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24 December 2009 Mary McCormack vs Brooke Shields

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Posted by simguy on 12/24/2009, 7:52 am,



BEFORE: "I don't care how old I am," Brooke tells assembled media. "I'm still the strongest, best conditioned actress in the division - and that includes Charlize Theron. I can definitely punch my way through to another title against these girls. Definitely." Mary Mac happy to be getting the chance to compete: she's a big, broad-shouldered blonde looking to kick it old style with Brooke. "I do admire Brooke's legacy," Mac says with respect, "but that doesn't mean I'll give her a single inch in the ring. She's big and strong, but she's not exactly elusive: I'll definitely be able to find Brooke Shields. When I do, I think we're going to see one shocked brunette: she's not going to like my power one little bit!" Mac in ribbed baby blue stretch cotton sport top; navy stretch shorts; white gloves and shoes (no socks). Brooke in grey stretch cotton sport top; dark green stretch shorts; black shoes with white socks rolled down; black gloves.

During R1: Mary Mac wading in hands knuckles-together at chest - dipping and swinging side-to-side from her pockets when in range. Brooke pumping big-girl stick from wide stance - easing back from Mary, trying to walk Mary Mac into bashing right hands. Girls frequently falling in together: brawny clinches; big bodies straining to push each other back/wriggle an arm clear for body-slugging. Brooke and that sledgehammer jab get the better of it: she's touching Mary stiff, then shoving off with heel of glove against Mary's shoulder or head to reset. Mary's paying a steady price to get in range, lumping up nicely. Fighting in the clinch about even - both girls slopping leather onto each other while holding between ref's breaks.

R2: Mac wading in, slugging: Brooke's back hits ropes for first time. Siege - Mary atop Brooke at ropes: Shields pulling Mary's head down, or riding one thick arm around blonde shoulders to tie up. Mac grinding away in the grasp, shoulders rotating as she pumps Brooke's tummy both mitts: steamy big-girl work in the trenches. Ref's breaks push Mary back but she wades on in - swinging lusty right hands to Brooke's left bicep, then bashing away in close. Brooke grimacing as she reaches under Mary's arms, trying to turn-and-body blonde to ropes: Mac writhing to get HER arms in underneath, generally doing a good job keeping Brooke pinned. Shields bashed about her pecs/arms/flanks/hips - but doing a good job protecting her chin with her hands up around Mary's head.

R3: Mac with a clanging right off Brooke's forehead pushes brunette back early: Brooke bringing elbows in, hunching forward, tidying up with short right/left uppercuts to win back lost canvas. Mary picked up out of her crouch by these cuffing clouts, but swinging from her pockets: Brooke constantly forced to duck-and-cover as walloping leather caroms off scalp/shoulders. Mary with a loud roundhouse right to Brooke's waist. Mary with a bludgeoning hook across Brooke's breasts. Blonde very stubborn and sturdy, winging wide, trudging in close, trying to get her head in under Brooke's chin. Shields using her left shoulder in close, nudgin' and a-bumpin', then picking Mary up short-shrugging little uppercuts: Big Brooke tightening up stroke, looking slick in close. Mary pushing Brooke to ropes late, works hard for the points - bashing away as frowning Shields elects to tie up. Bell: Brooke mouthbreathing, looking cranky; Mary mouthbreathing, upbeat.

R4: Mary moving her head in a little bob, crossing her arms on approach. Brooke being tall - jabbing at her foe, sliding back from the pressure; using heels-of-the-hands to push-and-turn Mary. Mary Mac getting under the poke, but getting picked up inside by Brooke's little short-shrug uppercutting: brunette getting into blonde rack, clipping at that chin in tight. Brooke punching and pushing, turning Mary, backing her up: Mccormack scowling behind crossed arms, looking confused at times as Shields proves brawny midring.

R5: Similar negotiations: Brooke wants to be midring, working behind her jab, getting her palms on Mary to shove her around. Mccormack looking to crouch inside, get underneath Brooke and bang that bodkin. Both girls getting some of what they want - Mary paying the price to get close and work brunette ribs/hips/waist via free-swinging lefts and rights. Brooke gasping, backing away, but using the jab well: Mary always touched on her way in, sometimes harshly.

R6: Stepping action: Mary stalking Brooke. Brooke trying to keep distance and rotate: Mary looking to encroach. Mccormack POUNDING Brooke's ribs and arms at times - baring teeth while swinging robust side-to-side grizzly bear swipes. Brooke grimacing, shying away, but catching Mary with postcard perfect jabs and right hands on occasion. Shields strokes Mary a gorgeous sweeping right just under left breast to wrench a cry of pain from Mccormack at one point. Mary responds moments later with shelling three punch barrage tits/shoulder/chin, rocking Shields onto her right leg for a moment. Clobbering back and forth in spots has crowd roaring.

R7: Brooke jabbing, standing upright: Mary crouches, scoots forward inside Brooke's left, bringing her feet with her as she hurls right hand over Brooke's poke. Shields turns her head, trying to lean away, but gets smashed behind left ear: big brunette legs stiffen, pitching Brooke face-first to canvas! Mary bellowing, pounding her chest as she stomps all jugs a-jumpin' to neutral corner. Ramshackle Brooke up at 8... topples into ropes, blinking woozy as she narrowly beats count. Shields a stunned MILF as Mary wades in hands knuckle-together at chest...Mccormack bends in with another swinging overhand right atop an outstretched Brooke don't-hurt-me left. Shields head bashed over top ropes, then lolling forward - face slackened - body instantly relaxing into cables, then spilling forward. Shields plows in face first, fast asleep at Mary Mac's feet. KO4 in blunt-force fashion, Mary Mccormack.

AFter: Mary aglow: Brooke a legendary big girl name, walked down and hammered to sleep by hungry blonde slugging tonight. "I've got power and skills," Mary boasts as wobbly Shields is shown recovering knock kneed in her corner. "I showed Brooke no respect tonight: i was determined to take canvas from her and break her down at the ropes. She tried to hold, but I'm too strong for that: once she realized she couldn't have her way, I felt her wilt. She won't be the only one, believe me!"

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