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22 May 1999 Linda Evans vs Raquel Welch

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 22-May-1999 17:39:45



Evans had long since been the classiest thing on network television, and had a loyal following almost as rabid as Welch’s own. This fight featured two long limbed, broad shouldered exotic beauties who could punch and most felt Raquel wouldn’t take long to show the blonde what real star power felt like, Welch wore an elaborate lavender push up bra and panties against Evans in a navy push up bra and panties. The venue was the venerable Ritz Carleton in L.A., in a suite that was often reserved by studios for just such activities.



R1: It all happened so fast many of the guests did not even see how it happened. Welch came out with a measured attack, planting her feet leaning forward with a spearing right hand, feet wide, swaying back and forth on her hips and the midst of shapely limbs licking back and forth. Linda got perfect leverage on a short right to the jaw, timing Raquel as she cocked her own right, and Welch’s face assumed that famous pouting outrage she wore whenever she got hurt. Raquel was helpless as Evans coolly reloaded, pounding the right hand hard to the left side of Raquel’s head, and the legendary brunette swanned to the carpet. Welch rolled to her back, blinking and burbling to herself as Evans stared I happy disbelief. She had stopped Raqi cold in just a minute and half of boxing.



It was one of the rare cases of punch overwhelming Raquel’s pride, and Welch would be devastated by this crushing loss for weeks afterward. Evans carried her reputation as a power puncher well into the 80s, and gained a measure of well earned famne from this notorious knockout.



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