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25 July 2008 Title Ch Kristen Bell vs Kristin Kreuk

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Part 1:


Posted by Simguy on 7/25/2008, 9:41 pm.


Before: “It’s no secret I’ve hated Kristen and Sarah for a long time now,” Kreuk says at the podium, dark eyes gleaming. “They thought they could dog me int quitting, but all they did was make me harder and more determined to turn the tables. Started with Hannigan—I felt something change in me when I took that challenge and chopped her down: just her and me, winner take all. Now Sarah’s been swept to the sidelines, Portman’s beaten, and I’m zeroing in on Bell. This is the culmination of everything I’ve been working for this year—the contract with HISC, destroying Sarah, now taking the belts from Kristen? It’s like a dream coming true, and nothing’s going to stop me from getting what I want.” Bell smiling, fresh-faced throughout—she’s still the all-conquering blonde in her mind, when it comes to Kreuk. “Kristin’s done a good job,” Bell concedes, “She was able to stand up to Sarah and take the initiative away from her in their rivalry—but let’s keep things in perspective. You can beat Sarah just by being hungry and vigorous: that ain’t gonna cut it against me. You need to be bringing something special to take a title belt from Kristen Bell—and I haven’t really seen anything of this sort from Kreuk. She’s had a bit of a run here—everybody does. Doesn’t make everybody special.”


Bell in pink bikini, messy beach ponytail; small black work out gloves. Kreuk in bright cerulean blue bikini; hair soft and loose; small white work out gloves.


During R1: Nimble, nipping action early—lissome lasses circling, curving in on each other, exchanging with crisp, lithe movements of knife fighters—then darting apart. Bright eyed contestants, nostrils flaring as they attack and repel, Inconclusive action until late: Kreuk feinting Bell, then dropping a Danes-like hesitation right cross to blonde chin, startling the champ. Kreuk lingering on her front (left) foot, salts away the round with a pair of rising hooks PIK! PAK! against Bell’s sternum as blonde’s folded forward behind her gloves.


R2: Bell shakes off Kreuk’s work—becomes the clear aggressor. KBell doubling up a spiteful jab, driving Kreuk backwards. Bell fighting her way in close, then engaging with compact, ringing double hook—head and body—accompanied by scouring right uppercuts and chopping right hammer-drops. Kreuk thrown over to the defensive—hands at her temples as she bobs, twists, slips on the spot. Kris K munching back at Bell’s ribs with heartfelt right and left counters—in between Bell attempts—but blonde work rate decisive. KBell able to dictate, fight at close range and overhaul her slender opponent through 2.


R3: Kreuk ups HER work rate, matching—then exceeding—Bell’s own. Kreuk chiseling away with her jab—hooking off it while pivoting left—but she’s also showing tremendous variety in attack. Lead right hands—often off feints, and with a slight hesitation delivery to catch Bell after she’s committed. Hopping, double lead rights—followed by forget-me-not books shifting weight to back (right) leg, Raking hooks across the waist; digging left uppercuts gouging at solar plexus.; Bell sturdy as a bantamweight on those curvy legs, standing in well against it all—but she’s utterly doused by he darting, rapid-fire assault, Shutout Kreuk—at the break, she’s got a hard little smirk on her face—arms humming from lathering Bell so.


R4: Kreuk getting off first—feinting Bell, leading right hands, finishing hooks—then bounding back out of range and circling midring. Kreuk scowling, SO intense: Bell hesitant behind her gloves, scuffing up around her brows and cheeks as Kreuk chips away at the defences. Feinting Bell—Kreuk steps in close, ripping a left hook off her front (left) foot—taking Bell in her stomach: champ doubles up, hands at her temples, face pinched in torment, Kris shifts-right—her left hand atop Bell’s head to stabilize her; then right hand lashed buggywhip style to Bell’s exposed left hip/lower back with an awful thump Bell cries out, paralyzed: Kreuk heartlessly chops away at the torso again…AND AGAIN! Bell moans—TAKES A KNEE! Tars brim in beautiful blonde’s eyes: Kreuk strutting, unleashing the big smile, tossing her hair back off her shoulders. Kris Bell shakily to her feet—unnerved ti gave gone down to Kris Kreuk punching.


R5: Kreuk SO aggressive—quickly re-checking blonde midsection with lunging jab—then darting back outside to circle-right. Curving in again, Kreuk feints—drops a decoy right off Bell’s hastily prepared defences up top; rings a jubilant hook off those quivering abs. Bell lashes out—swinging recklessly while storming forward: Kreuk sidesteps, leaning well back of range on her right leg, dragging her left foot, managing the pressure. Kreuk bends forward—head below champ’s waistline, making Bell miss over top; Kreuk straightens, leans back—making Bell miss short. Counter-right hand—tart and sharp up the middle—punches Bell in the mouth: Krissy K hops to her right, hooks Bell’s left eye, then leans in with a clean right cross to clip away at blonde chin. DOWN GIOES BELL! Announcers shouting “INCONCEIVABLE!” as the strongest legs in the flyweight division give way yet again—rolling Bell onto her back. Kreuk jogging happily to neutral corner as Bell gingerly rises: KBell hopping on the spot, anxiously assures ref she’s OK. Final minute a harsh, scouring clean up—Kreuk on Bell at the ropes. KBell in rigid peek-a-boo, dipping and rolling her torso, butt-in ropes: Kreuk snarling, letting her hands go in lathering combinations, gnawing at her foe’s head, shoulders, flanks. Break: Kreuk seething, forces eye contact as Bell reels on the spot.




Posted by Simguy on 7/25/2006, 9:42 pm.


