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24 December 2009  Bridget Moynahan vs Jill Wagner

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Posted by simguy on 12/24/2009, 7:49 am


BEFORE: "Bridget's a classy name," Jill allows in prefight. "She's very fit, fast and skilled - doesn't fight a lot, but when she does, she's dangerous. She's just the thing to sharpen up my skills upon." Moynihan grumpy about the betting line: most books giving highly touted Wagner the benefit of the doubt, despite Bridgett's cinematic pedigree. "No offence to Jill," Moynahan glares at podium, "but she's a game-show host. Any real fighter doesn't allow herself to be confined to entertainment news or gameshows, or whatever: real fighters are stars BECAUSE they don't compromise. I'm a Charlize Theron level lightweight who doesn't get the respect she deserves. When I'm finished with Jill, she'll understand I'm not somebody you 'sharpen up' on. I'm a girl that dulls other girls' edges, and leaves 'em roughed up for next time." Jill in sporty cotton thin strap sport top (baby blue); navy blue stretch short-shorts with white/blue elastic belt; small white gloves. Bridget in white sport bikini; kinked shoulder-length black hair; small white gloves.

During R1: Jill raking Bridget with power punches: Wagner has Moynahan staggering at points. First minute: Jill's hook connects flush to chin, punching Bridgy onto her heels. Middle minute: flurry to gut leads to left uppercut to chin, once again loosening up Bridgy's gait. Moynihan proving smart, poised under duress: legging away from harm; cute off the ropes with little duck-and-spin manoeuvres to avoid extended mop-up beating from pursuing Jill.

R2: Bridgett rallies, boxing Jill to a standstill midring in classy skills exhibition for both fighters. All even till late: trade in hooks goes Moynahan's way as Jill's legs stiffen. Bridget capitalizing with a tasty tic-tac-toe barrage of Jill's waist/ribs as Wagner's covering up hurt at bell.

R3: They've tasted each other's power...fighters come out wary in a tactical third. Spy vs spy cut-and-thrust boxing - both girls angular off the jab, classy on the outside. Taut, toned bodies shredding into sinewy relief as girls work at high tempo - stepping to plant on left legs and getting off rapido. Bridgy with the extra touches: a little more diligent jabbing to Wagner's body; a little more determined anytime girls are close and letting hands go to offending ribcages.

R4: Fierce exchange in early trading ends when Moynihan buries a gouging left uppercut deep to Wagner's sternum. Jill gutshot, staggering away all dewy-eyed and cringing: Bridgett quick to read the hurt. Ropes: Jill forms ragged earmuff - quickly penetrated by straight, drilling criss-cross left/rights from Moyaihan. Wagner face-punched, stunned, reaches to clinch: Bridgett slides back while jabbing Jill's mouth, knocking at Wagner, maintaining distance...then pasting her righty as Jill's tumbling forward. Rising hook follows crisp right hand...Bridgy very tart, precise with her punching: lips pursed, eyes narrowed as she scores heavily to Jill's face. Wagner battered back to ropes...again she attempts earmuff - disrupted when Bridgy plants forward on left leg to deploy a series of jagged left uppercut guard-splitters. Wagner suddenly loose, trying to hold guard together while stooping forward at waist: Bridgy shifts-left - fighting just off Jill's right shoulder. Moynahan leaning in close, jerking right uppercuts; clipping tidy hooks...poor Jill taking a pinpoint pasting and THE REF STEPS IN! TKO4 in brisk, businesslike fashion, Bridget Moynahan.

After: Bit of an upset...Moynahan proving as determined as she is classy, pouncing on hurt prey and cleaning up like a champ. "Gameshow host...movie star..." Moynahan grins in postfight, posing her hands like scales before her. "I beat the tan off that girl, didn't I?"


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