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10 July 2008 Kristin Kreuk vs Natalie Portman

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Posted by simguy on 7/10/2008, 11:30 pm

Before: "Natalie's a high-value target for HISC," Kristin smiles at podium. "It's important for me to bag her. HISC girls have been using Natalie as a springboard towards championships for years, and I hope to continue that practice. You're talking about a tired, shopworn fighter in Natalie, struggling to hang on to everything she's got - versus a hungry, rejuvenated veteran in myself, coming to take everything away. I'd rather be me." Portman champing at the bit: as management turmoil continues to dog the vixens of BSE - Natalie's showing real leadership solidity. "The best thing for me - and all of us at BSE - is to shut Kris up and put Kris down. I'm definitely up for this fight: Kreuk's a tasty little morsel, and now that beating her gives HISC a black eye, I'm even more motivated to trounce her!" Portman in sturdy navy bandeau bikini with boy cut bottoms; smooth beach-bun hair; small black work out gloves. Kristin in electric baby blue tie side bikini - very vivid; small black work out gloves; hair soft and loose (during ring instructions, she makes a show of tossing her head to throw the hair off her face. Pretty.)

During R1: Crisp, brisk, class - both girls. Fighters hold little fists in tight stacks - rights atop lefts - at the chest. They circle, dip and dart in - each twisting and bending while getting off tart - then bringing the mitts back quick. Cracking bite of small gloves sounds out from ribs and shoulders: eyes wide as each tries to find the other's face with little success. Nipping in and out - Natalie the more accurate, busier vixen by a razor's width.

R2: Same again - beautiful to watch tight, toned little bodies darting and recoiling from each other - eyes glaring with intensity as chins are grazed by hard little fists. Frustrated by Natalie's defence, Kris switches tack, deploying her first sidearm, buggywhip right hands to Portman's left flank. Bright tangy PAKK! of shivering contact sounds out against Natalie, drawing grimaces of complaint: Kreuk begins to take over the round, hounding her girl about the ring. Still free-flowing action - girls lunging in from distance, then bounding back outside: not a lot of shoulder to shoulder hup-hup thus far.

R3: Similar darting fare: girls looking to scoot close with hands tight to chest, bend into a chopping right hand, then bounce back out with a forget-me-not hook. Whistling near misses graze chins; Kreuk's cracking right hands to Natalie's hip and midsection the cleanest, loudest, most effective blows landed. Kreuk again imposing her will, taking canvas from Natalie, starting to pursue her. Portman wincing - left side of her torso pinking up nicely through 3.

R4: Krissy finally jabs her way in, then shrugs a hook to Nat's sternum from close range. Girls electing to work shoulder to shoulder - lips set in tight lines as rapid fire hup-hup braces offending tummies. Girls still keeping mitts stacked tight at chests - using the left shoulder to nudge and bump the opposition; heads in close together as tummies are tattooed. Kris beginning to score cleverly to Natalie's chin: cute little left or right uppercuts in close; a saucy little clouting hook off the right foot. Kreuk also using the small mitten to grab Natalie's bandeau top, tugging and spinning the former champ off balance. Ref issuing warnings: Kris just tossing her hair off her shoulder and waiting for the mook to stop talking.

R5: Kris takes her fourth straight round - staying busy, being compact, outworking Natalie. Kreuk jabs her way in, then shrugs the world's shortest hook across Natalie's sternum - just a little twitching motion, making Portman grumpy. More top-tugging from Kris as she brazenly bullies Nat - pushing and spinning her round, then giving her clouting right hands upside the head. Ref issuing steady stream of warnings and breaks - shaking Kristin by her arm: "stay off her top, Kris", "Keep that glove closed, Kris", "Keep 'em up, Kris". Portman beginning to wear down - she's scuffing up as Kreuk's found the range up top, and that vicious, willow-switch right to the body has Portman stiff-legged through 5.

R6: Kris workmanlike in her bikini - head down, shoulders hunched as she just pumps short lefts and rights to Natalie's midsection hup-hup-hup. Portman grimacing, back to the ropes: she's sliding to her left, swatting short lefts and rights at Krissy's head and shoulders, trying to back her off. Kreuk occasionally bodying up to pin Natalie down: Krissy VERY confident here, fighting all big-girl and working Natalie over. Portman determined and proud - fighting back hard in spots - but Kreuk won't be denied. Krissy dominant bell to bell, spins away from her foe with a dazzling winner's smile.

