells her, I was kept out of this sport for too long, now I won't be held back, I'll go through whoever I have to get a shot at greatness" says Stana as she stares hard at Layla, almost as if she is in the room with Joanna.

Fighting time, first onto the stage comes Joanna, she blows a kiss to the crowd before she struts down the aisle, she is wearing a turquoise bikini with matching gloves, hair tied into a ponytail, looks like she set the terms on attire for this fight as she proudly shakes her booty to a camera as she walks up the ring steps, getting into the ring itself, Joanna stretches as she awaits her opponent.

Who doesn't make her wait too long, Stana banging her gloves together as she looks serious, heading down the aisle with her coach behind her, she has a black bikini along with her hair tied into a braid, she climbs into the ring with a scowl aimed at her opponent, who doesn't exactly smile back at her, Stana fist bumps her coach as she looks ready for this test.

Coming together at the center of the ring, they square up to each other with Stana slightly bending her head down to meet the gaze of Joanna, noses touching as the tension is clear to see, referee needing to nudge them apart before asking for a touch of gloves, there isn't a one as they simply return to their corners, once ready the bell rings to kick off 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters with eyes locked as they thrust in their jabs, circling around the center of the ring, Stana dipping down under a straight before banging in two short hooks, Joanna moving back landing a stiff jab to the top of Katic's head to keep her at range, both snarling at the other after their first hard exchange.

As they start to open up more, landing through gaps in the others defence, Joanna swings in a left cross that grazes the cheek of Stana, she takes a jab square into her lips, then an uppercut knocks the Polish model onto her heels as she regrets pushing forwards there as now Krupa is being knocked towards the ropes.

Pushing back Stana so she can get away from the ropes, Joanna is finding herself being kept on the back foot, Stana beginning to land combinations, a one-two combo knocking back the head of the model, who is only able to fire back with single punches as she is tightening up her guard.

In the final minute Joanna times her counter attack beautifully, slipping a straight to bang in a right to the abs of Stana, then lands an overhand left that turns the head of the brunette, Joanna now repaying her opponent by forcing her to the ropes, sending in short body punches as she has her head down, Stana trying to fire back to the body of Joanna, the round comes to a close with both women giving each other a nudge, referee quick to get between them, order them back to their corners.

Round 2:
Back out they come landing stiffer jabs now, wanting to be the one controlling the action, Joanna the one now dipping under a straight as she slams in a right to the abs of Stana, two overhand shots follow to turn the head of the actress side to side.

Knocking Stana towards a corner, Joanna works the body of her opponent, mauling away as she presses her head under the chin of Katic, who pulls her down into a front headlock, referee needed to break them apart as their eyes lock together, mouthpieces shown as their tempers are rising.

Trading around the center of the ring, Stana lands a one-two to knock back the Polish fighter, getting her onto the back foot again, but when she gets Joanna near the ropes she rushes with a right hook that Joanna sees coming, leaning back out the way then pounding in a straight to the face of Stana to snap back her head.

In the final forty seconds Joanna has Stana herded now the ropes, both landing stiff shots but it's Joanna landing with greater volume, a one-two snaps back Stana's head, Stana charging in to press her opponent back with a left forearm to the chest, hammering in short right hooks into the side, referee needing to break them up when the bell rings, ill tempered affair so far as they exchange a few choice words before going to their stools.

Round 3:
The fighters are landing with more frequency, Joanna landing a right to the chest of Stana, making the brunette growl out as she finds herself getting a taste of JMD style fighting, it does allow Stana to catch Joanna with a right hook to her cheek, then a jab onto her nose.

After a closely fought opening minute to the round, Joanna gets caught with a jab on her chin, soon followed by an uppercut that sends her back towards a neutral corner, with Krupa covering up as she finds herself knocked into the corner, Joanna getting a taste of Stana's body work, both fighters corner teams urging their women on to fight harder.

After a clinch from Joanna allows her out of the corner, Stana is continuing to apply pressure, keeping Joanna near the ropes as punches fly from both fighters, faces getting marked up, Krupa struggling to make much ground up as she gets caught to her face with some beautiful combinations.

Final thirty seconds sees Joanna crouch under a right cross to slam in two short right hooks to the ribs of Stana, when she straightens back up they clash heads, not helping the mood of either fighter as they brawl in close, several punches landing to kidneys and behind heads as the referee is again needed at the bell, warning them to keep it clean as they stare daggers at each other, coaches needing to cool them off on their stools.

Round 4:
Clashing near the center of the ring, Stana is looking to press back Joanna early with a couple of cross punches that graze the cheeks of the model, who fires a straight into the chest of Stana to slow her down, followed by a short left hook to the chin that turns Stana's head to the side.

On the outside goes Stana as she tries to not allow Joanna to charge her, instead she misses with a sweeping left cross, taking a nasty looking right hook under her ribs, then a short left into the liver that makes Stana cry out, JOANNA LIKE A SHARK SMELLING BLOOD POUNDS AWAY TO THE BODY, A SHORT RIGHT LANDS AGAIN INTO THE LIVER TO SEND STANA DOWN TO ALL FOURS!

Joanna stares hard at her downed opponent, then marches to the neutral corner with her arms in the air as her supporters roar, 1...2...3.. Stana spits out her mouthpiece as she is gasping, 4...5.. She rolls to her right side holding her stomach as she looks to her corner, 6...7... Eyes shut as she looks in agony, 8...9...10 where she stays till she is counted out!

Winner Joanna Krupa KO Round 4

What a stunning way for Stana to lose her undefeated streak, Joanna grinning as she struts over to her fallen foe, the victor quick to establish her dominance as she presses her right foot into the chest of Stana to push her to her back, then presses it into the pained body of Katic to make her cry out, Joanna telling her "that's why you don't belong with Charlize, you barely made me break a sweat" laughing as she takes her foot off Stana, heading back to her corner after making her point.

Stana gets help from her coach in the form of an ice pack on her tender stomach, tears running down the eyes of the proud brunette, her coach trying to console her but this is a major set back on getting her dream fight, proving she still needs more seasoning before she considers this level of fighter in the cougar ranks.

While across the ring Joanna gets her gloves taken off before getting a drink, she releases her hair from it's ponytail, giving it a quick shake as she smiles to her coach like a Cheshire cat, Joanna looks the most confident she has in a while with these impressive wins she is racking up.

Stana on the other hand is helped out the ring by her coach, head down as she holds the ice pack to her tender stomach, this will be her first gut check of her career, if she is truly serious about celebrity boxing then she needs to hit the gym hard and not take a defeat to be the end of the world.

In the center of the ring the spotlight falls on Joanna as she gets her left hand raised by the referee, she blows a kiss with her right to her adoring fans, giving her coach a big hug before telling the nearest camera "all challengers are welcome but as you just saw *points up the ramp to Stana* I don't play nice" winking before she goes on a lap of honour inside the ring.

Once she is finished she steps out the ring, another good win for Joanna as she is starting to get the reputation of a fighter who needs to be watched, with Charlize Theron wanting to even the score with her in the ring, she has the world watching her now, Joanna struts up the aisle to the back, showing she enjoys the spotlight and isn't afraid to deal with anyone who wants to try to steal it from her.



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