R6: Kris slashing in off a cute feint, scoring a hesitation lead right off Bell’s left eye—then viciously gouging a pair of left uppercuts to Bell’s beleaguered sternum. Bell cramps up hurt: Kreuk eases to the right foot, sidesteps-right, eyes blazing. Bell slow to turn-left: Kreuk makes her pay with a free, cheap buggywhip right hand in above left hip, spanking crisp and clear off Bell’s body. Champ wincing, making how-could-you eyes at Kris: Bell’s slowing, really being picked apart and systematically punished here. Midway through—Bell trying to weave her way in close: Kreuk sliding back I good order—rolls to her right with ba Bell right hand, then answers back a licking, bolo right uppercut counter, taking Bell ion her chin. Bell picked up—topples forward a couple of baby steps, then GOES DOWN AGAIN! Bell on all fours—tummy panting in and out: Kreuk can’t resists a yelp of glee—thrusting fists skyward and scooting to neutral corner. Bell rises in a fog—dropped three time sin as many rounds by accurate, well timed blows: she’s clearly demoralized by Kreuk’s effectiveness. Kreuk pouncing back in to finish—encounters fierce resistance as bell proves a champion. Furious flyweight hup-hup as Kreuk attacks Bell at the ropes—girls crouching forward, hustling short, snapping punches up underneath to the break.


R7: Kreuk attacks—runs into stern Bell jab: blonde stabilizes her front, regrouping midring. Early exchanges inconclusive as Kreuk darts in, gets repulsed by a sturdy, dug-in blonde. Midway through, girls taking turns getting off as the other crouches and rolls: Bell’s able to clip Kreuk a right to chin as challenger trying to sidestep clockwise around Bell’s right flank. Delayed effect hits Kreuk’s knees—she stumbles, then rights herself, quickly covering her temples. Bell encouraged—pounds a straight right against Kreuk’s breasts—humbling them—then rips a pair of thumping hooks off Kreuk’s flat midsection. Kreuk gasps, stoops forward: Bell stays on the body, hooking Kreuk behind her right elbow, then doubling up to hook her ear. Big, digging right uppercut takes Kreuk up underneath: she’s badly hurt—falling forward for a rare clinch. Ref’s break—Bell eager-eyed now, sensing a turning point: she’s right back on Kreuk with straight rights up top/swinging left hooks bounced off the waistline. Kreuk giving ground, buttocks hitting ropes: again she reaches in snuggle-up around Bell’s ribs; More ref’s clinches—more Bell pressure: blonde at her brunette, gnawing on the challenger as Kreuk slows the pace, looks to get out of the round.


R8: Kreuk on her bicycle, looking discouraged: rejuvenated Bell surges after her, attacking all around the ring. Krissy K hopping the perimeter—looking to spin ‘round her blonde, keeping back clear of ropes, bell hopping in pursuit, legs easily matching speed and course set by evasive Kreuk. Bell’s jab finding Kreuk’s face—knocking her into ropes where Bell can flurry for scrubbing points: Kreuk quick to tie up around Bell’s elbows, mouth wet on champ’s shoulder, challenger hanging ion tight for breaks. Shutout bell: Kreuk avoids giving up any home runs, seems to be stabilizing by round’s end.


R9: Kreuk fads back, sliding her left foot as Bell barges forward: challenger rolls-with a Bell right hand—answers back that willowy bolo-right uppercut to chin—Kreuk’s weight on her back (right) leg as she arches her back just so. Poor Bells hurt again! Bell reeling away from the chin check, eyes glassing over: Kreuk immediately over to offence, face brightening. Kreuk quick-shifts right left hand pushing lightly atop Bell’s head to move her over: savage buggywhip right hand thumps above Bell’s left hip, chopping at her will to resist. Kristen Bell recoils ashen faced—she stumbles away, proud legs on the verge of failing her yet again. Kreuk to the attack—brazenly in on Bell-muscling her  to the ropes, then digging in paunch with rousing, rolling rights and lefts, Kreuk working up torso, claws hook across Bell’s pert breast: brunette pinning her ears back, letting her hands go—romping on a wilting champion here. KBell stiff, sullen with punishment—hands trying to form up at her temples as she bends forward and leans back slow. Kreuk stays on top, beats her without mercy to record a swinging 10-8 without the knockdown.


R10: Bell rallies—Kreuk sees the fresh resolve of the battered champion, decides to play it safe, Kris stooping to reach jabs into bell’s tummy, then bound away—just enough pre-emptive attacking to slow blonde pursuit. Bell all puffy and sore, but resolutely coming forward: Kreuk changing directions, juking at the ropes, hopping and even jogging away from Bell at times. Final moments see Kreuk openly taunt bell while dancing away from her—brunette with hands in the air, well out of range, jumping and dancing around huffing, puffing KBell can’t close. Comes back UD10 for the winner and NEW flyweight champ—Kristin Kreuk.


After: Bell stunned, busted up, looking bleak and confused I aftermath. Kreuk mobbed by HISC vixens hungry for glory themselves: for a moment, petty jealousies take a bvack seat to gloating at the rout of Bell. Quick pan of the audience: Hannigan arms crossed, chin tucked down, lips pursed as she takes in the proceedings; Lohan seething—angrily gesturing and shouting at subordinates; Gellar smirking, sensing opportunity at Bell’s disgrace. “Add Kristen Bell to the scrap heap,” a teary-eyed Kristin Kreuk gushes happily in postfight. “I’ve fought so hard, waited so long for the kind of success I’m having now—I just never want it to end! Taking the belts from Kristen Bell...beating her and beating her the way I did—all night long…I can’t tell you what a magnificent feeling that is!” Prospect of Kreuk reigning forever with gatekeepers like Mish and Danes at her sie an unnerving possibility for division strategists: Wolf Pack looming very large at midring, just in behind the new queen.


Reposted by Archer 3/17/10.

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