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30 April 2008 Jennifer Ellison vs Catherine Zeta Jones

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Posted by simguy on 4/30/2008, 8:14 pm

Before: "I'm young and beautiful," Ellison insists in prefight, "she's old and hideous. For too long, UK girls have been bowing down to Catherine - she's treated like a bloody queen in Britain. All that's got to stop - it's time the young stood up and threw this cow on her arse. I'm not bending the knee any longer, I can tell you that - if Kelly Brook hasn't got the blocks to stand up to this tyrant, then I will!" Jones amused by blonde bleating: Jennifer has long been on beautiful brunette's radar screen. "I was always going to get around to sorting Jennifer out," Catherine shrugs in prefight, "she's just hastened the pace with her mouth in the last few weeks. She's done very well against Pinder-class bimbos - but as soon as she steps to a Kelly Brook level, she's faltered. I am an order of magnitude classier than Ms. Brook in terms of fighting quality: Jennifer is quite clearly in for the beating of her young life." Ellison in heartpounding black bikini with white polkadots; white gloves; hair loose. CZJ in fighting yellow bikini; hair loose; black gloves. Other details: Jennifer working with chesty Brit Lucy Brown in sparring (Brown a Kelly Brook style boxer-puncher); fight takes place on neutral ground - Dominican white sand beach (private) with ring stanchions set up directly on sand.

During R1: Ellison a sight to behold swish stepping through sand - sexy scowl on her face; jugs a-sloshing. Jones composed - hanging back: she's having good success dipping low under Jen's offerings, countering back hard to blonde waist and ribcage. Catherine sharp, accurate, thudding: scoring heavily about her foe's middle throughout first two minutes, beating the wind from young blonde lungs. Final minute - Jones over to offence - driving in a short right cross to turn Jenny's head. Ellison hurt, confused: Jones steps in close with a brace of sawed-off hooks, clouting kilograms-worth of Ellison-jug and BUMPING JEN TO HER TRUNKS. Ellison sitting pretty - hugging her battered bosom as Jones swishes past. Healthy Catherine sloshing about as she heavy-steps in sand: she's not about to forfeit pride-of-rack to her top-heavy rival.

R2: Jones aggressing early: right hand at her cheek, dark eyes dancing as she sets about jabbing Jennifer's face back. Ellison tentative from missing so many punches in the first round - she's facing into poke, munching leather and reluctant to answer early. Midway through, Ellison stoops forward, dragging a thick right hand into Catherine's flank: Jones grimacing on contact, answers with a brisk right/left uppercut combo to big blonde rack. Ellison combative - gritting her teeth and absorbing punishment: she finally toggles Catherine's head a sweeping right hand as Jones backpedals on sand. Jen able to close, hoisting a pair of beefy left uppercuts into Jones' creamy tummy: answering hook from Catherine toggles Jennifer's pretty face. Ellison drifts a right hand short to face: Jones staggeriing slightly, stands her ground, rings a thumping right/left off either blonde flank. Ellison crying out, but so brave: she lifts her left uppercut to the majestic Jones rack, punching up the meat. Hook from Jones - her backside's trembling, legs shimmying in protest against strapping blonde leather. Crowd pleasing, sun-kissed, toe-to-toe slogging at the bell: both girls a little stunned, pitching recklessly. Jones ekes out the points, but she's clearly shook up en route to her stool.

R3: Jones owns the first minute - stepping patiently, planting in her stance, thrusting jabs through to jug and face. Ellison without head movement just posing for poke, but she's taking it well, inching close enough to establish a swinging right roundhouse to Jones' flank. Once Jennifer can land the right to the body, she knows she's close enough to brawl: Ellison able to slug her way forward with sheer blonde exuberance as Catherine gives ground. Jones blocking shots up top, but being hard-smitten about her tummy, flanks and jug: Jennifer a little tighter with her shots, has a bit of success when she can get Jones backing straight up. Final moments, Jones retreating in a leisurely counterclockwise path, picking off Ellison's haymakers - suddenly Catherine steps into an opening, hooking Jen short n' sharp to chin. ELLISON GOES DOWN! Jen dropped to her glutes once again, sitting prettily in sand: Jones strutting past all aglow as she steals Jen's best round with pinpoint accuracy late.

R4: Jones making a concerted effort to break Ellison down to rack: brunette leading with a stiff-arm left; twisting into a chopping right to jug; turning into a short left hook with plenty of forearm chaser. Ellison bludgeoned backward, sputtering: she firms at the ropes, walking Catherine into a straight right shot on the jaw that rocks brunette head back. Jones stopped in her tracks - girls square away and start to swap it up in earnest. Each hesitating just a bit in delivery - trying to time the other for a big shot - leads to heavyhanded tit for tat as chesty beauties load up and swing for the fences. Both women dragging thick, fat right roundhouses into opposing left flanks: punch is there for both; both sending ripples through opponent's legs with it. Jones much more accurate to Ellison's chin than vice-versa: brunette getting there with a short right hand and the hesitation hook. Both landing concussive wallop to offending rack: kilograms of all-natural British bosom being smote and clouted about in sturdy tops. Jones with the edge in connects - buckling Jen at times, but Ellison plucky: every time she's hurt and ready to go, she leans in and cleans up a haymaker, denying Jones satisfaction. Bell: snarling beauties still plowing each other hateful strokes - ref has to jump in and bump 'em apart. Jones takes her 4th straight: she's dominant, but it's costly.

R5: Ellison willing to eat Catherine's educated jab in order to place that swinging right roundhouse in above left hip: once again, Jones' control gives way to a flat-footed, squared-away brawl. Catherine frustrated: she's able to time Jen for glorious right hands short n' crisp to chin: Ellison's head tossing on impact, legs shimmying, but she won't back away from the fire. Midway through, Ellison answers a sloppy Jones right uppercut with a crashing right cross on the chin: big head-swivel Jones and DOWN GOES CATHERINE! CZJ swept to sand - on her back, groaning, head lolling side to side. Small crowd roaring in competition with nearby surf: Jennifer jogging all jugs-a-jumping to neutral corner. Jones sitting up, rolling gingerly over right hip to fight off the count: she's reeling, eyes glassy at the ropes. ON COMES ELLISON! Jennifer bouncing across the ring to get at Catherine - reaching in the left to stabilize, then pouring a series of right hands upside the head, battering Catherine's guard down. Jones sitting in ropes, stunned by gonging rights and ELLISON PLUNGES INTO RACK! Glorious, heaping mittfuls of jug taken - seething blonde practically foaming at the mouth as she plows away to Jones' regal hooters. Catherine sobbing groggily, eyelashes fluttering - left hand pushing against Jen's chest to ward her off. Jennifer POURING in - right hands claiming Catherine to chin and chest; strapping lefts clapping across the proudest jugs in all Christendom and THE REF STEPS IN! Good Lord - TKO5 Jennifer Ellison!

After: Jones a sight: out on her feet, slumped and astonished in the ropes - Oscar winning, world-class celebrity stopped in the fifth by an Atomic Kitten of all things. Puffy-faced Ellison hooting and crying, leaping about: huge, huge win will put the page 3 lass on the front page as she hands Jones one of the most humiliating setbacks of her career. "EH LIVERPOOL WE DID IT YEAH?" Jennifer cries in postfight. "I knew I could step to her on sand - I knew it. This puts me above Kelly Brook in my mind: if she thought she had put me behind her, she had best rethink her strategy. The issue between us is far from settled - not when I can claim Catherine Zeta Jones on my record!"


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