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18 April 2008 Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Kristin Kreuk

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Posted by simguy on 4/18/2008, 8:01 pm

Before: Kreuk leaping at the chance to do a little legend-killing: Ms. Gellar on the bubble these days as the wolves are circling. "I could retire Sarah Michelle Gellar," Kristin says dreamily - dark eyes gleaming as she thinks of it. "Me - finishing off the Slayer. It'll take a bad beating - maybe a beating of the year - but I've got the will to hurt her if it comes to it. I'm hungrier than I've ever been - that's the thing: I've finally got the hunger to go with my looks and ability. There's no stopping me!" Gellar composed under both Kreuk's diatribes and the incessant media scrutiny of her 'aging' legs and 'waning' skills. "You guys (the press) think of me as an underdog," Sarah smiles at the podium. "I don't. I've been in some legendary tussles: I've won a few and I've lost a few. To me - you don't write a fighter like that off. Krissy's riding high right now - I'll give her that - but she wouldn't be the first prancing pony to get knocked the F out by yours truly!" Sarah in black bikini; scruffy beach ponytail and forelocks; small black work out mitts. Krissy in shipshape vivid royal blue top to a turtleneck (bare shoulders, arms, midriff); matching royal blue bikini bottoms; small white work out mitts; slick low ponytail. During ring instructions, Krissy's chirping: "Where d'you want it? Chin or body? Want to go a few rounds or should I just Hannigan ya out of there?" Gellar pursing lips, smirking back I'm-so-unamused-by-you.

R1: Both girls spittin' jabs quick, looking to step in and hook off the poke: KRISTIN'S HURT! Kreuk recoiling from firm left to her chin - eyes shiny: Gellar sees brunette legs give, pounces. Rights and lefts - Gellar chopping furiously, keeping her elbows in - she hacks Kreuk to ropes. Krissy earmuffs up, crouches low as Gellar swish-swishes over top the ponytail: Kreuk out of the crouch hooking, TAGS Gellar a crack. Sarah wobbled - lips parting as she stumbles, then firms, covers up as Kreuk pounces-to. Kreuk tic-toc off the flanks - her slender, straight arms shivering as she bangs Gellar's ribs: Kristin screeching in exultation, momentarily overcome with emotion. Gellar grimacing, rung up to the torso: she stays in the pocket - dukes at her temples - looking to dip-n'-rip tidy right or left uppercuts while keeping the off hand taped to her temple. Works: Krissy getting nibbled and nicked as she beats blonde flanks - then Gellar scores with disciplined, tidy uppercuts. Down the stretch, Gellar spits a brace of jabs, knocking back Kristin's exquisite face, discouraging her: Kreuk legs away, leaving Gellar the aggressor at the end.

R2: Small girls get busy: flyweight work rate satisfies even the most skeptical big-girl fan (I'm looking at you Tractorpull). Not a lot of mustard on the shots - but girls standing at middle distance or closer, crouching down behind their mitts and taking turns raking each other tasty. Small mitts tattoo tic-tac-toe up and down flanks - or gouge into tummies and tits. Clean head punching hard to come-by: both bending at the waist, slipping shots, keeping mitts up to block. Gellar more insistent: when there's a backward step to be taken, it's Kristin taking it. Bell: Sarah winks and grins, bringing crimson fury to Kreuk's cheeks.

R3: Gentle clockwise rotation as girls spit left jabs - both keeping the right tight to cheeks. Krissy doubling up poke - chipping away at Gellar's brows and defensive front: brunette slowly winning initiative as Sarah goes long stretches making Kris miss, but not answering. Kreuk slowly mixing in right hands to the body: a loose, swinging roundhouse; a more vicious, sidearm buggywhip deliberately placed in above Sarah's left hip. Blonde immediately wincing, stepping away after the buggywhips: Kristin triumphantly walking Sarah down whenever Gellar steps away to regroup.

R4: For two minutes, Sarah bamboozles Kris - giving double-K a dose of Claire Danes sorcery. Gellar in the pocket, stepping or pivoting economically, ducking and swivelling about: Kreuk completely ineffective early. Sarah working off Krissy's miscues - back into brunette torso with whippy right/left licks; saucy hooks taking Kris in her breasts; sneaky right hands chopped to chin as Sarah twists into torso-left into the delivery. All for naught: down the stretch - girls trading briskly - Krissy clangs away hook-to-chops; shifts weight to left foot to swat the right hand up top and SARAH'S PUT WOBBLY BUTT! Sarah suddenly forlorn - how-could-you-eyes brimming up - she's badly loosened, has to stumble to ropes to keep herself upright. Kreuk jabbing into Sarah's guard-front, then lashing her a vicious right hand buggywhip across the ribs. Sarah cries out, stooping forward crippled behind her mitts: Kris finishes out the round with a furious hup-hup chugging of rights and lefts to Sarah's trembling gut at bell.

