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30 March 2001 Title Ch Gena Lee Nolin vs Sigourney Weaver

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Unified Middleweight Title 




Posted by Simguy on 3/30/2001, 6:55 pm

Before: Nolin impressing a lot of boxing insiders with a gutsy first defence against Weaver. "Sigourney's not a distance threat," says one anonymous savant, "but she can flat out clout, and we haven't seen how Gena's going to react to full fledged middleweight power. This could be over very early, although if it goes deep you have to favour Gena's young legs." Weaver in daring white lace body stocking, white gloves, Nolin in white twist bandeau top and bikini bottoms, fighting ponytail.


During R1: Lots of stalking, circling from both women - girls loading up to throw haymakers only in a very selective first. Nolin using her legs more, turning Sigourney - Nolin gets the nod on the basis of ring generalship for what HAS to be the first time in her career.


R2: More of the same. Girls well outside, loading up on right hands and striding into telegraphed punches - grazing blows as both have time to block or step away. Once again, Nolin busier, suddenly striding to her left to reset - she looks to be dictating, although neither girl is dominating.


R3: Fight breaks out as Sigourney bodies up and Gena can't hold her canvas. Weaver muscling Nolin back, riding a brawny left arm across Nolin's back while stuffing crude right hands up into the midriff. Nolin bunching up under the attack, trying to clinch and smother, but the big brunette has her suffering against the ropes. Midway through, Weaver leaning on her girl, cramming leather up into the breadbasket - she reaches way back for a stuffing right hand to the stomach and Nolin's legs give way like cheap stilts. Gena on all fours, cheeks huffing and puffing as Sigourney struts to a corner, putting her brawny arms out on the top ropes with a confident smirk. Nolin takes 8 - Weaver promptly bodies her into the ropes for more holding and hitting to the bell. A badly rattled champ takes her stool for some much needed encouragement.


R4: Weaver over the top with her left, trying to use that wrap maneuver again - Gena responds by lowering her head and driving right hands into the groin to draw the fight's first caution. Weaver grimacing, on the defensive, and now Nolin wraps up with her left under Sigourney's right arm, holding the big woman for plowing rights to the midsection, or chopping swipes across the face. Sigourney savaged in the crook of Nolin's left arm - blonde just laying on the damage, and down the stretch, she scores aching payback with a series of driving right hands up into the belly that have the brunette's butt on the ropes. Weaver shaken up at the bell - Gena takes the opportunity to lay a crude right hand across the big girl's breasts WAY late, prompting referee intervention.


R5: Gena has Weaver hurting, tentative - blonde starts to walk her girl down all over the ring. Gena stalking, lunging in with right hands, and she catches Sigourney standing too straight, clouting mouth flush and sending Weaver reeling to the ropes. Gena climbs aboard, wrapping her left arm under Sigi's right, holding the brunette about the waist and offering low with every other right hand. These are heartbreaking fouls - Gena falling in to cover up the abuse with her body, then propping her girl back for more as the ref moves away. Weaver all bleary eyed and stupified at the bell - Gena nodding, smiling en route to her corner.


R6: Agonizing brawl continues, but Weaver gets the better of things this round. Tumbling along the ropes, girls take turns wrapping each other up, bulling each other back, then cramming in with the free hand to anything soft on the enemy. It's ask-no-quarter cruelty, girls just holding and bludgeoning senselessly - repeatedly pushed apart by the hard working ref, then walking back into each other where it's warm and violent. Sigourney emerges the stronger in a steamy 6th - Nolin open mouthed, dreamy eyed at the bell.


R7: Locking up, big strong bodies straining to push and heave the other girl back, thighs and backsides quivering as feet stomp and push for position inside. Fight burbles along the ropes, girls twisting each other over, ramming away with one or two crude right hands - Nolin repeatedly warned for slamming low - Weaver carded for throwing tight elbows to the mouth inside. Girls pried wetly apart at the bell, sent staggering back to their corners by the overworked official.

R8: Grinding, tortuous affair continues - Girls savaging one another in a tight embrace, stumbling from corner to corner along the ropes, clouting one another senseless as each takes her turn giving it to the other. No sign of boxing or sport anymore - this should be called 'clobbering'. Down the stretch, Gena palms a left hand against Sigourney's shoulder and leans into a crashing right on the teeth that sends the big brunette into swoon. Sigourney with lights dimmed, takes the punch, then comes rocketing back with a stuffing right hand into the pit of Gena's belly. Nolin buckles open mouthed into Sigourney's arms - blonde wheezing in pain as the brunette reaches under her arms and chests her back into the ropes. Weaver sleepy, pushes up off the blonde and falls back in with a drifting right on the chin, laying full onto the champ as the weight of the girl's bodies puts a bow in the ropes. Weaver pushing up off the blonde once again and GENA SLIDES TO THE CANVAS! IT'S OVER!! Sigourney Weaver staggers away the KO8 victor as Nolin mouths canvas in a deep slumber.


After: Brutal war of attrition sends a shockwave through boxing as Nolin upended in an upset of epic proportions. Weaver behind on the cards, but forcing Gena to fight her fight, and in the end - big slobberknocking slugging got it done the hard way. Well travelled and underappreciated Sigourney Weaver claims her first title as vultures begin to circle - critics asking: is Nolin just a blown up welterweight? Blonde left to ponder her next move in a state of bitter disappointment and confusion.

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