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26 August 2000 Rachael Leigh Cook vs Kirsten Dunst

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 26-Aug-2000 18:28:49


Before: Kirsten not wanting her cheerleader tight tummy to got to waste, gets into the fray at the lowest weight level against last year’s teen ingénue Cook. Both can box, but curiously, both claim to be seeking stoppages, convinced the other girl can’t handle the heat. Cook in very pink bra style bikini, hair wet and messy—Kirsten with tight ponytail, thin strap navy sports bra, pale blue boy cut shorts.


R1: As promised, tiny brawlers plant and slug, each getting clocked, staggered, then swinging from her hips to retaliate in wild action., Little bodies strain to get everything into the looping swings, more often than not landing upside the head or jaw with arm0shuddering force—but neither seems able to get the other in permanent trouble, Cook coming on length, backs Kirsten up with walking lefts and rights on the jaw, beating the blonde to haymakers from both sides,


R2: Sweaty, already shining up, the girls launch off their stools and have at it again as the crowd eats it up. Almost comical to see them loading up and heaving home, only to see the other girl take the shot, suck it up and come right back. Dunst starting to time her right hands, pushing the left into Cook’s chest and laying in the looping cross to go effect. Rachael’s scrawny back hits the ropes late in the round—Kirsten all a-jiggle as she pours it on with wild lefts and rights to the thighs, hips, ribs and head of her foe at the bell.


R3: Cook storming back as the girls brawl toe to toe—Rachael mixing up the chin music by jumping in with her hook to Kirsten’s taut tummy that has Dunst grimacing at points. Even slugging early gives way to Cook’s steady drumbeat—she leaps in with the slinging hook to the body and carries forward into the blonde to push Dunst back.


R4: Cook starting strong again, slender arms whipping and lashing as Dunst gets caught looking in the first minute, Kirsten taking over aft the midway point, crashes home a sharp left/right to Cook’s chin—Rachel stunned, leaning over her feet—she’s hurt. All Dunst as she turns it on, beating Cook back with a sustained volley of fists, elbows and bony shoulders. Cook breaking down and nearly taking a knee under the swarming blows at the bell.


R5: both girls showing the effects of their wild efforts, breathing hard, flushed—but Dunst bolts out of her corner with fresh legs at the bell, Wide right hands trade—Kirsten wins as Cook’s legs buckle and a saddened expression splashes across the brunettes weary face. Dunst piling on, twisting her mitts in wide arcs to the jawline of her doe-eyed foe—Rachael breaking down, now getting badly mauled as she stumbles in retreat to the ropes. Midway through, Kirsten jumps in with a short right uppercut, spilling Rachael on the ropes and leaving her all but helpless. Rest of the round is a savage display of mighty mite fury—Dunst pitching in thin-armed lefts and rights, twisting her slender body into blows eyes blazing intently as the light dims in Rachael. Cook helpless on a turnbuckle with seconds left, she’s out on her feet and the ref finally makes a move to end the carnage. TKO5 Kirsten Dunst.


After: Primordial brawl leaves Rachael Leigh Cook battered beyond recognition as Dunst arrives with a bang. Despite possessing decent skills, the girls got into a brawling mentality that neither could shake until one was carried from the ring. Great debut for Dunst—and she still hasn’t shown her stuff.


Reposted by Archer 1/26/10.

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