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18 May 2001 Angie Harmon vs Carey Lowell

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Posted by Simguy on 5/18/2001, 5:45 pm.


Before: Best moments in Harmon’s subpar career have come at Carey’s expense—including the beating that bumped Lowell from “Law and Order” to begin with. Producers love bringing Carey back for guest shots—the episodes are electric and shooting always culminates in a highly anticipated on-set scrap between these two—absolutely no love lost in one of Hollywood’s most underrated rivalries. Angie in white sports bra and white track panties, Lowell in navy sports bra to a high neck, navy bikini bottoms.


During R1: Snarling Angie Harmon takes it to Carey Lowell early, pressuring Carey with a chugging Wayne McCullough attack—little prodding jabs, stiff right hands on the cheek, comeback left hooks on the eye that have Carey leaning up against the ropes. Not much back from Lowell as Harmon gets off with the tattooing attack, beating her foe about the waist and head at will. Shutout Angie Harmon—she stomps back to her corner anxious to continue.


R2: Lowell stepping purposefully to her right, stammering Angie with a stiff left jab, sliding away to lure the doe-eyed beauty forward. Angie with that jerky, constant attack steps Carey to the ropes, Lowell with her left shoulder pointed at her foe, leaning away to her right to slip punches and a CRASHING right counter up the middle spanks back Angie’s face to stop her in her tracks.  Lowell reloads, touching Angie’s crotch with a slappy left, then plowing a full bodied right hand hard to the teeth with plenty of forearm behind it—Harmon reels away on hurting legs. Lowell jumping in, cradles Angie’s face to her chest, bending the brunette forward and exposing her back and kidneys to clubbing swipes from the free right hand. Vicious body slapping has Angie trembling, helpless and she slides down Carey’s body to all fours. AND IT’S OVER! Angie’s face stretched in pain, reaching to her battered lower back with her right hand while quivering on her knees, can’t beat the count. Stunning KO2 Carey Lowell.


After: Malicious Carey Lowell takes her girl for a vindictive walk of shame—small payback for all that Harmon has taken from her over the years. Angie totally shellshocked, going out for the first time to Carey and shaky during the walk as Lowell pulls her roughly about. Meanspirited bout not the last between these two—they’d fight each other for free if not for the greedy suits who stand to profit from their spite.


Reposted by Archer 1/25/10.

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