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31 December 2021 Lucy Hale vs Cierra Ramirez

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 31 December 2021 at 12:09pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Lucy: 32 YO, 5’2 (1.57 m), 36-36-0, 35 KO since 2011, Pretty Little Punchers

Cierra: 26 YO, 5’1 (1,55 m), 8-8-0, 8 KOs since 2020, Latina Knockouts

Before: “It’s not often I get to be the ‘Big Woman’ in a fight,” Lucy Hale jokes about her 5’2 height compared to Cierra Ramirez’s 5’1.

“It won’t do you any good Lucy, I am going to beat you and beat you good,” Cierra Ramirez replies. “I know you’ve been around for a long time, but you’re one the old girls I got to clear out of my way to the Top.”

“Really?” says an annoyed Lucy. “Did you try that on Vanessa Hudgens? I saw that fight didn’t turn out so well for you.”

“You’re no Vanessa Hudgens,” Cierra fires back.

Lucy’s temper is rising: “No, I am Lucy Hale and your fight with me won’t turn out so well for you, either.”

“Tell me that after I’ve beaten you,” sniffed Cierra.

“I’ll be telling you that after I’ve beaten YOU!” retorts Lucy.

The petite boxers are in shorts and tee shorts. Black shorts and white tee with PLP FOREVER across the chest in black for Lucy. Cierra in blue shorts and red tee with LATINA KNOCKOUT across the front in white. As tempers flare they leave their separate podiums and face each other hands on hips.

“You old girls are so arrogant. It will be my pleasure to bring you down!” Cierra announces.

“And, you little twerp, deserve a good spanking!” Lucy responded.

“’Twerp?’ You got a lot to learn about respecting the next generation of fighters!” Cierra fired back.

“Respect is earned. I am not seeing you’ve earned much of it in you!” Lucy retorted.

“You will!” Cierra vows. “I saw what Cree Cicchino did to you last time. I hate her, but she knows how to make her herself remembered.”

Lucy unconsciously reaches for her curvy bottom that Cree had spanked after defeating Lucy in their September bout.

“Cree will pay for that. So will you if you try it,” Lucy says.

“I’m scared now,” Cierra says with a smirk. “I’ll see you in the ring, Lucy. We’ll see what happens after.”

“Mouthy rookie,” Lucy mutters turning away and stalks off the stage.

Talk like that does stir things up on social media and ensures extra interest when the two finally go come together. Lucy isin a leopard print bikini with brown gloves and boots (yellow laces). Her bobbed hair is loose.

Cierra Ramirez is in a bright blue bikini and black boots and blue gloves (blue laces for the boots and black laces for the gloves. Cierra’s hair is in top knot.

The two fighters push and bump one another, but quiet down to listen to the referee’s instructions. They then ram their gloves together vengeful and stomp to their corners. Crowd stirred up all this burst into loud cheers as the bell finally rings…

R1: Lucy smacks Cierra in the chops with a swiping right and then a left to the nose. Cierra rocked back on her heels with blood seeping from one nostril. Lucy clips Cierra to the chin and then stuffs hooks into Cierra’s blue bra cups. Cierra stung falls back rapidly and Lucy moves with her. Cierra getting pounded in the stomach as her jab is going, but it’s not slowing Lucy. Best Cierra can do is to keep herself clear of the ropes. Round ends with Lucy literally drawing first blood and winning the round wide. Cierra defiant, bumps her shoulder against Lucy’s which nearly sets off a row, but referee takes a firm hand to settle the two down.

R2: Freshly patched up Cierra Ramirez is out quickly and catches Lucy a hard left/right combo to the jaw as they met at midring. Cierra then drives a flurry of punches into Lucy’s face, knocking Lucy back with bloody coming from a split lip and her nose. Lucy has her mitts up to protect her head and tries to get a jab going, Cierra dancing around Lucy, pumping shots into her body and flanks. Lucy seems to be struggling to defend against Cierra and is taking a lot of leather because of that. Cierra keeps pressure on by going after Lucy to the head before finishing the round with a series of hooks to the abs. Cierra Ramirez wins round wide.

R3: Cierra resumes her attack by going at Lucy to the body, but this time Lucy crowds in against the rookie. Both fighters using rapid-fire short right and left punches to ravage breasts, rib cage and the stomach areas. Very intense effort has sweat rolling down their straining bodies. They are matching each other punch for punch, but Cierra suddenly steos to one side and as Lucy lurches forward, she drives a right into Lucy’s jaw. Lucy stumbles forward, nearly going down, but regains her balance. She turns and engages Cierra in another fierce body exchange to the bell. Result is a close round, but Cierra Ramirez manages to pull out a narrow win.

R4: Cierra seemed to like fighting in close so she tries to pressure forward against Lucy in the new round. Lucy now prefers some distance between herself and Cierra. Cierra hit hard to the head and face which stalls her advance. Then Lucy brings deep, tearing hooks into Cierra’s midsection and Cierra is bent forward at the waist. Now Lucy bringing punches up into Cierra’s overhanging breasts and face as well. Cierra trying to get away, but Lucy not far and she keeps a steady drumbeat of leather on her to the bell. Lucy Hale wins this round wide.

R5: Lucy and Cierra out quickly for this round, but it is Lucy on the attack early. Cierra trying to bob and weave but Lucy is finding her to the body and flanks. Cierra hooking Lucy to the belly and by landing punch after punch in the same area, she makes Lucy shudder with each new punch. Lucy is hunched up, but Cierra continuing her relentless ab attack. Then, Cierra does another slick sidestep that draws Lucy off balance and causes her high guard to drop. Cierra brings a lightning bolt right into Lucy’s temple. Lucy staggers forward and Cierra adds a right to the jaw. LUCY HALE SLUMPS TO THE CANVAS! Lucy on her side, curled up as Cierra departs for the neutral corner. Lucy struggles to rise even as the referee counts. Lucy gets to her knees, ut can go no further.

“EIGHT!...NINE!...TEN!...YER OUT!” cries the referee as Lucy hangs her head in misery and Cierra leaps for joy.


After: Lucy knows what’s coming. She stills glumly on her stool until Cierra Ramirez appears to drag her up by the hair.

“Hey! I was coming!” Lucy splutters in protest.

“I want everyone to see I am the boss of you!” Cierra loudly declares. With the she shoves Lucy face first over the middle rope of the ring. She then wipes her hands together AND STATS SPANKING LUCY’S TEMPTING POSTERIOR!

Lucy tries to hold back but Cierra soon has her groaning with each impact on her trembling glutes. Tears come to Lucy’s eyes and she kicks her feet wildly, but it no good. Cierra spanks Lucy until Lucy is limp and moaning softly. Then she pulls her back.

“How was that compared to Cree?” Cierra asks.

“You’re better,” Lucy admits. “and now I hate you both.”

“I’ll settle for that,: Cierra says and sends Lucy back to her corner with a final slap on the butt that makes Lucy yelp.

Post fight antics aside, this was a good match between a rising star flyweight an a hard-working veteran. Both fighters showed good stuff at times, but Cierra able to show more of it with her footwork looking very effective. Encouraging win for Cierra and her organization. Disappointing loss for Lucy, but she has always been able to battle back from adversity and fans are sure that will happen for her again. 



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