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26 December 2009 Katherine Heigl vs Sarah Lancaster

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Posted by simguy on 12/26/2009, 8:20 am,


BEFORE: First photo-day...Kathy puts a big, two-handed super-push onto Sarah's chest, sending her reeling: security moves in to halt the brawl as Heigl's steamin'. "I'm sick of hearing this chubby-cheeked nobody calling me out all the time," Heigl glares at podium. "Who the hell does she think she is? There ARE no Heigl-busters, period - there's just Heigl-duckers, and Heigl-hammered - get me? Sarah's going to learn why most girls are in the first group. Stupid cow." Lancaster perky at the mic: she's getting what she asked for, for Christmas. "Putting Kathy in the shade is step one for me," Sarah breezes. "We're the biggest and strongest, so driving her off her perch is my first priority - but then I'm title-bound all the way. I went up and BATTERED Amanda Righetti folks: you think Heigl's built to take that kind of punishment? HELL no!" Lancaster in rich purple bikini; black gloves; dark hair loose/curly. Heigl in white hipster swimsuit bottoms with white twist-tied halter-top gathering up those jugs; white gloves; hair in brawler's bun with soft golden curls framing her face. Sour, pursed-lip sneer from Kathy during ring instructions: Sarah answering with Righetti-busting smugness.

During R1: Midring, Kathy: hands up, palms out - choppy left jabs from this posture, in hopes of stepping into a short-chop right hand. Sarah's hands about mouth-high, elbows in tight to her body...she's stooping forward to jab Kathy's jugs, working the top-knot early - hoping to hook-off-the-jab. Fairly high work rate for bigger girls - clockwise stepping as they sort each other out. Good moments for both - particularly off tart jabs: faces spanked back with pinched expressions; girls punched out of their stances - each walking the other down in turn. Heigl a little more effective as girls get off from outside - blonde getting the most out of her height.

R2: Heigl assumes command midring: long, punishing jabs simply shelling Lancaster into compliance. Sarah grimacing, hands at temples as she crouches forward: Kathy pumping jabs into the guard and shoulders, turning Sarah. Middle minute - Kathy starts mixing in the power: right hands bash down and across - pounding loud off prepared Lancaster defences. Stepping in, Kathy's robust to Sarah's arms, pounding the biceps, then pushing her girl back: blonde treating brunette like a shopping cart. Caroming right hand off the forehead late has Sarah wobbly butt: even partially blocked shot from Heigl carries heft.

R3: Sneaky punch-n'-clutch early from Sarah: she'll jab into jug, then snuggle up, walking Kathy to ropes. Ref issuing breaks with slaps against Sarah's broad, tanned back: she pushes off, then steps in hooking, catching Kathy mouth or jug before slopping back in. Heigl grimacing against ropes, pushing on her tormentress: Lancaster keeping hands free, pounding the belly robusto, her head down, hands pumping. Kathy pushing Sarah in her shoulders, heaving her outside: Lanny right back in - usually behind a flicking jab at Katherine's face. Heigl stymied, looking upright and stiff against ropes: she's grumpy from very hard clouts against her paunch, and odd sneaky right hand jammed onto her chin. Down the stretch, Lancaster BANGS that waistline right/left, bunching Kathy up "UH-H!" Short right hand/sudden left hook and HEIGL'S DOWN! Jarring blows to her face stun Kathy, sit her down - she's a startled beauty with back to ropes, blinking hurt at the bell.

R4: Girls trade jabs midring - Sarah dipping low with hers to make Kathy miss over Lanny's left shoulder. Sarah stepping, drives a short, drifting right through to chin - turning Heigl's chin aside, straightening her up. Heigl backing straight up...Sarah steps-with, hops into a gigantic hook and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Kathy BLOWN to her back as her legs freeze up - crowd roaring to it's feet. Heigl brave...she's badly hurt, rickety getting up, swaying at ropes...but she beats the count. ON COMES SARAH! Overhand right slams onto Kathy's chin, punching her upright into ropes, her arms outstretched, left forearm crossing right. Sarah snarling, baring teeth: she torques into hook, slamming Kathy's head aside, loosening big blonde against ropes. SARAH WANTS JUG! Vicious clip-clap of a whacking right/left spanks off Heigl's helpless jugs - Sarah just twisting into the harm, belting those babies senseless. Helpful shove pushes swooning Kathy upright...soft blonde curls dangle down into her eyes as her lips part in stupor. POUNDING right/left - Sarah leaning in, putting her back into it - she's taking a SLEDGEHAMMER to those puppies. Another push braces Kathy upright - blonde head lolling ANOTHER clapping right/left sets those melons all a-jostle and the REF STEPS IN! Official bodying seething Sarah Lancaster off, leaving Katherine Heigl slumped against ropes, out on her feet. TKO4, Sarah Lancaster!

AFter: Kathy swaying on the spot in the aftermath when her topknot gives way...spilling badly walloped jugs like loaves of bread into open. Blurt of shame, Kathy - she's all knocked out, trying to retie her top with her gloves still on - what a mess. "I busted Kathy up," Sarah crows in postfight, "then I busted her loose! I KNEW I'd stop her, I KNEW it! After hammering Righetti senseless, I knew I could drop back down and dominate anyone at Light. Did you see me pounding her breasts? I put those things out of COMMISSION baby! Anytime Katherine wants a rematch, she's got one...'cause this is the best feeling in the world and I WANT ME SOME MORE HEIGL!" Sarah getting plenty of attention in days to come: Navi Rawat, Eva Larue said to be amongst the interested vixens. And how good does Lis Rohm's recent win over Sarah look now for Lis - given Lancaster's success?

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