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10 March 2004 Penelope Cruz vs Emilie de Ravin

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Posted by simguy on 3/10/2010, 2:57 pm, in reply to "Decision in the Pacific: Penelope Cruz invades Australia"




FIGHTING PREMISE: Ravin's smaller, younger, vastly less experienced. She's got boxing, but knows she's got to get Pene brawling - take Spanish class out of the equation. Cruz was promised a regulation ring outdoors: when she sees the sandy floor, she's livid. Welcome to Australia, Penelope Cruz.

R1: Crisp Cruz jabs tap out the baseline: riffs played by tart straight rights, jazzy palm-down hooks. De Ravin chipped to chin - getting caught that classy Spanish hook: Pene pivoting smartly left around jarring left hand technique. Final minute - Ravin shoots in, wraps up around Pene's buttocks/waist, driving Cruz to sand. Ref stands 'em up, issues warnings, but Pene's rhythm's broken under the hot Aussie sun.

R2,3,4,5: Wave after wave of surging, pinwheeling, snarling Emilie de Ravin. Cruz alarmed - overwhelmed: she's swept to ropes, buffetted/pelted/lashed. Ravin tackling Pene into sand - giving her forearm-business to chest until ref can pull her off: Cruz panting, getting her energy used up in the constant suffocating blonde press. Emilie savagely at Pene's ribs - leaning in close, helicoptering her fists at Cruz's glossy flanks. Emilie cranking left uppercuts over and over against Pene's guard: Cruz stooped over at ropes, stifled. Pene beaten at the stagger all around the ring: when she tries to disengage, she's caught in the blender, rung up to head and stunned. Forced inside, her class is diminished...fighting Emilie's fight and losing all 4 of these rounds.

R6: Pene: eyes hard, lips set - she swishes out in sand, lowers her head, fights and wins hard body-blow exchanges all over the ring. Girls panting hot breaths in humid air; bodies sweat-glossy; arms chugging. Emilie going at Pene wide - fists palm-down - lefts and rights carving in at ribs. Pene gritting her teeth, leaning forward for the first time: SHE'S dippin'-n'-diggin' - placing jagged left uppercuts; double-scooping right hands. Pene trying land up the center-line: tummy; solar plexus; breasts - curling and scooping her punches into tanned blonde bodkin. Emilie wavers: after the first hot minute of blazing toe to toe, she takes her first backward steps. Cruz punished, taxed for every step forward, but she's taking them: an Oscar winner shows her pride. Body punching creates room for Pene's jab; jab gets Pene back in her widespread, upright stance; stance starts to generate leverage for her pin-pricking straight right and choppy palm-down hook. Down the stretch, Pene teeth bared in grim satisfaction: right hands bouncing off Emilie's tired face; hooks chipping blonde chin.

R7: Emilie's turn to wilt: Pene regains form. Cruz stepping-to - loose and relaxed on heavy, lapping body stroke - punching the breath from blonde diaphragm. Head shots tart, ringing, knocking Emilie about. A minute in, Emilie's left hand is extended in don't-hurt-me pose over Cruz' right shoulder: Pene banging away right/left to body; swingng hook to chin; jamming right to Em's left ear and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! A country gasps in shock: Emilie's on her back, head propped up on bottom turnbuckle, face busting up and stricken. She beats the count on proud Australian legs: stands in for a steady beating as Pene steps close, lets hands go a-thumping.

R8: Emilie drowsy, wilting, but combative in spots: Pene still getting struck across her face, or lathered to her ribs on occasion. Cruz in control however: imperious jab dazing Em now, lumping her up, discouraging her. Cruz leaning in to bounce right hands off face; turning over her hooks palm-down...slick, sleek pro getting it done. Pene still lowering her head to pound the body: fists denting into firm blonde meat, backing Em up queasy.

R9: Pene beating a young blonde ingenue all across scorching sand: De Ravin battered, but unbroken - fighting back in spurts of defiance. Pene always able to renegotiate with her jab, calm things down, get her footwork together - whenever she wants to reset and break Emilie down in earnest.

R10: Pene teeing of: De Ravin's spent. Smaller blonde jolted in her body, cramping up and stooping when Pene goes there. Em jerked off balance by crisp, clean head and chin shots: Pene parking her fists on face, extending arms, twisting hips. Sturdy blonde legs stamp in sand - blonde backside all a-jostle with hurt...but she won't go. Pulverizing 10-8 without the knockdown sees Pene punch with all her heart - just not enough to get stubborrn little blonde out of there. UD10 Pene Cruz the hard way.

After: Cruz numb, ruffled, disheveled, exhausted...face puffy and sore, body bruised: she's not the red-carpet prancer she was at the beginning of the fight. Cup half full: Pene peels back that pretty-girl facade to reveal real fangs and grit - punching for room and respect so she could get her agenda over. Glass half-empty - the smallest and least known of the Aussie horde treats Pene shabby - pouncing out to a huge lead and forcing Cruz to dig deep to compete...De Ravin is hugged and celebrated by her countrywomen for a better-than-expected effort. Speculation running rampant that De Ravin herself could go on the offensive from here: many wondering if she's already on a par with Alysson Hannigan; wondering if she can overwhelm a Kris Kreuk with this sort of effort


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