9 February 2008 Kristen Bell vs Kate Bosworth




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Before: “No offence to Kristen,” Kate says at the podium, “but I don’t think she’s on a Kate Bosworth level just yet. Last year, I outclassed Natalie Portman and Lindsay Lohan—THAT’S Kate Bosworth Boxing. Bell’s still sort of struggling to find her game, and that’s not what you want to be doing heading into me,” Bell holding steady—only flashing eyes giving away her rage. “I think we need to expand the definition of ‘Kate Bosworth Boxing’,” Bell smiles. “It should include taking a terrible beating to the body, followed by chin checks and multiple knockdowns. THAT’S Kate Bosworth Boxing, far as I can see. I’m glad you turned out to be such a cow, Kate: this is going to be fun!” Kristen in pink bikini; black boxing gloves; black boxing shoes (no socks); small black gloves. Kate in black bikini; small white gloves; white boxing bootie to mdcalf.


During R1: Crisp, slick, quick. Both girls with stitching, elastic shots—very sudden and abrupt. Elbows down, in close to bodies, hands up Feet wide, hopping, jitterbugging footwork as girls dart in and out. Both parrying well, fading back under pressure, then immediately countering—not a lot of contact as neither lass stays put. Bosworth a little rangier, probably dictating terms more as Bell cionstantly needs to check distance in a tactical first.


R2: Same again—wide ranging, nippy-quick cut and trust boxing. Bell penetrating with straight right hands to Bosworth’s midsection, driving Katie back. Bosworth going voluntarily to ropes, bouncing off at angles as Bell stalks. Bos in retreat, but setting traps—turning on sudden right crosses and check hooks, trying to potshot Kris on her way in.


R3: Kris clearly the aggressor now—Katie hopping along the apron, trying to leg away. Bell moving her head—bobbing and weaving, spitting her jab—she’s landing more right hands, hard and straight against Bosworth’s slender ribs. Midway through, girls trade in a sudden exchange: Bell ends it with a clocking hook to jaw, buckling Bosworth’s knees. Kate stooped forward in earmuff, lips parted: Bell bares her teeth, grunting as she rips a triplet if hooks. PIK! PAK! PEK! in behind Katie’s right elbow Bosworth clinches, wincing: Bell wriggling to free herself, anxious to keep pressure on.


R4: Sharp exchange—Bell beating Bosworth to hooks and right hands, sends Katie reeling back into ropes. Pounce-attack, Bell on Bosworth: Kris jumping in her right, clawing hooks across Katie’s front as Bosworth covers up hurt. Bell getting grabbier—punching, then reaching in to push Bosworth’s inner-elbows back: Bell looking to bully and maul as well as tidy up with combinations. Kate sullen, frowning, sagging into ropes, dukes at temples, just rolling with punishment. Bosworth wrestling with Kris, typing her up: ref issuing a steady stream of breaks as Bell puts a bit of beatdown on Kate in the fourth.


R5: Bosworth doing well on the outside: wide stance, stiff jab; rangy, licking hooks digging hard at Krissy’s flat paunch, bell dukes up, protecting her temples, giving up tummy for the chance to edge in and get off at closer ranges. Inside, bell’s snappy combo-punching outdoing Bosworth: Kate getting rung up whenever she tries to punch-with. Midway through, Kate hurt again by rapid fire rights and lefts clouting her chin—she circles away, denies Bell a finishing run with some world-class jabbing down the stretch. Kris all smiles through 5: her punches are hurting Kate and moving her.


R6: Fierce turn-taking all around the ring—girls covering up as the other pastes her with rapid batting 3 and 4 punch flurries. They walk each other down—take turns penetrating and disengaging—very crisp, quick action,. Kris pounding at Kate’s torso, finishing up hooks upstairs: Bosworth chipping her jab atop Krissy’s scalp, hooking off the jab and romping zesty right hands down the pike. Late the round, caressing double hook from Kate strokes bell’s cheek, setting her up for a slinging straight right onna mouth: Kristen’s head slammed back, face to ceiling as she takes her hardest punch so far.


R7: Bosworth now the aggressor, walking Kristen down. Bell frowning, sliding along ropes or hopping the perimeter—she’s routinely strafed by elastic rights and lefts from her pursuer. Kate unpacking that slick, snappy hook—harming Bell to the tummy and face this round as Kris moves away rather than seeking hot trade.


R8: Kris regains composure, halts Bosworth momentum with a furious exchange midring. Tasty body blows ring off Bosworth’s fat-free chassis—she grimaces, stops away as Krissy flicks out jabs in pursuit, Fight goes to ropes—cat and mouse evolves as Kris looks to press, but doesn’t want to get clinched. Sporadic action as Kate’s in good defensive shape against ropes, hands up, ready to slip, counter or clinch: Bell feinting her—jabbing at her tummy, then pouncing in with swishy combos, jumping back outside after sudden latherings. Steady attrition breaks Kate’s form down just a smidge—she’s there for hard right hands late as bell switches her nimble body into hooks and crosses, pasting Katie’s face. At the break, Kate visibly rattled, steadying herself with hand on the ropes. Bell smoldering, pumping her fist and stomping angry-butt back to her corner.


R9: Bosworth responds, keeps the fight midring. Kate stiff-jabbing Krissy’s forehead from a wide stance—hooking off the jab and jotting straight rights up the middle. Face-pasted, Bell starts blinking, flinching—Bosworth able to lean in on front foot and hook those ribs some spanking licks without reprisal, Kate doing a good job keeping her distance, stepping around her foe: Bell well-touched, forced to step out and regroup—she’s outhit this round.


R10: Krissy doubles her jab body and head, comes aggressively forward: she denies Kate midring with pressure. Fight goes to perimeter—Kate’s back to ropes—it’s Bell menacing, looking to make quick penetrations then bounce back outside. Stabbing straight blows take Katie bin her gut repeatedly—Bell punching either hand in, then scooting away, or doubling up the hand to Bosworth’s head. Kate grimacing, blocking and rolling well, but unable to vacate the ropes: Bell keeps her girl pinned down, ropebound for most of the round. Goes to cards, comes back close UD10—Kristen Bell.


After: Big win brightens Kristen’s face—Bell labeled a bit of an underachiever last year anxious to get back into title contention. Bosworth scuffed up, chagrined: nasty shock for HMK slickster to be outhit in combination by her little tormentress, “Natalie Portman’s a weak champion,” says confident Kris in postfight. “If I can pick off a couple of other contenders like Kate, she’ll be all mine!”


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