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26 August 2000 Tia Carrere vs Kristy Swanson

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 26-Aug-2000 21:27:24


Before: Pick’em both between two of the game’s hardest body punchers. Carrere a perennial power—Kristy coming off nearly toppling Cat bell in a fight that saw the brunette ready to go at the end. Blue cotton jockey two piece Swanson, red for Tia, hair loose and long.


During R1: No boxing match here—girls palm up their left hans ion one another’s ashoulders and start DRIFTING right hands up into the gut. Right arms pumping back and forth as bodies are belted and TIA GOES DOWN! Carrere in all fours, clearly shocked to gave been dropped as Swanson jeers from the neutral corner. All Kristy the rest of the way as she crumples Tia forward with breathtaking right hands to the waist, blonde riding her left across the brunette’s back as the girl wander about the ring. Shutout Kristy Swanson.


R2: Shutout Kristy Swanson, Tia unable to get off, hunching forward and covering up as Kristy looms over her, ripping loose limbed rights and lefts in behind the elbows. Carrere wobbly butt, gritting her teeth as Swanson steps with her, reefing to the ribs, corralling with the left arm whenever Tia strays too fat.


R3: Swanson continuing to bully early, leaning in with her hands low, and lifting cudgeling blows into the stomach and ribcage of the beleaguered brunette. Carrere showing some heart at the midway point, stepping back and ripping the short right uppercut, catching the blonde’s extended chin nicely and KRISTY IS HURT! Swanson holding on as Tia pounds furiously around her clinch. Ref issues a break—Carrere eagerly hunting down the blonde and paying her body back punch for punch.


R4: Shutout Tia Carrere as Swanson sags to the ropes, arms across her stomach—Tia bending, getting her shoulder into Kristy’s chest and nudging her back the better to bang. Carrere cheek to cheek, working short, clipped blows, occasionally jerking the compact right uppercut to the jugs or chin.


R5: Kristy gets a second wind and takes it to Tia this round. Forehead to forehead—Carrere getting off with chopping little hacks, but Swanson coming back with ripping explosive punches, popping Tia’s head up out of the crouch with uppercuts or numbing the midsection with well turned left hooks. Midway through the round, Tia’s legs nearly give way as she gurgles, buckles to the ropes, Carrere fighting desperately from her perch avoids the shutout as she clips Swanson inside with curling lefts and rights.


R6: Tia hooking the jaw, then pounding a straight right hand to the sternum has Kristy backing up, breaking down slightly from the strain. Midway through—Tia stuns Kristy with a snapping left hook on the jaw, reloads, tags Swanny again, then steps in as the blonde falters and nails a third hook to the chin to spill Kristy to the ropes. All Carrere to the bell as she bodies up, getting her head under Kristy’s chin and pumping lefts and rights into the tanned belly—Swanny hurting at the break, face and legs showing the wear.


R7: Toe to toe, girls making it a point of pride to break one another down to the body. Both bending their legs, turning their torsos to get extra leverage on hooks to the stomach, meanspirited right hands clubbing at shiny kidney region in close. Final minute—Carrere emerges dominant, butting Swanson in the mouth with a nifty left shoulder, then turning the right uppercut inside to complete the combination. Swanson busted uom, starting to look glassy eyed at the break.


R8: Tia piling on, mouth on shoulder, slogging, stoving in the blonde’s side with left hands, then curling the right uppercut to the sternum to keep Swanson in pain. Single right hand lick at minute mark bangs off the belly and SWANNY GOES DOWN! Kristy hurting, on her knees, struggles to beat the count, but she’s done for. Tia wads in, cruelly going to the stomach over and over with bludgeoning eights, swatting the left hook to the liver and jaw as she bull Swanson to the ropes. Kristy out on her feet, folding forward, gives up her sides as Tia rips mercilessly with swinging lefts and rights until the blonde pitches face forward to the mat. Carrere wild eyed, hair clamped sweatily to her face nods an snarls at the slumbering blonde’s broad back. KO8 Tia Carrere..


After: Carrere using her rival up this time—no quarter asked or given, girls fighting as if they knew one of then would end up on her face. Brutal contest saw one or both girls fighting hurt for most of the fight—Carrere simply digging down and making the fight all about heart.


Reposted by Archer 1/26/10.

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