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1 January 2005 Erica Durance vs Victoria Pratt

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Posted by Simguy on 1/1/2005, 9:05 am.


Before: Intriguing match up between athlete-class celebs. Pratt oft-snubbed as many girls would prefer to sidestep a tuff fitness-queen turned genre actress, but Durance sees only challenge and opportunity. “I’m really looking forward to Pratt,” says Erica in prefight, still basking in the glow of her garner triumph. “She’s a tremendous change up for me—a really different look from the girls I’ve been in with. I don’t know that there’s a more explosive fighter at lightweight.” Pratt the recipient of the same sort of bashing as Erica—neither vixen a household name and criticism from some quarters questions their celebrity. “I don’t let that stuff bother me,” shrugs Vicki, “An Oscar can’t fight for you for you—too many of these chicks expect you to grovel every time they show up for a press conference. Durance and me is a real fight—tough hardnosed, no pampering, I’m looking forward to it. Durance in setting-sun motif bikini in shades of blue, punching ponytail—Pratt in yellow/black half n’ half bandeau top, matching top.


During R1: Sizzling two way trade:


Durance spitting jabs, pinging the cross off Pratt’s temple, grazing hook across forehead as Pratt weaves the incoming.


Pratt with a wide right loud on the ribs, blockbuster hook on the chops.


Erica stepping left, right hand at her temple as she jams out the jab, turns on a short hook, tucking her shoulder in behind and turning her torso, dipping on follow through to slip Pratt’s shearing left.


Back and forth like this, tight, professional punching—just enough defense to take the KO sting out of whistling power shots. In and out action traverses the ring—Durance the better ring general, spoiling a few Pratt rushes in pre-emptive jabs, smarter footwork—Vicki just trying to jump in and land hard. Pratt’s chin holding up well—she shakes off Durance right hands with impunity—Erica not getting tagged so clean as her legs/anticipation help her absorb the shock.


R2: Pratt walking to her right, left hand dangling, Erica turning, jabbing to Vicki’s left shoulder—brunette hangs her stick and Pratt ROCKETS back a blinding right hand off the step, Durance stepping in fence post holes—Pratt reloads, puts another tangy right CRACK on the chin, hooks Erica’s left eye as Durance topples backwards and ERICA HITS THE DECK! Shattering knock-down—Erica stretched out, back of her head smashing off the canvas I dangerous fashion and it’s OVER! Pratt drinking it in, giddy with puncher’s glee as she sees Durance all rigid and stunned, very still on her back, KO2 in spectacular fashion, Vicki Pratt.


After: Pratt climbing the ring ropes and thumping her chest—she devastates up and coming Durance with jolting right hands to dish Erica her worst night as a professional. Durance a long time coming around, surrounded by attending physicians who help her in stages to her stool—head hitting the canvas compounded Vicki’s hard punching to make things look worse than they really are. “I felt like girls were overlooking me, or just going around me,” bubbles an excited Pratt in post fight. “But destroying Durance makes me tough to avoid. Not saying that I’m the best fighter in the division, but I think if you want to call yourself that, you need Vicki Pratt in your to-do list, or else no-one’s going to buy it.”


Reposted by Archer 2/6/10.

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