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31 March 2022 Title Ch Vanessa Hudgens vs Cree Cicchino

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 31 March 2022, 5:07am


Cree Cicchino vs Vanessa Hudgens Flyweight title
(Words & Results: Lookout!) 


BEFORE:  This is a match-up that has been in the making for quite some time as Cree and Nessa have been on a collision course for quite some time.  While initially the two of them appeared quite friendly, the two of them have been increasingly catty lately until most recently, Cree has demonstrated a confidence in becoming one of the youngest flyweight champions ever to end Vanessa's reign atop the division.  Vanessa, of course, doesn't have any desire to end her flyweight success anytime soon - certainly not to Cree.  The two of them are after each other the moment they step into the ring - ref unable to keep the two of them apart as he rings the bell to get things started between two of the best flyweight stars in the league today for the final bout of this stable war, but the start of a rivalry....

R1: Opening round and they’re OFF- Cree willing to work in the first minute, then getting coaxed to ropes, then simply covering up and defending as Nessa gets off. Hudgens effervescent, slugging her little heart out, punching away on Cicchino's waist and flanks when the head's not readily available. Cree calm, relaxed - but maybe too relaxed: needless punishment adding up on her chassis when a little offense would discourage Hudgens’s brazen work.

R2: Hudgens jab-jabbing early, sorting Cree out - keeping right under her chin, left low, just sprucing Cicchino up. Cicchino tense, dukes at temples, face scowling with concentration - she's determined to come forward, dropping punches out of her guard with hammer-chop motions, bringing her mitts back quick to her brows. Cicchino much busier, more committed - she outworks Hudgens and maneuvers her to ropes. Vanessa swatting and parrying at punches, bending at the waist, rolling punches - she's listlessly defending the pocket, accepting Cicchino's clubbing flurries at the bell.

R3: Cree catches Vanessa an early right hand over a lazy Hudgens jab - while Vanessa's dealing with it, Cree mops up a repeat right and a workmanlike left. Hudgens frowning, sternly chin-punched - she's backing up and takes another blunt right on her brow, and a right behind the ear as she hits the ropes. Hudgens crossing her arms, bending low, rotating her torso - Cicchino SCOURING away, eyes blazing - little star hustling mitts onto meat, not caring where the punches land. Seconds turn into minutes - Hudgens just rolling, warding off shots, but not answering back - relentless Cicchino body punching seems to have Nessa cringing. Hudgens CLINCHES! Vanessa exhaling hard through pursed lips, brows knit in pain: she's hurt downstairs and gloms on for ref's break. Cree champing at the bit! She's pushed back by the official, but she's right back on, stepping-to Vanessa and swinging a fat right hand in under Nessa's elbows. FULL ON BEAT-DOWN! Cree opening up and DOUSING Vanessa - pushing Hudgens's shoulders up, then digging away short pumping rights and lefts to solar plexus. Vanessa sullen, cranky - reaching for Cree's squirming body, or tieing up behind her elbows - Cicchino pounds away bell to bell and posts 10-8 without a knockdown over a sluggish Vanessa D in the third!

R4: Body language: Hudgens slumped, wincing at finger-probes of her ribcage during the break; Cicchino upbeat, taking on water, eyes bright and focused as trainer tries to keep her focused. Translates to more Cicchino-on-Hudgens action at the ropes - Vanessa lounging, right at her cheek, left across her gut, shoulder-rolling head shots, bending at the waist and rotating her torso - she's sound enough defensively, but it's punching she needs to do. Cicchino able to pin ears back and go at Vanessa, pelting her hips, arms, shoulders when skull, chin, jugs and tummy aren't available. Speaking of jug - Cicchino getting on up there with little chugging bursts, really bumping Vanessa around - Hudgens clinching often enough to draw warnings from the ref for holding. Eventually, the punches accumulate as NESSA CRASHES TO ALL FOURS, but gets up before the bell. Real concern in the Hudgens corner during the break: if it's some kind of joke, trainer's not laughing.

R5: Hudgens turns it on and Cicchino can't compete. Hard, discouraging jab determining range, pace, geometry. Hudgens rotating to her left, hooking spicy off the stick, head and body. Shoulder feints set up lead right hands bingo off the mouth - Hudgens startling Cicchino with the punch, backing her up. A little in-out footwork to change up distance and Cicchino is shutout - easily outclassed as Nessa focuses, puts the work in.

R6: Hudgens arrives at the fight, totally dictates the third. Hard, piercing jabs punch through the Cicchino guard, dotting her between the eyes. Vanessa stepping sharply clockwise, hooking off her jab - nice biting stroke as she catches Cree in the mouth. Right hands tossed at Cree's face are blocked, but it's the left hook in the body Vanessa wants: she takes Cree hard in the liver, sending shivers through ingenue frame. Cicchino's heart tested this round - she's hurt a body shot, knees buckling, and CREE DROPS TO A KNEE - Vanessa beaming and kidding with her troops as Cicchino gets emergency repairs.

