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11 October 1999 Lucy Liu vs Kiana Tom

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Posted by Simguy on Monday, 11-Oct-1999 11:13:34


Before: Outdoor battle set for Honolulu Hilton—seems a mismatch at first blush, but Liu has her supporters. People forget that Kiana started out little more than 100 lbs, and still takes a punch like a straw-eight sometimes. Tom’s had troubles with the likes of Denise Austin and Liu with superior counterpunching ability looks to at least test Ms. Tom along similar lines. Promoted by Kiana Enterprises—Kiana wears a black twist top sportsbra of her own design and pink bikini bottoms against Liu in black lace push up, re aerobics bottoms.


During R1: Kiana rattled by the staredown? Liu comes out swooping in and out, staying low, drawing Kiana’s right cross and countering mercilessly with sweeping left hooks on Tom’s jaw. Kiana looking tentative as she misses badly and can’t react quickly enough to avoid getting tagged. Liu throwing sidearm rights to the belly, strays low to send a jolt through Kiana’s body, and hurls the left uppercuts in Kiana’s breast to post a good hips to head shutout beating of Tom in the first.


R2: Lucy staying to the format—Kiana adjusting. Tom slings her punches from underneath, looking t scoop at Liu rather than punch down on her and midway through the round, a biting right uppercut on the eye catches Lucy pulling back and nearly sits her down. Liu wobbled, can’t move her upperbody and Kiana dials in with the jab/cross routine to land some sickening right hands I the final minute to Lucy’s face,’


R3: Kiana with confidence, cutting off the ring, wide stance—fully extends the left hand to measure Liu for right hands, Lucy ducking and dipping, can’t get inside, and midway through the round, Tom leans into a crashing right hand on the teeth that has Liu staggering. Kiana patiently stepping around Lucy, heartlessly continues to fit Liu for right hands, measuring with the left and crushing Lucy’s skull with the right. Liu battered senseless wobbles around Kiana, reducing to slapping arm punches as Tom bears down. A series of drilling right hands busts Liu up, and in the final minute, Tom comes over the top to club down in Liou;s cheek from an oblique angle, and Lucy pitches face first to the canvas. Liu lying still, can’t get off her stomach, and Kiana struts the ring with fists held high. KO3 Kiana Tom.


After: Liu doing her best, but a sharp as nails Kiana shows up tonight to put the smack down. Tom’s critics feel it’s a typical win, involving a shorter, smaller woman--but Kiana particularly pleased with the victory which re-establishes her claim to be the best ASsian fighter out there.


Reposted by Archer 1/21/10.

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