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25 April 2004 Rena Sofer vs Kiana Tom

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Posted by Simguy on 4/25/2004, 10:44 am.


You had to favour Tom coming in, but tournament boxing generally produces wacky streaks and surprise competitors—Rena Sofer certainly providing the Cinderella thrills for this event.


Rena was encouraged early as she fought her way inside and found Tom easy pickings at close range, tattooing the gorgeous Polynesian up-torso and down with brisk combinations. The first round ended to the sight of Sofer hooking Kiana’s breasts at the ropes—Tom just staring back glum, on her heels and taking—and it looked as if Kiki’s age were catching up with her at last. Sofer took the lessons to heart and came out blazing in the second, sustaining pressure, getting Tom on her heels and hooking the chin midway through to turn Kiki’s legs into putty. With Tom staggering around ragdoll, trying to keep her feet—Rena Sofer pinned her ears back in a classic free-swinging beach free for all. As Tom stepped back, she regained her bearing, started to touch Rena with pre-emptive lefts off the hip and down the stretch—Keek bent her sinuous body into crashing right that found every square inch of Sofer chin. Good night Cinderella—Rena Sofer crumpled down and sprawled on her back all switched off, handing the tournament to reborn Kiana Tom, KO2 and the crown—Kiana Tom.


Reposted by Archer 3/31/10.

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