R7: Natalie unpacks the jab, finally problematizing Kristin's approach. Portman working on Krissy's left eye, steps right to turn Kreuk's left flank - occasionally pouring the odd smooth right hand off her chest into Krissy's eye as well. Minute's work of steady PAK-PAK scoring to Kreuk's face has brunette angered and sore: she moves mitts to eyebrows, bends forward to get in underneath this stuff. Portman keeps an extended left hand busy - chipping and chiselling at Krissy's scalp while pivoting around her: swinging bolo right uppercut into Kreuk's belly, followed by a lissome left uppercut to the exact same place, leaving Krissy grunting into her mitts. Portman pivots left, jabbing - then she leans in, drags a willowy right hand sidearm into Kristin's waist PEK! Portman pushes off, wheels left while jabbing: she's got Kreuk on a string now - just yo-yoing her at will. Frustrated Kristin turns, output plummetting as Ms. Portman puts on a classy display of world class boxing in the 7th.

R8: Portman again leading with the jab, pounding at Kreuk's eye, throwing Kris onto the defensive. Soon as Krissy's dukes come up and she stoops forward, Natalie's gouging at the body - small-glove uppercuts and sidearms digging up tummy and waist. Midway through, Krissy flushed, disheveled, steps back for a deep breath: Natalie sweeps in with a slapping overhand right off her shoulder, delivering a tremendous clap to Kristin's left breast. Kreuk shouting in pain, crossing her wrists at her breasts: Natalie stoops, sticks an impish jab into quivering Kreuk-tummy, and nimbly sidesteps away with a malicious smile. Portman in control thereafter - circling Krissy, darting in and out, attacking upstairs and down for points.

R9: Poor Krissy's left eye! All puffy and sore, starting to close; heartless Natalie stays on it with cruel jabbing. Kreuk shying away, blinking in pain, trying to regroup: Natalie continues to swoop in from well outside with those slapping rights, clapping away on Kreuk's modest jugs. Portman swivelling to her left, indulging in oily, supple left or right uppercuts to Krissy's body whenever Kreuk titls forward behind her mitts: Natalie really answering Kreuk's good work to the body from the early rounds. Kris in a bad way as Natalie gouges a left uppercut to solar plexus late: littlest wolf steps away, mouth wide open and gulping air. Natalie's eyes hard with satisfaction, fists stacked tight at her chest as she walks Kreuk down to the bell.

R10: Kreuk's had enough of being Natalie's play-thing: Krissy bares her teeth, swings away robust, side to side haymakers to sweep Nat's jab out of the air, putting Portman on her heels. Nat firms, crouches, answers back short, jagged right uppercuts to Kristin's tummy. Kreuk snarls, lashes the sidearm buggywhip back in where it belongs - just above Natalie's left hip - then matches it with a sinewy left atop the opposite hip. Natalie straightens, shimmies her shoulders side to side to drag her mitts back and forth across Kristin's jugs. Krissy responds with pumping lefts and rights to tummy, beating Natalie breathless. Vicious flyweight hammer and tongs continues for 2 minutes - girls just taking turns tearing at each other like a couple of enraged ferrets. Down the stretch, out of the maelstrom comes a single chopping right hand - Krissy to Natalie - taking Portman across the chin: Nat's knees buckle, eyes turn forlorn - she's finally rocked. Portman reaches to cuddle: Krissy shrugs that left hook to Natalie's sternum, beating a ragged gasp from Portman, slumping her forward. Natalie bent double, arms loose around Krissy's hips: Kreuk standing strong, hands free and helping themselves to Natalie's defenceless back. Thumping, drumming blows bounce off lumbar, weakening Natalie's knees: ref finally moves in to scold Kreuk: she tosses her hair, glaring in satisfaction as Natalie arches her back, purses her lips in pain. Portman shies away as bell sounds: she doesn't want any more Krissy. Comes back UD10 Kristin Kreuk.

After: Kreuk still belligerent in post fight - trying to front-up on Natalie and tell her about how the fight went; officials restore order, separating the two ferals. "When's my title fight?" Kreuk barks in postfight, eyes blazing. "Huh? Kristen Bell - where are you? I just practically took Natalie's lunch money away from her, you know what I mean? I'm better than all these girls, I'm prettier, I'm more competitive - I just want what's right!"

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