R7: Committed punching from Cree - she spends a minute boxing rings around Hudgens, then jabs her to ropes and tucks in hard. Thick, digging body shots - Cicchino shoving home rights and lefts under and around Hudgen's protective elbows - Nessa groaning, stooping forward and giving away her back on the cheap to an opportunistic ingenue. Cree busy, but not wasteful - she's placing her shots, pushing up on Nessa to jostle and punishing her severely - now Nessa is issuing the clinches, breathing hard through her mouth, frowning in complaint as Cree presses her into ropes for breaks. Cicchino all business back to her corner: eyes hard, pitiless.

R8: Nessa renews her merciless assault, attacking Cicchino relentlessly all along the apron. Poor Cree sliding to her right along ropes, dukes at temples, teeth clenched - OH, the beating her little body's taking. Vanessa rhythmic - twisting her hips as she strokes rights and lefts against Cree's ribs - Hudgens's arms shivering upon blistering contact. Hudgens with such a nice, compact clipping action on her hook when she wants up the middle - she's taking Cicchino in the chest or chin, just biting the shot in and shaking Cree up. Sensational work upstairs and down ringing Cicchino up - she's stupid with punishment, no longer clinching, just tilting forward behind her mitts and sopping up what Vanessa's laying down.

R9: More Vanessa, tyrant Vanessa: the promised massacre has arrived. Cicchino visibly wilting, breaking down badly at the ropes: guard no longer holding firm as Hudgens punches her way past the mitts, lumping up the cheekbones and jaw. Hook-hooks landing thick behind the elbow, drawing boozy gasps and whimpers of complaint - Hudgens's lips pressed tight in satisfaction as she cripples her young foe. Job of work at times for Vanessa to reach under Cree's arms, prop her in the ropes and get back into that body: Cicchino no longer processing, making throaty little glug-glug noises as she sits in the ropes, taking. On and on and on and FINALLY, poor Cree droops to all fours, panting, head bowed - ref bodies Vanessa back and she is LIVID - tearing into the man for not stopping this thing. Cicchino BEATS THE COUNT! Cree reeling, eyelashes fluttering: she digs in chin tucked, elbows in, hands at temples as Hudgens marches on the dregs. Big batting right hands in the waist - E getting them while palming gently with her left hand, then shifting her stance to get identical batting lefts. Muscular push to prop up drooping victim, then jug taken. Muscular push to prop up, then more waist work. Hudgens taking what she wants, then bracing Cree upright with a left in the chest and demanding the ref come take a look - FINALLY letting Cree collapse to the canvas as the ref is cradling Cicchino to safety. KO9, Vanessa Hudgens.

AFTER: Quite a war between the two, but Nessa isn’t finished yet. There has been a lot of talk around the league, potentially initiated by Cicchino that it was time for the ‘Reign of Cree’ to begin. But, Vanessa is not ready to have her time end on top too early as she heads over to Cicchino. While the two of them have been overall respectful to one another leading up to the bout, things have grown increasingly catty and now the look in Nessa’s eyes is anything but friendly.

Vanessa reaches down to reach for Cree’s dark tresses as she yanks her up towards her feet, tugging furiously as she sends her staggering backwards into the turnbuckle. Cree slumping into the turnbuckle with a loud groan, panting out heavily as she glares up at Vanessa, who continues to bully forward. Hopping up on the turnbuckle as her feet press into the second ropes, going to lower her tummy down across Cree’s face to tummy up on her rival. Scrubbing her abs back and forth, just taking control of her foe’s face with her belly, rotating her tummy back and forth to scrub confidently. Nessa just smiles with undisguised glee as she peels her abs backwards, seeing her rival’s features slick with tummy-sweat as she then reaches for Cree’s dark tresses.

Yanking Cree’s head backwards as she starts raining down a wicked torrent of slaps across her face over and over. Cracking down with loud slaps as Cree screams out, crying out in pain and fury, but Vanessa doesn’t let up. Slapping over and over, palm hammering down against Cicchino’s cheek to leave it a deep shade of scarlet. Tears streaking down Cree’s cheeks in between each slaps as Vanessa looks positively furious as Cree’s resistance is battered by repeated slaps.

Finally, Vanessa hops off of Cree and steps back as a dazed Cicchino slumps to her butt in the turnbuckles. Vanessa’s eyes blazing and nostrils flaring, a smirk crossing her lips as she pats her proud tummy with one hand and the other forearm performing a bicep flex as she walks backwards. Eyes never leaving Cree’s as she blows her a kiss and purrs, “It’s the Reign of Vanessa, b*tch!” as the crowd roars their approval of her continued dominance of the flyweight division. With this win, Vanessa helps Lookout! Boxing win the Stable War 4-3! 



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