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26 December 2009 Title Ch Jessica Biel vs Jennifer Garner

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Posted by simguy on 12/26/2009, 8:40 am


BEFORE: "I'm at the very peak of my powers," Jessica says in prefight. "I'm where Jennifer was five years ago - only higher: that's what Garner's facing. It's sad really: Jen could have had a nice little goodbye tour this year - she can still beat some second tier names convincingly...instead, her guys're putting her in with prime Jessica Biel. Sounds like a career-ender, doesn't it?" Garner non-plussed: she's heard Biel's braying confidence before. "Jessie's playing the age card so hard, it almost looks like desperation," Garner smiles at podium. "Sounds like she sure HOPES I'm five years removed from my prime. Anyway - why don't we just fight to find out. Maybe we'll find out that Biel's prime has come and gone. That'd be fun, hey?" Jen in tiger-print bra style bikini with sporty, full coverage bottoms/black gloves; long brown locks tied back off her face. Jessica in electric blue STEALTH bikini; white gloves; blonde hair in loose, kinky curls.

During R1: Jen dukes up, very wary - just making her reads. Jessica darting in with lead, sidearm rights; darting out with swiping, rising hooks. Biel grinning, aggressive - penetrating Jen's airspace at will, landing loud against shoulders/prepared defences. Jen just trying to get the timing right - looking to walk Jess into stiff jabs; hunkering down to block as Biel's getting off; looking to touch Jess on her move out. Biel's legs taut, shredding into muscular relief as she prowls about, pounces: Jen comparatively stationary, getting her left flank consistently turned. Biel the active aggressor - attacking from angles - outclassing her foe with speed: Jen calm, defensively sound, just collecting data while dropping the first.

R2: Jen stepping in the stiff jab - pounding poke lands like a lot of girls' power right hands. Biel respectful, shearing off from Garner's poke, circling counterclockwise, looking to curl back in. Jen in wide stance, patient: she'll pump the jab to subtly dictate Jessie's ring position, then slide back - creating a little gap just as Biel's pouncing. Jen consistently able to walk Jess into the jab, then score heavy rights and lefts against that fabled rib-cage - belting Biel back outside. Jessica frowning, circling, but routinely outfoxed as Jen compensates for speed-deficit with timing, position...making Jess miss, then taxing her body.

R3: Same gambit from Jen: step in the jab to knock at Biel, anger her; time Jessie's pounces, sliding back from them to create little gaps; walk Jessie into stiff jabs or check right hands, then mop up her body ringing clout for the moment Biel's caught in no-woman's land. Jess repeatedly baited and belted: after the first minute, she scowling, cringing slightly from all the attention paid to her ribcage: Jen's over to offence. Garner keeping right hand high as she steps in the heavy jab, then POUNDING at Jessica's flanks/breasts/tummy. Biel grumpy, dukes at brows, stooping forward as she backs away and to her right - Jen in pursuit. Garner following Biel in meandering counterclockwise circles, pounding at brawny blonde arms; digging left uppercuts to breadbasket; strapping heavy right hands in behind left elbow. Slow, grimacing retreat for Biel: she can't get off; seems too confused to renegotiate the terms. Garner rolls Jess up on all fronts, walking her down and punishing her thick n' systematic through 3.

R4: Heavy jab intercepts Jess as she's pouncing in, stalling her at midrange: Jen able to lean in and follow up a stocky right hand to jaw, buckling Jessie's knees. Biel gobsmacked, raising dukes and creeping forward: eats a jarring left uppercut, then suffers a whacking left hook across ribs, just south of jug-line. Jen brawny with the left shoulder, steering Jess midring, then it's hook to breadbasket; bracing left elbow nudging up top; drifting right cross; gorgeous shoveling left to midsection; bludgeoning right to top of head and BIEL GOES DOWN! Jess on all fours, head bowed, mouth open and panting...she's destitute! Biel up at 8, reeling against ropes: ugly mouse forming under left eye as Jess fights to rally herself. ON COMES GARNER! Jen sensing distress, crouches in to shovel right hand to gut; dips left to pull clouting right across Jessie's swelling left eye: bashing impact draws shouts from ringsiders. Left uppercut grazes Biel's chin; Jessie's own left hook turns Garner's head aside and JENNIFER'S ROCKED! Jen stumbling back thunderstruck, buttocks all a-wobble as JESSIE lunges off the ropes! Wild right hand misses over top; trade in left uppercuts to body shocks both women; trade in wide, batting hooks goes Biel's way...Jen reeling backward on her heels. Ropes: Garner stunned, forms earmuff, executes slow torso-rolling on the spot. Biel baring teeth, missing the moving head with a pair of jerking left uppercuts, then smiting Jen a chopping right in above left hip. Biel in there close n' brawny - head and shoulders bumpin' and a-rubbin' as Garner's bulled upright. Jen dazed, right stacked atop left chest and belly - she's dipping, twisting, just trying to roll the hurt-storm. Winging right skids off Jen's scalp - spooking her: Jess shifts a smidge to her right, hooking hard off her hip, catching Jen to mouth. Garner shunted back into ropes, hands immediately dropping down, head lollingm, eyes rolling up - SHE'S OUT! Jess snarling, able to fetch a brutal insurance right to Jen's jaw, turning her face aside as Garner spills down onto her left side, then to her back. Crazy off-the-deck KO4 Jessica Biel!

AFter: Biel a busted ruin, swaying in exultation as Jennifer's in even worse shape: critics already calling it Jessica's guttiest-ever performance as she rallies off the deck to stop her tormentress. "The level of compete in me," Jessi pants in postfight, face lumping up nicely, "is off the charts! The fire inside? It's a blazing bonfire - you can't put it out! She caught me - Jennifer Garner beat me to my knees, and what did I do? i got up and STARCHED her ass! That's what champions do: that's what legends do. Guys, take a good look: you're never going to see another Jessica Biel - ever. I'm the best there ever was; best there is, and the best there ever will be!" Even Garner impressed - making an effort to find Jess in the post-fight mill and shake the champion's hand: how classy is that, considering


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