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6 March 2000 Joanna Kerns vs Jessica Lange

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Monday, 06-Mar-2000 20:05:33

Before: Winner gets a crack at Huston, but Kerns says she may just skip the senior's titlist altogether when she wins. "I'm putting Lange out," says Joanna, "and then I'll see what happens. If I still don't get any offers, I'll put Huston out to stay busy, but I'm ready to fight anyone anytime." Lange's heard it all before, but Joanna looks terrific at weigh in, and reports of her spanking sparring partners do not appear to be exagerated. Jessica in white sports bra, light blue adidas terrycloth trunks, Kerns in yellow sports bra, evergreen trunks.

During R1-3 Kerns with a definite advantage in hand and foot speed, backs Lange up with impressive rushes, jabbing as she comes forward and stepping into hard right crosses onto Lange's face. Jessica taking a good punch, but continually forced to punch off her back foot doesn't get off, taking a shutout in the first, and getting outhustled in the following 2 frames.

R4 Joanna more flat footed, bodying up and slowing down, but still pushing her girl around the ring. Lange straining against Joanna as the girls take turns reaching in with the left hand to push the other back with a shoulder, then stepping into thudding hooks to the torso - but Joanna wins the grinding attrition. All Kerns in the final moment, riding her left arm around Lange's waist, and lifting cruel right hands upward into Jessica's midriff. Jessi flushed and wobbly butt at the bell, folds helplessly into Joanna's arms as Kerns smiles.

R5 Lange opening well, falling in with Joanna behind a nice right hand, but Kerns soaks it up and continues to push and beat her foe with heavy leather. By the midway point, Jessica's back touches the ropes, and Kerns is working her - dragging the crown of her head across Lange's open mouth, snapping chopping lefts and rights into the gut. Lange getting punchy, tries to push Kerns out, but Joanna begins opening up, and suddenly Lange is hurt to the body. Jessica trying to clinch, groaning as Kerns gets off at will - Joanna standing in a wide stance, POUNDING her foe's waistline with both hands and Lange sinks nearly to her knees when Joanna grabs her up under the arms and stuffs her back against the ropes! Lange slipping into a daze, now defenceless as Joanna cracks short lefts and rights across the chin and into the stomach, preventing Lange from taking a knee by propping her up under her arms. Massacre ends as Lange's head droops against her shoulder - the ref pushing his way in as Kerns smiles, lifts her mitts. Brutal KO5 as Joanna Kerns leaves Lange a battered wreck.

After: Shocking one sided beat down - Lange just never a factor as Kerns got it done inside and out. Joanna reeling off a list of big name fighters, calls out a veritable who's who of hollywood sluggers, with little chance of getting a phone call anytime soon after this dominant performance.

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