R5: Brisk boxing - both girls so quick-mitted, lithe and agile, that it's hard to see everything. They circle at distance, then curl-in: abrupt flurries flow - gloves bouncing off defences or biting at exposed ribs. Kreuk consistently getting the better of it - no big shots - but she's stitching in and out well, making her shots count whereas Gellar's generally not getting through. Sarah's nose starts to bleed half way through - courtesy Krissy's little lead left jab just before they close: Kreuk dictating terms nicely in nip/tuck fashion.


Kreuk/Gellar conc.


Posted by simguy on 4/18/2008, 8:02 pm, in reply to "Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Kristen Kreuk pt1"


R6: Same again: brisk flurries - wide ranging action as girls circle, engage, separate, repeat. Kristin always first - double jabbing her way into Sarah's face, then frequently beating her to the tangy lefts and rights to follow. It's scouring stuff - girls swatting and licking and chipping at each other. Gellar slowly busting up about her eyes: Krissy's getting there. Sarah doing most of her business to Kreuk's ribs and waist - but Krissy's outworking here as well - bookending the exchanges. Sarah taking it all like a trooper - legs look good as she walks out to regroup: but Krissy's clearly the more confident, lively beauty through 6.

R7: You could see it coming. Gellar defensive, bobbing shots, trying to slip Kris out of position: Kreuk shoeshining furiously, scraping away on Sarah's head and shoulders; short, sharp hook finally catches all of Sarah's chin, buckling her back (right) leg. Gellar stunned - right knee eases to canvas: Kreuk yelps with delight, raising both hands and strutting past all perky-butt and ponytails. Sarah breathing through pursed lips, eyes darting: she's combative, engaging Kris rather than slumping against ropes - two way brawling breaks out. Kris throwing caution to the wind, getting hit on her jaw cleanly, but willing to take in order to paste Sarah the more. Gellar rocked, checked, and re-rocked in the non-stop flyweight churning: Kreuk deliberately trading reckless punches, knowing she's got more in the tank after the Gellar knockdown. Bell: Kris treats herself to an insurance right hand on the chops - earns an instant finger waggle from scowling ref.

R8: Krissy's quickness, energy now very apparent as damage begins to accrue on Sarah's slender chassis. Gellar shopworn, disheveled - she's busting up, reactions slowing as Kreuk keeps the pace murderously high, forcing Sarah to fight hard just for breathing room. Kris bright-eyed, electing attrition: it's the right strategy as Sarah gives ground, desperate for the chance to get her legs back. Kris never loading up - she just wants to be always touching at Sarah - digging especially busy to the waist and gut to further tax Gellar's reserves. Blonde battling back bravely off ropes - frequently just leaning in heads-together with Kris and lapping mitts underneath. Kreuk beaming at the bell - knows she's using the older girl up through 8 busy rounds.

R9: Grim reality: Sarah's more hurt since the knockdown, can't afford the exchanges; Kristin (and her corner) knows this, denies Gellar any respite. Kristin getting hit as she presses the pace, but there's very little on Gellar's swat now: blonde just arm-punching in quick little flurries. Krissy's jab ravaging Sarah's face now, bloodying her, knocking back her head: Kreuk edging in close behind the poke, cleaning up with brisk combinations to Sarah's straining midriff. Gellar mouthbreathing, busting up: she's shabby, but combative, fighting bravely to stand her ground as long as she can before inevitably giving way. Bell: Kreuk jogging back prettily to her corner, right hand high, big smile. Sarah walking back to her corner hands on hips, head down as she stares at canvas in thought.

R10: Kristin seeking Sarah out, bringing battle. Girls in constant head or shoulder contact now, hup-hup-hupping away at offending torso or face. Minute mark - Gellar twitches a short right uppercut in close to chin; doubles up with a swiping overhand right to cheek and KREUK'S SHOOK! Krissy stepping in fence-post holes - backing away with a shocked expression: Sarah able to hop in and fetch Kris an extra left hook to mouth, swivelling her head pretty. Krissy hits ropes, covers up face-in-gloves: Sarah bares her teeth as she beats a brace of right hands over and over to Kristin's breadbasket. Kreuk clinches, gasping: ref issuing a rare break as Gellar's bouncing on the spot, eager to continue. Sarah knifing in: right hand chopped to Kristin's ear as blonde leans close; trade in left hooks sees both women absorb; Gellar hacking again with the right hand up top. Sarah on Kris, gnawing at her with vicious, lathering blows - but Kreuk firming, recovering from the hurt and answering back. Glorious flyweight two-way at the bell - lithe little bodies just HUMMING with the effort of pulsing punches onto the hated other. Ref has to separate 'em: neither interested in heeding the bell as Sarah dictates the 10th. Comes back UD10 - Kristin Kreuk.

After: Kreuk scuffed and scraped - shouts in triumph, hands held high as Sarah slinks away distraught. Kreuk getting hugs and congrats from the Wolf Pack: Gellar a long-time thorn in the collective side of HISC - Krissy dealt with her in style tonight. Sarah a little teary eyed in her corner as gloves are removed: tough stretch for a proud blonde with Portman dominating her and now Kreuk applying further polish.


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