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25 March 2006 Julie Bowen vs Courtney Thorne Smith

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Boxing After Dark



Posted by simguy on 3/25/2006, 6:32 pm


(6 weeks after PPV)

Before: Julie B with momentum, coming off a strong performance against rugged Charlotte Ross, looks to sustain against veteran blonde CTS. "Smith is shot," Bowen concedes, "but she's still a good stepping stone to bigger names. They're calling me the 'new Courtney Thorne Smith' - but I don't think that's accurate: Smith never had my polish, even in her best years. 'New and Improved': now THAT'S something I could agree with." Smith beaten in her last contest, but by one of the division's best technicians - Courtney proving in defeat that she still has a lot to offer as a fighter. "Julie Bowen is no Kelly Hu," Courtney sniffs, stung by the comparisons to the younger blonde. "I came within a hair's breadth of upsetting Kelly and that means I can more than handle Julie. Bowen thinks she's sneaking up on me: hey - I've seen her, measured her, and I'm not impressed. Bring on Julie Bowen and let's end the suspense!" Julie in elegant lavender string bikini: CTS in white bikini top; baby blue cashmere crochet bottoms. Small gloves, both vixens.


During R1: Bowen on her toes, spitting a meanspirited, sharp, brisk jab. Smith accepting terms of the duel: jabbing with Bowen, pivoting sharply left, matching the younger woman's pace and style. Court separates herself late with a series of penetrating right hands - rifling shots as she steps in, and very reminiscent of the same drilling delivery Julie herself used to beat Charlotte.


R2: Julie wants to box: Courtney cuts off the ring, works into position behind a very stiff stick and starts committing on those rifling right hands off the shoulder. Bowen's head tossing hard to starboard - eyebrows high, face distorted by the power of Smith's shots - been years since we've seen Courtney light a girl up this clean. Smith putting Julie wobbly butt in the second minute, spends the final minute pounding Bowen's ribcage - Julie stooping forward behind her mitts, baby-stepping forward as Smith scrubs the Bowen flanks. Smith upbeat, fiery-eyed at the bell: she wants this BAD!


R3: Julie perplexed, a little gunshy - she gets on her bicycle, hopping the perimeter in an attempt to regroup. Smith pursuing smart - pumping her stick, hounding Bowen to corners and working her over with brisk combinations - good scouring lefts and rights pelt up and down Bowen's coastlines, bounce off her ears and temples. Julie covering up, taking a pasting then clinching for ref's break and motoring away - she's refusing Smith's attack rather than meeting it head on. Strong shutout CTS - she's imposing will, being the aggressor through 3.


R4: Julie rallies - choosing spots to stand and punch in combination with Smith. Courtney feeling the sting of Julie's accurate jab on cheekbones and eyebrows - Smith getting poked, then rung up as Bowen turns on her own rifling, piercing right cross. Both blondes love to step in off the jab, rotate the right hand off the shoulder and extend on lancing blows to the opponent's chin: pretty to watch as both girls get their heads tossed to the side by clean contact. Bowen busier this round, forcing Smith out of her stance and backing her up: Julie lumping up on Courtney somewhat in crowd-pleasing power punching from middle distance.


R5: Smith halts the rally, stepping to spots, slipping Julie's hopeful right cross and POUNDING the Bowen belly button with PIK! PAK! left/rights. Bowen walking into punishment - visibly wilting - after a minute of being countered to the body, she's hurting, not punching as Courtney surges over to offense. Smith hard-eyed as she jabs her foe's face, poking Bowen to ropes, then going at her with ringing combinations. Tidy rib-punching - Court letting her hands go, tearing up torso, jug en-route to cashing in chin with crisp hooks. Searing right hands - pounding over top Bowen's chest-high guard, repeatedly smoking Julie's pretty face to her right. Julie rattled by hard Courtney punching, sliding to her right along the ropes - Smith just stepping-with, locating Julie with the jab, mixing up head and body punches like a pro. Bell: Courtney fits a snug hook into Julie's waist: Bowen hooks Courtney's cheek and tempers flare as ref takes a hand.


R6: Courtney STORMS across the ring, attacking with the vigour of an 18 year old starlet: Bowen shellshocked, backing away to ropes - she's momentarily panicked by ferocity. Body: Court wants it, takes it with robust rights and lefts tattooing taut belly meat and ribs. Bowen grimacing, gurgling, soaks a bracing to her body, then clinches, shaky-at-the-knees. Ref pushing lithe blonde bodies apart - it's always Smith coming forward, hungrily seeking exchanges: she's punching with more and more confidence as Bowen's composure melts under pressure. Smith stalking Julie at the ropes, leaning into those delicious, drilling right crosses - Bowen getting tagged again and again as she staggers to her right, now too sluggish to avoid the harm. Series of right hands renders Julie helpless, staring - gloves drooping, mouth open - she faces into a barrage of pounding crosses and nipping set-up hooks to the face, finally going out on her feet and spilling to the canvas in the neutral corner. Smith bellowing in triumph and pushed back by the ref as she tries to use her foot to push at Julie's hip, wanting Bowen on her back for the cameras. KO6 in workmanlike fashion - Courtney Thorne Smith.


After: Resurgent Smith saves her fighting career with a pivotal performance - turning back a younger version of her own type in decisive fashion. Mirror image styles saw Smith establish the right hand that both girls wanted - Julie forced to gorge on a veritable feast of accurate Smith power punching tonight. "This is the kind of win I've been looking for," an upbeat Smith tells reporters in the ring. "I get fights because other girls see me as a stepping stone: it's up to me to prove them wrong and I totally proved Julie wrong tonight. You know, she's good - very fit, very lean and skilled - but I just wanted it so much more than her. She thought she could just show up and outclass me: I came in prepared for a life-and-death struggle, and truth is - this was the easiest fight I've had in a long time."

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