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18 May 2001 Dani Fishel vs Janet Jackson

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Posted by Simguy on 5/18/2001, 8:59 pm.


Before: Jackson in her eerily tranquil voice talks about “getting quality touches” on Dani in this fight—Double J rock hard form for the weight-in looks and sounds ready to box all 10 rounds. Pretty simple for Fishel—she’s got to crowd Janet, make her slug, and take her legs out of the equation to make this a winnable fight. Janet with hair up in a fight bun, white bikini gold strings, gold armband—Dani in teal bikini, yellow strings.


During R1: Not what Fishel wants to see, Janet wheeling left, right hand at her cheek, left across her belly—Jackson using her shoulder and torso movement to deflect punches, slicing combinations to Dani’s face and is especially neat with  that short, triggerfisted hook, often pivoting around it after doubling up on Dani’s jaw. Shutout Janet Jackson.


R2: Janet’s getting those quality touches, really getting off sharp with the short hooks, doubling up and pivoting around as Dani soaks ‘em up. Fishel answering to Janet’s waist—Jackson’s midriff sounding hard as it looks as Dani tries to do work for the long haul.


R3: Oh that hook! Janet’s TEARING away at Dani’s right eye, lead foot in a bucket, just swiveling around the shorter girl and banging away. Jackson turning so sharply around her foe that Fishel’s back is exposed—Janet helping herself to shiny kidney with that compact, biting left hand. Shutout Jackson—Dani cut over the right eye, wanders to her corner looking punished.


R4: Dani responds like a champ, Shaking off 3 classy rounds from Jackson, the little juggernaut sets up on Janet’s chest, mining the tummy with both hands and pushing white-clad butt onto ropes this round. Jackson content to lay in, arms crossed against the body as she leans forward, just snapping back in between bursts from busy Fishel. Janet calm against the ropes, but clearly outworked—Dani bags her first points.


R5: Jackson wheeling again—she’s got early 90s legs tonight. Janet’s been leading with the hook, but she shows a sweet stick this round, twisting it into Dani’s ruined right eye and continuing that sharp left pivot. Dani fielding a huge connect percentage on her face, gamely comes forward and gets her hacks, landing loud to the proud abs of her foe. Jackson dictating the pace and style take the round, but Dani still getting off landing hard if not often.


R6: Janet Jackson puts together what me be referred to in the future as “The Perfect Round.” 3 minutes of hellish power boxing—a brave, defenceless Dani Fishel refusing to submit despite being badly, badly beaten—it’s a highlight reel classic. Jackson putting together brilliant pivots to the left with her deadly hook biting to the eyes and body of her foe—Dani left staring after a shocking first minute busts her wide open. Jackson able to sustain the pace—wheeling and getting off—working to the body to crumple Dani up, then plastering the face with short, crunching hooks—Janet’s face twisting in savagery as she punches—she’s lost in bloodlust. Fishel shaking off KO blow after KO blow as a horrified crowd looks on—final minute sees Jackson mix in chopping right hands—heinous combination punching chewing up what’s left of Dani’s face—3 and 4 punch  blasts send Dani reeling, but not down—Jackson walking her hurting foe down to heap it on. At the bell, Janet J stares in awe as Dani staggers away a bludgeoned wreck—ring side physician pays Fishel a visit during the break.


R7: Jackson fades to the ropes in amazement as Dani brings it this round. Janet defending in her corner, guard high, twisting her torso to absorb Fishel’s ripping attacks. Dani still with plenty of pop—gets her face on Janet’s chest and works to the hips and belly to good effect. Janet pulls back into the ropes to rip the odd left uppercut in counter—but it’s Fishel’s round.


R8: Janet mixing in hooks with left uppercuts as she pivots, buckles Dani’s legs in the first minute—Jackson makes the mistake of relaxing after hurting Fishel, Dani keeps coming—rest of the round sees her push up on Janet at the ropes—Fishel using her shoulder and forearms inside to keep Jackson on her heels, snapping at the singer’s waist and face with hooks—Janet stooped over, take s more punishment this round than she has all night long.


R9: Jackson wheeling, patting her jab on Dani’s left eye, dipping in and out—she’s in the groove. Punching effortlessly with Dani, Janet leans away from aright hand, rocks back in to jam a straight right hand to push Dani’s chin in—Fishel scoots to her butt as Jackson catches her coming in. Dani up at 8, but going off her feet has taken something out of her—shoulders slumping, buttocks wobbling—Janet smells a kill. Jackson jabbing and crossing Dani into ropes, then dipping in close to work her hook. Fishel hurt to the body, then getting her face slapped to the side, back to the body, back to the head—it’s all too much. Fishel goes out on her feet as the ref mercifully steps in—Janet Jackson struts away nodding at her effort. TKO9 Janet J.


After: Tough competitive effort from Fishel, but nobody takes a shellacking like she did in the sixth and comes through intact. Jackson hurting both hands in that furious round, gives Dani her props after the fight, showing Dani some respect with a big hug after the decision is announced. For Jackson, a triumphant return to form—all the speed and power she had in her prime, turned loose on a perfect opponent as Fishel came forward all night long.


Reposted by Archer 1/25/10.

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